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New report shows that wind turbines don’t deliver

I’ve just come across a report by energy consultant Duncan Seddon in the Australasian Power Technologies publication. The title is “Do wind farms/gas turbines save carbon?”.  (Of course he means “CO2 emissions”, not carbon – but I’m delighted to see … Continue reading

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Cameron: Wrong, wrong, wrong!

It surely takes a special kind of skill to get yourself painted into three different corners at the same time, yet that is what David Cameron seems to have achieved.  He’s on the wrong side of policy and public opinion … Continue reading

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Energy Press Release

Cameron “fiddling at the margin on green levies”, says UKIP David Cameron plans to mitigate energy bills, and to counter Labour’s price freeze initiative, by cutting green levies and fostering competition.  But UKIP Energy Spokesman Roger Helmer MEP describes the … Continue reading

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