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EU energy policy: World’s most expensive failure?

The EU has a climate and energy policy designed to deliver a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020, and an 80% reduction by 2050.  So it was very interesting to attend a presentation by Eurelectric, the association of the … Continue reading

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Refining in Europe? It’s cheaper to import.

Yesterday I attended a presentation in Strasbourg on the state of the refinery industry in Europe, delivered by a major player in European Refining. It raised some major issues, and confronted MEPs with the very serious consequences of some of … Continue reading

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Why is Nissan so pro-EU?

I wrote recently about Nissan, and I wondered why their Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn was so bullish about British membership of the EU, insisting that any moves by Britain to re-establish its independence might force Nissan to reconsider its investments … Continue reading

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Blowing up the Bridge

It’s nearly Christmas, so the networks will no doubt be showing “Bridge on the River Kwai” again.  It’s a Christmas tradition.  The Festive Season wouldn’t be the same without it. As British POW Lt-Col Nicholson works away in the valley, … Continue reading

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You don’t save the planet by screwing up the energy market

When I launched UKIP’s Energy Policy in 2012 with the claim that we faced blackouts by 2020, I had a nagging concern that perhaps I was being too alarmist.  But I’m sorry to say that with hindsight, I clearly wasn’t … Continue reading

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Fracking protesters threaten our economic future

We heard an awful lot about the recent protests around the proposed drilling in Balcombe Sussex (even though the operators were not proposing to frack).  But we’ve heard very little of similar events in Salford, Manchester, where I-Gas are drilling.  … Continue reading

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“Hiding the decline”

Wind turbine output declines rapidly over time The phrase “hide the decline” became notorious during the “ClimateGate” e-mails scandal, when it became clear that scientists at the heart of the IPCC process and the global warming scare were dismayed to … Continue reading

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