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Which planet is Ken Clarke on?

Last Sunday, Ken Clarke declared that British Ministers, not Brussels, were to blame for swathes of damaging EU regulation.  It was “a myth” that British politicians had no control.  “We sit in the Council of Ministers, so when European regulation comes … Continue reading

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Written Question to the European Commission

Single market in Energy We are talking about the importance of creating a genuine Single Market in energy in the EU. At the same time, some member states (like the UK) are pressing ahead with shale gas exploration, while others … Continue reading

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Speculative climate science destroying European economies

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The Mind of Ed Miliband

(The mind of Ed Miliband — such as it is!).  People are starting to ask why the Labour Party has not sought to match the Tory pledge of a 2017 EU Referendum — or indeed to go one better and … Continue reading

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Commission back-pedals: UKIP position vindicated

I never thought I’d write this, but the European Commission has performed a dramatic U-Turn on climate and energy policy, and has moved some way (though not far enough) in the direction that UKIP has been urging for years. Let … Continue reading

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My Oxford Union Speech Jan 2014

  Mr. President: Ladies & gentlemen: It’s a real honour to be here tonight in this very distinguished company in Oxford — an honour I feel all the more strongly as a Cambridge man myself. May I say first of … Continue reading

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Switzerland is doing better off out

The Heritage Foundation’s prestigious index of economic freedom for 2014 has just been published.  It states that over the 20-year history of the Index, the UK’s economic freedom ranking, at 14th, has declined by 3 points.  Worryingly, this is the … Continue reading

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