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‘Consensus’? What ‘consensus’?

This is the view of the Union of Concerned Scientists, a lobby group, onthe imagined “scientific consensus” that most of the global warming since 1950 was manmade: This, however, is what the published, peer-reviewed science actually shows: Over and over … Continue reading

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James Lovelock: not so daft after all

When James Lovelock published his famous “Gaia” theory in 1979, I thought he was nuts.  He talked about the links between all biological life in the biosphere, and he had a point.  But he seemed to be saying not simply that … Continue reading

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The Great EU Debate: Farage vs. Clegg

When I first heard that Nick Clegg had asked Nigel Farage for a debate on EU issues, I was (as they say) gob-smacked.  Turkeys voting for Christmas.  A Clegg death-wish.  A boy sent to do a man’s job. I’ve debated … Continue reading

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Horror on Romney Marshes

On the Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway: The “Winston Churchill” locomotive I remember as a child my parents taking me for holidays on the South Coast, and a key attraction that’s always stuck in my mind was the Romney, Hythe … Continue reading

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Tidal Power?

Not at these prices! I occasionally get e-mails from UKIP members saying “OK, I know why we oppose wind and solar.  But we can’t afford to be against all renewables.  Why don’t we take a strong stand in favour of … Continue reading

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Floods and Foreign Aid

Britain spends nearly £12 billion a year on foreign aid.  By international standards, we are almost grotesquely generous.  We are the second largest aid donor in absolute terms (behind the USA), and the sixth largest in relative terms, at 0.56% … Continue reading

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Weather or Climate?

We need a sense of proportion The floods have achieved one thing: they’ve whipped up a frenzy about climate change.  Some flood victims (for whom we all have enormous sympathy) have been seen with banners calling for “climate action now”.  … Continue reading

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Gasland is just plain wrong. And hugely damaging.

Public opinion in the UK has been hugely influenced by the movie “Gasland” which showed inter alia gas coming out of a domestic water tap (or as the Americans say, “faucet”) and being set alight.  A dramatic image which has … Continue reading

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Electric cars? Not just yet

On Tuesday morning I attended a breakfast briefing sponsored by Eurelectric on the Commission proposal on the deployment of electric infrastructure (actually the full title runs to 21 words, but I thought you’d be happy if I abbreviated it).  We had … Continue reading

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In defence of shooting (and Prince William)

I am a passionate supporter of the Monarchy as an institution (though I have had occasion once or twice recently to castigate our Crown Prince over his rather wild views on climate and the environment).  So I’m happy to have … Continue reading

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My comments after Hollande and Cameron disagree on EU reform

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All Have Won….

… and all must have prizes! In the Caucus Race, in Alice in Wonderland, Alice asked the Dodo, who was organising the event, who had won.  After some deliberation the old bird replied “All have won, and all must have prizes”. … Continue reading

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Shock Horror!

UKIP Energy Spokesman backs IPCC position In its Third Assessment Report, 2001, the IPCC stated: “In sum, a strategy must recognise what is possible. In climate research and modelling, we should recognise that we are dealing with a coupled non-linear … Continue reading

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Money Market Funds

How EU legislation damages financial services Generally speaking I only blog about things I understand.  But just occasionally I get to hear about issues outside my day-to-day experience.  I think I understand the money market issue that follows, but I’ll … Continue reading

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The IPCC: Scientific consensus, or advocacy group?

There’s been a lively debate on Twitter recently about climate change, and the IPCC.  Believe it or not, there are people out there who think the IPCC is a panel of 2,500 scientists who all support Al Gore’s orthodoxy.  Michael … Continue reading

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