Lib-Dem MEP: “Let’s see German Police on British Streets”

The Germans could be coming to a street near you

The Germans could be coming to a street near you

Sorry to harp on about BND, but he’s at it again.  He’s called for the creation of a “European FBI”, which could allow German police officers to arrest British citizens on British streets.

Speaking in Brussels last week to a visiting group of journalism students from LincolnUniversity, Bill said that cross-border crime in Europe meant that there was a need for a “Federal Police Force”, enabling police from one EU country to pursue criminals in another.  He said that this could mean, for example, uniformed German police officers arresting British citizens on British streets, and he was entirely relaxed about it.

He admitted that his son Tom Newton Dunn, who is political editor of The Sun newspaper, had warned him that the British press was likely to react very badly to this idea.  Not half.

The Lib-Dem MEP is also a strong advocate of the European Arrest Warrant, which has seen British citizens deported on the whim of foreign magistrates, for minor offences, with scanty evidence and no right of appeal, and sent to foreign jurisdictions which ride roughshod over the basic principles of British justice, like habeus corpus and trial by jury.

As an East Midlands MEP, I was also at the students’ briefing.  I’m afraid I wasn’t surprised to see Bill, yet again, showing his total disregard for the instincts and the interests of British people.  He allows nothing to stand in the way of his obsession with European integration.   I believe that the British public simply won’t tolerate the idea of uniformed German officers with authority over our own people in our own country.

I agree that more needs to be done on cross-border crime, but I’d call for more police cooperation through existing structures like Interpol, rather than the creation of a new EU bureaucracy.  Far from helping us stop cross-border crime, the EU is promoting cross-border crime by requiring us to open our borders on January 1st to countries like Bulgaria and Romania where the Rule of Law is tenuous to say the least, and criminal gangs are very active.

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33 Responses to Lib-Dem MEP: “Let’s see German Police on British Streets”

  1. David says:

    I,m totally against it Roger, I can think of many names for this un-liberal man.

    He should be dunn.

  2. Maureen Gannon says:

    And Not a Bullet Fired.

  3. Anne says:

    There would perhaps be LESS cross border crime if we closed our borders and only allowed those in this Country that we wanted in. Plus I see abslutely no point in voting for or PAYING our TAXES that go towards foreigners making Rules, Directives and REGULATIONS that even our elected Politicians have to obey. Our Constitution FORBIDS ANY OF US-including our elected Politicians ENCOURAGING FOREIGNERS GOVERNING US -“…all usurped and foreign power and authority…may forever be clearly extinguished, and never used or obeyed in this realm. …no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate…shall at any time after the last day of this session of Parliament, use, enjoy or exercise any manner of power, jurisdiction, superiority, authority, preeminence or privilege…within this realm, but that henceforth the same shall be clearly abolished out of this realm, for ever.” We all must and should obey our own Constitution. We the people have never had one “SAY” before any EEC/EC/EU Treaty was ratified. We foolishly elected one of those three major Political Parties that between ALL THREE OF THEM have ratified them-are any of you STILL going to vote for them in 2015? Or are you going to put your Country before ANY POLITICAL PARTY?

  4. Bellevue says:

    As you say, Maureen!
    And surely it will not only be German police? It could well be Romanian or Bulgarian police!
    We will not stand for it……

  5. catalanbrian says:

    What a load of scaremongering tripe! Really you Ukippers do waste your time on matters of no consequence. Have you nothing better to do than to continue bellowing our the same old mantra, UK good Foreign bad. Can’t you see that this is a complete nonsense?

    • Brimstone says:

      It’s not a case of “foreign bad”. They’re perfectly good and decent. But, they have different ways of doing things that we don’t and vice versa.

      If you think allowing foreign jurisdictions unrestricted access to our country is such a good idea, at what point will you change your mind, when it’s being arrested for some alleged minor offence in a different country and you’re whisked away in the small hours of the morning to a country where you don’t understand the language and for something which is not an arrestable offence in the UK?

    • Travis Zly says:

      Nine hundred thousand Romanians live in Spain. They have an unemployment rate in excess of 30%. Please consult facts rather than parrot Fascist European Commission misinformation.

    • Maureen Gannon says:

      If it is scaremongering , maybe you should explain why you think that is so to my German friends , they like me lived through the war , they are more aware than me with regards to the rise of German power within the European set up, They despise what the German government has allowed to happen in southern Europe and my post ” And not a bullet fired” was something Hans said to me at least 3/4 years ago when I was over there with them. plus of course your post implies that Roger is lying, as he said he heard the speech given is unlikely to be untrue .

      • catalanbrian says:

        Maureen, I am sure that Roger heard the speech, but as usual he had to put a UKIP spin on it. this time nonsensical. Just because some Lib-Dem MEP decides to make a speech calling for the “European FBI” does not mean that it is EU policy, nor does it mean that it is likely to happen. You should not allow your prejudices to blind you to the facts. And may I suggest that the headline of this blog is in quotes thus implying that these were the words used by the Lib- Dem MEP in question. Perhaps Roger would be kind enough to confirm that these were the actual words said, and if not perhaps he could admit to shamelessly attempting to mislead.

      • Maureen Gannon says:

        What prejudices would they be?
        Please do not insult me with emotive words to shut me up . that politico ploy does not work with me , I can hardly be prejudiced against the Germans when I have friends there have spent many happy holidays in their home with them.

    • Jack Kinsman says:

      If it is all nonsense sir, why is it being proposed by Mr Dunn???
      Jack Kinsman

    • ogga1 says:



    • DICK R says:

      scarmongering tripe has a nasty habit of quietly becoming reality

  6. wildliberal says:

    So whats wrong with the logic in what he’s saying…not a lot….If you look at the FBI in the US they deal with specific crimes that cross borders…exactly what Bill is saying….

