My Written Question to the Commission


The Commission is planning to publish a Strategy Paper shortly on shale gas in Europe.  I understand that one issue of concern to the Commission is public acceptance of unconventional gas extraction.  Yet at the same time the Commission is providing substantial funding to a wide range of green NGOs, who are spreading misinformation and black propaganda on the issue of shale gas, and are stirring up fear and hysteria amongst the public and sections of the media.

Does the Commission believe it is consistent to set out a positive programme for shale gas in Europe while at the same time funding organisations seeking to sabotage that programme?  Will the Commission now desist from such funding?  Or will it at least make future funding conditional upon these NGOs adopting a more reasonable and balanced approach to this issue?

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7 Responses to My Written Question to the Commission

  1. GeorgeMorley says:

    Whatever the issue, I suspect that the 2 or 3 left hands have no idea what their 2 or 3 right hands are doing ! Whatever it will be expensive and unnecessary and the taxpayer will have to fund it.
    C’est la vie !

  2. Or even give equal funding to shale gas research?

  3. Mike Spilligan says:

    I suspect that there are many examples of the Commission facing both ways at once but the one that comes to mind is funding for the anti-smoking lobbyists while giving subsidies to Greek tobacco growers.

  4. catalanbrian says:

    Presumably by ‘a more reasonable and balanced approach to this issue’ you mean UKIP’s approach?

  5. Mike Stallard says:

    Wouldn;t it be lovely if the companies which do tracking were simply allowed to get on with it! If the business with the landowners could be sorted out amicably. If a supply of gas could be provided to supply our computers with electricity.

    Dream on!

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