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Hinkley Point — Deal or No Deal?

Exactly half a century after the world’s first commercial nuclear plant began operation in 1956, British politicians decided to reverse the decline of the industry their predecessors had pioneered.  Back in the ‘50s, it took just five years to plan, … Continue reading

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The EU’s vacuous employment strategy

On Wednesday, I attended a briefing breakfast organised by Eurociett, the European Federation of Private Employment Agencies, where we were addressed by Fabian Zuleeg, Chief Executive and Chief Economist of something called the European Policy Centre, which describes itself as … Continue reading

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New nuclear in South Carolina

I have already written about my visit to America to see shale gas operations in Pennsylvania. While we were in the US, we also went to visit the South Carolina Electricity and Gas Company. They’re building two new Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear … Continue reading

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The CBI gets it wrong. Again.

This morning, the BBC announced with their usual sycophantic enthusiasm that the CBI had determined that “membership of the EU was worth £3000 per year to each British household”, and that the UK should stay in the EU and work … Continue reading

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The folly of UK energy policy

I was recently invited by Supporters of Nuclear Energy (SONE, General Secretary Sir Bernard Ingham) to set out UKIP’s stall on energy policy at their AGM in the Institute of Civil Engineers in London.  I was delighted to do so, … Continue reading

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A visit to Mansfield

I’ve just spent a couple of days in Mansfield. Mansfield Pennsylvania, USA, that is. Not Mansfield Nottinghamshire. I was there with the European Energy Forum to look at shale gas. Mansfield is in the Marcellus shale field, one of the … Continue reading

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A triumph in Milton Keynes

On October 17th I went to the theatre in that Capital of Culture Milton Keynes, to see the first evening performance of the English National Ballet’s new production of Le Corsaire.  The music for Le Corsaire is generally credited to … Continue reading

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