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Responding to a Warmist

  I recently received a letter from a Party Member who is also a physicist, and questions the Party’s position on climate.  I thought it might be of general interest to publish an edited version of his letter, and of … Continue reading

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Baroness Ludford: A Farewell Note

In Strasbourg, I often attend meetings of the Kangaroo Group. I admire their commitment to free trade, while rejecting their passion for European integration (they don’t seem to see the contradiction between the two objectives).  I get to learn a lot … Continue reading

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More tax-payer-funded propaganda

We were voting on Tuesday.  That was the day the parliament voted for “A European Day for Plastic Waste “.  And for import controls on olive oil, and “Community Tariff Quotas for wheat, brans, sharps and meslin”, whatever that is.  … Continue reading

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Pity the Poor Prime Minister

…the EU debate just won’t go away! The Tory Party has been bedevilled for years by Europe.  Yet its leaders have only themselves to blame.  If only they’d listened to their members, and to the British people, we might have … Continue reading

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A visit to Scotland

On Friday, I went to Edinburgh to assist the local party with the Cowdenbeath MSP by-election.  We have a super candidate in Denise Baykal.  She’s a solicitor by profession, and a relative newcomer to politics, but her enthusiasm is infectious … Continue reading

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Answering Redwood’s Questions

I have a high regard for John Redwood, who I believe is one of the most decent men in politics.  In fact he wrote the preface to my most recent book “Sceptic at Large”, and I was most grateful for … Continue reading

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The Tories: Triple Lock? Or Triple Failure?

In what has been hailed as the first salvo of the 2015 General Election campaign, Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to maintain the “Triple Lock” state pension guarantee. This could be regarded as a smart political move — after all, … Continue reading

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