Green backlash

Homer Simpson squares up the Cerne Abbas Giant

Homer Simpson squares up the Cerne Abbas Giant

We’re witnessing the failure of another green gab-fest, this time in Warsaw.  The IPCC’s COP19 (Conference Of the Parties) is running true to form.  Failure to agree.  Developing countries pitted against the developed world.  Demands for compensation for “climate events” which probably have nothing to do with climate.  Angry walk-outs by NGOs and by several countries.  A last minute extension to allow yet another attempt at some kind of deal.  And (it hasn’t happened as I write, but it will) a final communiqué stressing a few trivial points of consensus, and drawing a veil of charity over the awful chasm of failure.

Hundreds of countries, thousands of delegates, millions of air miles, and for what?  To demonstrate again to a waiting world that there is essentially no agreement.  Everyone demands action from others, but each proves strangely reluctant to go first.

If anything, we’re seeing even less consensus than in earlier such events, and fewer agreements to paper over the cracks.  Or perhaps a recognition that there’s little point in denying the obvious.  There is, however, a first.  This is the first IPCC Climate Conference where a major nation has deliberately and massively retreated from previous commitments.  Japan has resiled from its earlier commitment to reduce emissions by 25%, and recognises that it will in fact see an increase of 3%.  This of course is the result of Japan’s rash decision to close its nuclear fleet.  I’m not aware that Germany made a similar announcement, but as it’s building or refurbishing a couple of dozen coal-fired power stations, and also closing its nuclear fleet, we can expect its emissions to rise.

It was unfortunate that the Philippine hurricane occurred just before Conference (or, of course, at all).  Naturally the Warmists latched on to this event and insisted it was caused by global warming — although the IPCC itself admits that there is no identifiable trend in the number of hurricanes (they are equivocal about intensity). There has, of course, been no actual global warming for the best part of twenty years.

I had a lively exchange on this very subject with ultra-Green Luxembourg MEP Claude Turmes last week.  I asked him if he also blamed global warming for the Galveston hurricane in 1900, which killed upwards of 6000 people.  Meantime the recent Sardinia flood, that killed dozens, was caused not by climate change but by a failure to dredge the river, according to the local mayor Signor Giannelli, who ought to know something about it.

The developing countries, and especially poor and small island states, are desperate to demand “compensation” from the developed world for the damage they imagine is caused by Climate Change.  Call me cynical if you will, but I suspect that their urgency on this issue is informed by their suspicion that the global warming scare has run out of steam.  If they don’t get their pay-off now, they will never get it.  And that looks the most likely outcome.  Australia has been clear: no more money.  Canada has applauded the Australian stance.  And both the UK and the USA appear to have baulked at compensation.

Meantime, here at home, Prime Minister Cameron has reportedly called for and end to “green c**p” (excuse the language — his not mine).  He’s right, of course.  But what took him so long?  I’ve been calling for an end to climate hysteria at least since 2007, and UKIP has been doing so for as long as I can remember.  And anyway, Dave, what will you do about it?  What will Nick Clegg let you do?  What will Brussels let you do?  Can we start building new coal-fired power stations, please?  The Germans are doing so — so why can’t we?

Politics is getting interesting.  There’s a public back-lash on immigration.  There’s a public back-lash on energy prices.  In each case, UKIP is on the right side of the argument.  And, I suspect, on the right side of history.

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  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    IPCC AR5 video is suddenly out to underline the impending doom and gloom (see WUWT). Just right to justify the large amount of Warsaw jolly expense claims to be submitted shortly. One of them should be minus food I suspect. Never would know would we, if its anything like EU accounting.

    Dave won’t do much (as usual)…its up to us to do some serious damage to his career I think, and the rest of them.

    Truly appalling stuff

  2. Me_Again says:

    Are we on the right side of this one then Roger?

    The letter appears genuine, my wife who is chair of the local junior school governors tells me that it refers correctly to policies and the kind of sanctions available.

    PS Why are none of our people speaking about the Guardian’s answer to the flat line temperatures for the last 20 years? They say two Canadian scientists have the answer, fewer temperature assessments done in the arctic and antarctic. They say the temperature up and down there respectively is rising much higher than anywhere else. [Using estimates drawn from satellite imagery for heaven’s sake]

    If they are correct then we are wrong.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Cowtan & Way…Christopher Monkton and others give this issue a good drubbing.