  7. Cliff Dixon says:

    No consequence, Catalanbrian?
    Try telling that to Michael Turner and Jason McGoldrick, extradited under a European Arrest Warrant without formal charges and who spent 7 months in a former KGB prison in Hungary before having their release secured by UKIP MEP William Dartmouth.
    Or Deborah Dark, arrested whilst on holiday under a EAW in Turkey for a crime she was acquitted of in France in 1989 who was unaware that the verdict had been reversed and after a nightmare of arrest and de-arrest finally saw the warrant withdrawn in 2009?
    Or Andrew Symeou, who had a case for manslaughter manufactured against him by Greek authorities but was still extradited under an EAW despite a British court finding that the evidence against him was manufactured. He spent almost a year in some of the worst prisons in the world before his case was heard and the same reasons that had been presented in a British Court were accepted in a Greek one and he was released.

  8. Me_Again says:

    At the risk of getting a cough from our resident Catalonian nationalist, I’m a little confused by the MEP with a liberal disposition [not]. The ability to arrest people on Britain’s streets is already in place, as is the European version of the FBI. Anyone in any doubt should check out:-
    Operational activities include:-
    Drugs [presumably stopping them?]
    Trafficking in Human Beings
    Facilitated Illegal Immigration
    Europol Cyber Crime Centre
    Intellectual Property Crime
    Cigarette Smuggling
    Euro Counterfeiting
    VAT Fraud
    Money Laundering and Asset Tracing
    Mobile Organised Crime Groups
    Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
    I think enforcement of the European Arrest Warrant is in there too.

    Europol [not Interpol] has more mandated power than the KGB did at the height of the Soviet empire. A KGB officer operating or wishing to operate on a client state’s territory needed to co-opt local officers for any overt resources and for any arrest to be legal. If said KGB officer committed a crime in a client state he could and would be prosecuted in the client state [if he didn’t have clout back in Moscow Centre].

    A Europol officer has immunity from arrest IN ANY MEMBER STATE, regardless of any offences he may commit whilst on duty.

    I rather think the Lib Dem has missed the boat.

    • catalanbrian says:

      Maureen. If you were to read my comments I did not suggest that you were prejudiced against Germans. My reference was to your prejudice against the EU. I was not aware that I used any emotive words, insultingly or otherwise. If you think that I have insulted you, that is your problem, as this was not intended.

      • Me_Again says:

        I stand corrected. As yet they have no arrest powers. They have everything else but. They do have the immunity and the other aspects I mentioned though.
        In effect I should think it would take very little to alter things so they can arre4st folk, certainly wouldn’t require a treaty change, just a memo no doubt.

      • Maureen Gannon says:

        Forming an opinion before becoming aware of the relevant facts of a case.. that I understand is the meaning of prejudice.
        Fact Europe is an undemocratic body. and if it was a business in Britain would have had the fraud sqad investigating it’s books.
        Fact Germany holds all the power
        So where was i Prejudiced?

    • catalanbrian says:

      Me-Again. I am sorry but you are wrong. Europol officers have no powers of arrest. They just provide support by collecting, analysing and sharing information with the police forces of member states

      • Travis Zly says:

        The irony is that it is the politicians and banksters who are stealing billions of Euros from law-abiding households through various scams, ponzi schemes, toxic mortgage products, awards of government contracts to cronies, knighthoods for party donors, arms sales, oil-price manipulation etc., etc. Drug-trafficking, human-trafficking, money-laundering, etc. pale in comparison with bankruptcy of entire continents, war, ethnic cleansing, nuclear hegemony, worldwide economic sanctions on innocents, which are the stock-in-trade of the demagogues who run the world. We need to round up the real criminals, not enter into sterile debates.

      • I’m not a legal expert, but I think catalanbrian is right on this point at least. Europol officers have no powers of arrest in the UK — though they can require UK police to arrest their suspect under the EAW. But I absolutely disagree that it’s a sign of prejudice to believe that we can’t have foreigners in uniform arresting British subjects on British streets. Unless you reject the idea of the nation state entirely (as some in Brussels do) you must surely agree that it is a vital task of the state to protect its own citizens and enforce its own laws on its own territory.

  9. DougS says:

    It sounds to me that Dunn has been prodded into action by that well know Britain hater, Nick Clegg, who can’t decide where his allegiance lies and should perhaps give up British nationality and become a ‘citizen of the world’……….please!


  11. Peter Watson says:

    Seig Heil!

  12. DICK R says:

    The most frightening part of the European Arrest warrant is that it is possible to be arrested and dragged of to a near third world cell in the likes of Romania or Bulgaria without ever having set foot in either of the places, for committing an ‘offence’ that is not considered to be in any way illegal in this country .

  13. Michael Bodger says:

    The idea of foreign police or military “assisting” in UK affairs is treasonous and ultimately very dangerous because “mission creep” I can assure WILL occur, it IS inevitable. Any so called british MP suggesting such an action should be sent for psychiatric evaluation and fired for the countries protection. Helmer, you sir are a bloody fool, step away from the podium immediately.

    • maureen gannon says:

      Why is anyone surprised at the beliefs of any Lib Dem , I recently attended a meeting in one of the rooms at the House of Lords. the Lib dem Lord stated his introduction as , “I am a glasweigan then I am Scottish then I am British but heading my list I Am A European” he spoke a great deal about democracy , so I questioned hem how he could equate Europe with that word, as we were ruled by unelected Commissars [sorry fruedian slip] Commisioners, his answer would you believe ,” we have never had democracy as without AV this was not possible.”

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