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IPCC: The consensus cracks

Like a warming ice sheet, or a fracked rock, the so-called “consensus” on global warming is starting to crack.  The latest IPCC report is in many ways a remarkable document. Many people will be astonished at the IPCC’s assertion that … Continue reading

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Talking up the downside

It’s a long way from Romania to Finland, but that hasn’t stopped hard-line Green MEP Satu Hassi, of Finland, from commenting on a gold-mining proposal in Romania. There is a plan to start gold mining at Rosia Montana in Romania.  … Continue reading

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Lost in a green nightmare

James Delingpole’s article “Global Warming believers are feeling the heat”  should certainly warm your cockles — it certainly did mine.  Wonderful, resonant phrases: “The science used to ‘prove’ man-made global warming looks increasingly threadbare … Al Gore’s “consensus” is about … Continue reading

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Misconceptions on UKIP policy

There’s a criticism of UKIP policy which I’ve seen several times, but Michael Deacon in the Telegraph (Sketch, Sept 21st) is a good example.  He reports that Nigel Farage said at our Party Conference that we shouldn’t be fighting foreign … Continue reading

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Labour plays the Soviet card

Labour’s energy price-freeze proposal harks back to the worst days of Labour’s wage-and-price controls, and before that to the disastrous efforts of the Soviet Union.  Government interference in markets always does more harm than good.  Imposing arbitrary price caps removes … Continue reading

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Climate Change: The Reality

For a number of years now a group of distinguished and independent scientists, headed by my old friend Professor Fred Singer, have been shadowing the work of the IPCC.  Rather cheekily, they call their group the Non-governmental International Panel on … Continue reading

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Smart City Barcelona

I was recently in Barcelona with the European Energy Forum, looking at their “Smart City” programme, and at their roll-out of smart meters. I have to admit that I am not entirely convinced about smart meters.  There are clear benefits … Continue reading

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