      Fiddle factoring comes to mind

    • Brin Jenkins says:

      UKIP is absolutely correct Mr. Meagain, Carbon, and Carbon dioxide are not a problem.
      Carbon is essential in pencils, toner cartridges and filters, a solid with many uses.

      Carbon dioxide is a requirement for all life, and we are a carbon based life form.

      Taking two glasses of water from the kitchen tap put one in the refrigerator and the other in a warm place. After around 10 mins bubbles will be seen inside the glass of the warming water, the cold one is bubble free. The observed cause is heat releases the gas from the water, so how can the released gas cause the warming? To believe otherwise is like a second rate engineer pouring over a perpetual motion machine and its detail. The physicist knows that it breaches energy laws and will never work.

      The laws of science are not theories, and they may not be reversed. Its as silly as a ball rolling down a hill and then expecting it to roll back up again without any energy input.

      • Francis says:

        Brin, so simply put but makes so much sense I wonder why it has not been said before?

      • Me_Again says:

        Brin, I haven’t tried this -rather like the AGW- mob I’m using theory. As water cools does it not also release CO2 due to it being less soluble at lower temps? Not sure why standing water on a windowsill in the sun causes bubbles to appear -but it does. Perhaps the water was under pressure in the tap and now is not?

        Perhaps some kindly chemist/physicist can explain?

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Look at a pint of cold/cool beer (or none Alc stuff). Its a nice vision but the bubbles are the carbonated effect….released. Its also there in the deep oceans and with water coming up toward the warmer surface, something totally immeasurable happens. Would that be Tera tonnes and much more? Despite that, we are not choking and the planet is dealing with it (H/T Plants). AGW might be/have been a bit smelly but has no impact here.

      Must get my expenses form done!

    • One desperate attempt by two unknown Warmists to rescue the myth — when even the bad guys accept (and are deeply worried) by the 17 year pause. I doubt it will get any traction. On the Islam letter: I have no reason to doubt the story, and I am as horrified as you. But we can’t take up every story in the press (though I’m sure that UKIP people in Huntingdon will have something to say about it): right now, Bulgarian/Romanian immigration is the big issue, and as a party UKIP is addressing that. And Cameron is running scared.

    • Mike Stallard says:

      If you go on the Dan Hannan blog the Primary School letter is there in full. And the address. And the e mail address. I copied the Hannan article and sent it off to the stupid, weak and silly Head.
      Why not do the same?

      Thank you, meanwhile, Roger for a really helpful summary of this expensive and stuckist conference.

  3. Charles Wardrop says:

    CO2 is more soluble at lower temps, and nourishes sealife the better in polar waters.

    • Me_Again says:

      Thank you Charles, that explains it then.

    • Brin Jenkins says:

      Exactly so Charles, thats the reason for chilling water prior to gassing it in a Soda Stream device.

      We were taught this in Grammar School 65 years ago, now I read in an O level Physics text book the bald statement that, “Windmills are good”. Quite how this enhances ones Physics education I don’t see. It might well be a good topic for a debating society though.

  4. neil craig says:

    This is the same green bull that Cameron has been piling high since shortly before he became Tory leader. Except that he is only talking about the stuff that makes up the top 10% of electricity bills. He knows perfectly well that around 90% of every electric bill is political “green” fraud.

    And today he is promising to confront the EU over immigration – almost a retread of his election promise to cut it to “10s not 100s of 1,000s”.

    And previously he reversed himself, making another cast iron promise of a referendum,

    The assumption seems to be that if he promises UKIP was right on everything and he was lying on everything but he still has a media monopoly, people will believe his current very limited promises as meaning something.

    • I think your 90% may be over the top. But certainly Cameron’s 10% is a gross under-estimate. We should be taking advantage of cheap coal and burning more of it.

      • Thomas Tidswell says:

        I can only “understand” the enforced closure with the collusion of the “Ruling Class” in this Country of our highly efficient, vertical supply fed, power industry in the context of the export of our economic base and the transfer particularly to France – in the supply of their nuclear-generated electricity, and Russia and its satellites for gas, in the case of France as political and economic support of the EU, and in the case of Russian gas political influence.

