My Appearance on The Daily Politics – 18/11/2013

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6 Responses to My Appearance on The Daily Politics – 18/11/2013

  1. DICK R says:

    As soon as immigration was brought up the reaction was to try to drown it out by the rest of the traitors

  2. 1957chev says:

    Europe is self-destructing….don’t go down their road…..separate asap!

  3. @Sceptic_Tank says:

    Well played, Roger.

  4. David says:

    Nice one Roger

  5. fred says:

    That bloody woman certainly seems unbiased. The very rich (and EU beneficiary) BBC has done a good bit of research for her to be able to put the case for the EU in such an ‘impartial’ way. She tried to shut Roger up every time he had a point to make. I note that Cameron’s man had a good run without being interrupted. Neither EU, USA, UK, BBC are any friend of England. Close the BBC, get out of Europe, get the politicians that have been compromised by the USA out of office and home rule for England. Only then will we start to recover.

  6. Jane Davies says:

    Well done Roger, shame you were the only one who was constantly interrupted. Just one thing the UK’s EU expats are furious they will not be allowed to vote, but they want to vote to stay in in case like those of us who live outside the UK and the EU in mainly Commonwealth countries their state pension will be frozen. But as you know that injustice is another story.

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