A Message on the 2014 European Elections

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13 Responses to A Message on the 2014 European Elections

  1. Richard111 says:

    Excellent speech. Sadly voter apathy will not ensure a positive result.

  2. Lucid and reasoned argument, well done Roger.
    I try to spread the word on facebook amongst my circle but as the previous post, apathy, I despair.

  3. And thank you Roger. If I only lived in the East Midlands … but the sentiments expressed relate to all regions and so I shall forward the video on to all who can watch and listen.

  4. PJ says:

    Can’t fault any of that Roger but can the ‘reds n blues’ somehow see past their own particular colour and look to common sense, not to common voting ‘because their parents did’?

  5. Richard111 says:

    I have sent the link to friends. But have just read, on page 2 of today’s Daily Mail, that one million commonwealth migrants will have the right to vote in the next general election. Just what do you think their outlook on UKIP policies will be?

  6. Chris says:

    UKIP has my vote in 2014 and 2015.

  7. Jane Davies says:

    Roger there are 1.1 million expats around the world, not all are disenfranchised yet by the disgraceful 15 year cut off for the right to vote. Please can UKIP see to it that those of us who still have the right to vote can do so. It has been made impossible in the past and in this technical age surely we should be able to vote online?

  8. David Cox says:

    Thanks Roger I am delighted to say that you will get my vote, UKIP must continue to broaden its appeal and show that the comments by both Tories an Labour that Ukip is simply a single issue party is not true !
    I am sorry to see that Ukip and its candidates continue to be subject to constant unfair scrutiny by both left and right. I wish the party every success in the forthcoming European ellections !

  9. ogga1 says:

    Very well put Roger, from an inmate of the White Heart Tet.

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