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Lib-Dem MEP: “Let’s see German Police on British Streets”

Sorry to harp on about BND, but he’s at it again.  He’s called for the creation of a “European FBI”, which could allow German police officers to arrest British citizens on British streets. Speaking in Brussels last week to a … Continue reading

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Newton Dunn: Scare-mongering again

I recently received a copy of a regional newsletter from Lib-Dem MEP Bill Newton Dunn – not something I read regularly, but my office thought I should take a look. And sure enough he’s recycling the same old myths.  Don’t … Continue reading

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My Written Question to the Commission

  The Commission is planning to publish a Strategy Paper shortly on shale gas in Europe.  I understand that one issue of concern to the Commission is public acceptance of unconventional gas extraction.  Yet at the same time the Commission … Continue reading

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Shale gas: threat or opportunity?

    On Monday I attended a briefing organised by OGP, the International Oil and Gas Producers’ Association, to introduce a major new study on the economic prospects for shale gas in Europe.  The research was undertaken by the highly … Continue reading

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Democracy “at the European level”

  There was a letter in the Daily Telegraph on November 23rd from a Liz Beeson in Dorset.  She says that UKIP is prejudiced against a basic freedom of choice in education, employment and health.  I’m wondering which UKIP she’s … Continue reading

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Green backlash

We’re witnessing the failure of another green gab-fest, this time in Warsaw.  The IPCC’s COP19 (Conference Of the Parties) is running true to form.  Failure to agree.  Developing countries pitted against the developed world.  Demands for compensation for “climate events” … Continue reading

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My Plenary Speech – 21/11/13 – Natural disasters have more mundane causes than Global Warming

Mr. President, Yesterday in this Chamber I had a sharp exchange with our colleague Mr. Claude Turmes. He believes that the recent flood tragedy in Sardinia was caused by Climate Change, and therefore that those of us who argue against … Continue reading

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Killed by Climate Change? Or by European policy?

  On Wednesday November 20th, I was speaking in the Plenary debate in Strasbourg on the EU’s Horizon 2020 research plan.  This is a seven year plan to spend €70 billion on support for scientific research, with the objective of … Continue reading

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My Plenary Speech – 20/11/13 – Climate action is both doomed and disastrous

Mr. President: Horizon 2020 talks in bold, optimistic language about excellent science, industrial leadership and societal challenges like climate change – although we have seen no climate change for the best part of twenty years. Yet the action we are … Continue reading

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The EU: Why we shall be Better Off Out

The debate on Britain’s EU membership is hotting-up. The Conservative Party has offered a referendum in 2017, after renegotiating the terms of our EU membership. But in Brussels, where I spend much of my time as an MEP, you’ll find … Continue reading

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My Appearance on The Daily Politics – 18/11/2013

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The Economist gets it wrong. Again.

In its November 9th edition, the Economist carries a leader on the EU question.  It’s entitled “Little England or Great Britain? The country faces a choice between comfortable isolation and bracing openness.  Go for openness”.  The Economist, it seems, is … Continue reading

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Shale: The Scots were 150 years ahead of us!

Last week I made a flying visit (literally) to Scotland.  Arriving on Thursday in Edinburgh from Brussels, I did a meeting in Perth that day and another in Edinburgh on Friday.  In between, I met a number of journalists, as … Continue reading

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Helping Romanians to prosper in their own country

Our good EFD colleague Slavi Binev MEP from Bulgaria could perhaps have been embarrassed at sitting in the EFD group alongside UKIP MEPs, when we have been quite vocal with our concerns about immigration in January from Romania and Bulgaria.  … Continue reading

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Nissan. Good with cars…..

….rubbish on politics! Back in October, Nissan’s Chief Operating Officer Toshiyuki Shiga warned Britain that Nissan would have to reconsider its investments in the UK if we were rash enough to leave the EU.  I Tweeted a short rebuttal at the … Continue reading

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