        It has crippled our heavy manufacturing by superimposing uncompetitive overheads, and is bankrupting the civil population through the indirect taxation of savings.

        I can, equally, only attribute the deliberate persistent refusal to provide for our own constructed and owned Nuclear Industry and Power generation, to the export of its future control and the creation of a “vassal State” people by the uncontrolled immigration and breeding of Pakistani “cheap labour”.

        If this isn’t the basis of the destruction of our power generation, then we are governed by intellectual cretins and have only our own stupidity for accepting this developing situation, supported by the equally-mendacious “global warming” scam, and for the imminent economic slavery we are allowing to be imposed in furtherance of the great-God environmental warming and the lunatic Carbon Trading.

      • Brin Jenkins says:

        The alternative energy levy on electricity users pays green generators several times more per unit than coal or gas. This is even when the photovoltaic producer consumes it himself. It is calculated that a 10% green energy target doubled the price per unit to all other users. Going for 30% increases unit price 150%, and in January when photo voltaic production is down to 15% of optimum output power cuts are inevitable. Has this site been seen?

  5. Thomas Tidswell says:

    As I recall that we do not levy hypothecated taxes, it seems that to raise the funds by a “levy” on a specific public need ie electricity or gas supplies, merely plays the “different pockets same pair of trousers” game. Pardon me saying that it seems the Coalition are merely raising taxation or levies through the consumption of power whether it is public utility power or, as Labour did, through Petrol price-hikes beyond raw material cost or inflation. It also doesn’t help when one’s Currency is debauched (entirely voluntarily by attempting to equalise the £ Sterling and the € Euro)whilst freeing up huge amounts of private savings, pensions and interest payments thereon through QE money-printing and Inflation.
    As the EU is attempting to move from Direct to Indirect taxation, it seems that the supply of domestic power is an ideal subject for taxation given that non-payment of tax doesn’t, usually, carry the death penalty but switch off your central heating in a cold snapirrespective of your insulation and you’ll probably drop off your perch.

  6. Mike Stallard says:

    Looking at the gormless Baroness Ashton on TV News last night, I think we ought to have a lot more Grandees of Europe on TV and Scientist on Global Warming on TV.
    That way everyone could see that the Emperor has nothing on.

  7. Chris says:

    There is a tsunami coming to Westminster. A wave of anger against green taxes, mass uncontrolled immigration from Eastern Europe and the waste of £12 billion on overseas aid.

    Next year is going to be very interesting.

  8. Thomas Tidswell says:

    Although not strictly on thread, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is an un-democratic rush to either devolve anything to be got rid of or to contract for the supply of anything at any price eg HS2, before the tsunami of revenge voting really bites the existing Parliamentary parties.
    Scorched earth policy more like. If Labour’s Treasury man left Osborne a note that there was no money, Osborne will be writing his note, presently, that there is nothing left for the next 30 years.
    Has anyone noticed that no-one has mentioned PFI recently?

  9. Alec Yates says:

    I am in Australia at the moment and it has been interesting to see what a free sovereign country can do when it has a Coaltion government, Liberal and National parties. Tony Abbot the PM has already introduced two bills, one to repeal the Carbon tax, the other to stop the boats with illegal asylum seekers arriving. The Coastguard and Navy are operating under new orders, Operation Sovereign Borders, which has seen boats turned back and even towed into Indonesian waters.
    I also read yesterday in the West Australian that plans for a massive wind farm have been dropped, this of course has upset the Greens who have said they will block the carbon tax bill in the Senate. At least things are moving in the right direction here.

    Tony Abbot is like Nigel in many ways and the two would I am sure get on well together. In a TV interview on ABC he was repeatedly asked about issues where the government have not finalised their plans. He looked pityingly at the woman interviewer, reading from her script, and politely said ‘look Claire I am not going to play your game on these topics so let’s move on’.
    I hope we can start a dialogue with the Liberal party here as one thing is for sure, they do not have anything in common with our Conservative party except being in government

    • Me_Again says:

      Well Alec, all was going well until you tripped up and fell down a pothole in your last sentence.
      Thank the lord I did not actually take the sip of tea before I read it. Electrical systems and hot tea are not a good combi.

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