Plenary Speech Environment Oct 23rd

Mr. President,

The EU’s climate and energy policies are probably unnecessary, certainly ineffectual, and prohibitively expensive.

Unnecessary, because the theory of man-made climate change is increasingly disputed, and there has been no global warming for nearly two decades. The earth’s climate system is complex, chaotic and poorly understood, and it is absurd to think that man-made CO2 is the only driver of climate.

Ineffectual, because with 1200 new coal-fired power stations in the global pipeline, nothing we do in the EU will make a scrap of difference. Atmospheric levels of CO2 will rise for decades, whatever we do.

And prohibitively expensive. Energy Commissioner Oettinger says that Europe cannot continue to follow a unilateral climate policy. Commissioner Antonio Tajani says we face “an industrial massacre”, and he’s right. Businesses are moving out of the EU, taking jobs and investment with them.

Households are being forced into fuel poverty. Thousands of pensioners will die of cold in Europe this winter.

It’s time to abandon our obsession with CO2, and start to prioritise reliable and affordable electricity generation.

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6 Responses to Plenary Speech Environment Oct 23rd

  1. Richard111 says:

    All true. Any reply? Is it recorded for future reference? Picture reminds me of the House of Commons. Empty seats.

  2. Neil Craig says:

    The theory of manmade warming is disputed. The theory of catastrophic manmade warming is so obviously disproven that ecofascists will simply back off any debate over the term. Yet if it isn’t catastrophic (a recent paper says increased CO2 has been worth $3.5 trillion in increased crop growth it is, as a global scare, fraudulent.

  3. Linda Hudson says:

    What happens to , and who benefits from the green taxes we are all paying on our energy bills, and will this colossal sum of money that is accrued, cut any significant omissions of CO2, thus saving the planet?

  4. Mike Stallard says:

    Do you know what? I thought the story about the Emperor riding about in the nude with nothing on was fiction…

  5. MartinW says:

    All Roger Helmer says is true and incontrovertable. What also struck me is that only 1 minute was allowed for the ‘speech’ and that at a time when the chamber appeared to be empty, doubtless timetabled deliberately for that reason.
    Britain should immediately withdraw from all EU-mandated climate change policies, but Cameron, Davey and Clegg still continue, with stunning ignorance, to cling to the carbon dioxide fantasy, so unless the first is removed or threatened with defeat, nothing will change.

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