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The bare-faced cheek of Chris Bryant

Today (Aug 12trh as I write) Labour’s Shadow Immigration Minister Chris Bryant is planning to attack Tesco and Next for being cheapskates, and hiring foreign workers at lower-than-UK salaries (though both companies have robustly challenged his claims).  He’s also going … Continue reading

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“Not if you’re UKIP!”

Today, Saturday August 10th, I was out canvassing with Barry Mahoney in Middleton Cheney, Northants, where Barry is standing as UKIP candidate in the September 5th County Council by-election.  Overall we received a very encouraging reception.  But there’s always the … Continue reading

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The enemy within

Why is it so easy to whip up opposition in this country to almost any economic development? In Germany (having foolishly decided to close their nuclear fleet) they are busy building or refurbishing some 25 coal-fired power stations — and … Continue reading

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Time to see the light, professor!

Professor King wants more solar power On August 2nd around 8:40 a.m. I was listening to the Today Programme on Radio 4, as is my wont.  Whom should they have on but Professor Sir David King, sometime Chief Scientific Adviser … Continue reading

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Coal mining vs. Fracking: a comparison

“How would you like to work down a coal-mine?”      The coal strike of 1984/85 was a defining moment for the British trade union movement, and for the government of the day.  Much of the understandable hurt and resentment … Continue reading

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Helena Morrissey: “Let’s leave the EU”

I was hugely encouraged by the Sunday Telegraph article by Helena Morrisey,  Chief Executive Officer of Newton Investment and founder of the 30% Club,  which aims to increase the representation of women on corporate boards. Time was when it was … Continue reading

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