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Campaigning against wind farms

Every so often, UKIP members and sympathisers write to me asking how they can best campaign against proposals for wind farms in their locality.  The best advice is contained UKIP’s Guide for Campaigners.  I wish I could say I wrote it, … Continue reading

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Free Speech under threat

Judge Sir Paul Coleridge Just recently, Judge Sir Paul Coleridge was disciplined by the Judicial Conduct and Investigations Office (JCIO), whatever that is.  His offence?  Simply supporting the traditional view of marriage — a view that until a few years … Continue reading

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Cable compares Cameron with Powell

In the Telegraph of Christmas Eve, Paul Goodman, Editor of Conservative Home, has published an extremely erudite and well-considered discussion of Vince Cable’s astonishing comparison of Prime Minister David Cameron with Enoch Powell. Goodman points out that the claim was mere … Continue reading

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An antidote for green/black propaganda

I recently came across a useful summary from an outfit called FTI Consulting covering opinions on the economics and safety of shale gas from a wide range of authoritative and respected sources.  Given the huge amount of hysterical black propaganda from … Continue reading

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Some days you win…

…and it’s a good feeling I turn up pretty regularly to Committee votes in Brussels.  I don’t kid myself that I can make a huge difference.  I expect to be out-voted by the inbuilt pro-integration, pro-regulation, pro-climate-change majority.  But sometimes … Continue reading

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A Christmas Message

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, with a warm hearth and a full stomach – and a very Happy and Successful New Year

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Youth and age on the political spectrum

Early on in life, as I started to take an interest in politics, I was struck by that fact that so many young people seemed to be extremely left-wing (I was a Cambridge at a bad time), whereas only the … Continue reading

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