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My Plenary Speech – 21/11/13 – Natural disasters have more mundane causes than Global Warming

Mr. President, Yesterday in this Chamber I had a sharp exchange with our colleague Mr. Claude Turmes. He believes that the recent flood tragedy in Sardinia was caused by Climate Change, and therefore that those of us who argue against … Continue reading

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Killed by Climate Change? Or by European policy?

  On Wednesday November 20th, I was speaking in the Plenary debate in Strasbourg on the EU’s Horizon 2020 research plan.  This is a seven year plan to spend €70 billion on support for scientific research, with the objective of … Continue reading

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My Plenary Speech – 20/11/13 – Climate action is both doomed and disastrous

Mr. President: Horizon 2020 talks in bold, optimistic language about excellent science, industrial leadership and societal challenges like climate change – although we have seen no climate change for the best part of twenty years. Yet the action we are … Continue reading

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