“The most successful New Party in a generation”


Two academics have written a book about the rise of UKIP.  One of them (I’m not sure if it was Robert Ford from the University of Manchester, or Matthew Goodwin from the University of Nottingham) was on the Today Programme recently, and it struck me that he was the first academic or commentator who has actually “Got it” with regard to UKIP.

The lazy leftist press – the Guardian and the Indy – plus some other newspapers who should know better — have an ossified mind-set which sees UKIP as merely a repository for disaffected Tory voters.  Retired Colonels from Tunbridge Wells who are furious about straight bananas or same-sex marriage, or elderly accountants who can no longer stomach the metropolitan élite aura of the Prime Minister and his kitchen cabinet.  Or his Cabinet cabinet, come to that.  Even Peter Oborne, usually incisive and perceptive, has described UKIP as “The Conservative Party in exile”.  He could hardly be more wrong.

Readers will point out that I should be the last person to argue this case, because I am, after all, a former Conservative MEP (although my views on Europe, and on climate, while strongly backed by local Conservatives in the East Midlands, were anathema to the Tory High Command).  But then my UKIP Regional Chairman Alan Graves is a former Labour Councillor, and all the better for that.

Our own polling shows that we draw much of our support from former Labour voters.  Some even from lib-Dems (not all of whom share Nick Clegg’s €urophilia).  But up to 20% of our vote comes from non-voters – people who haven’t voted for ten years, or twenty years, or ever.  They’d written off the old parties as not worth voting for.  But they see UKIP as different, authentic – neither left nor right, but common-sense.  They see a party where politicians actually say what they think.  Of course that sometimes gets us into scrapes which are headlined in the Guardian.  But it convinces the voters that we mean what we say. There is no hidden agenda,.  We genuinely believe that our constituents will be Better Off Out. And we have the courage to say so.

This proposition is borne out by our recent by-election experience.  In our first break-through by-election, in Corby, (our candidate Margot Parker is now #2 on our East Mids euro-list) we came third over-all, but in the Labour-dominated heartland of Corby town, we came second.  In the Tory rural areas we also came second.  In Eastleigh, where we so nearly won, we beat both Tory and Labour (and had the campaign run a few more days, we believe we should have beaten the Lib-Dems too – we surely would today).  We had stunning successes in South Shields, in Bradford and in Rotherham – Labour heartland areas where our message went down a storm on the doorstep.

The ossified mind-set sees our position on immigration – one of our strongest issues on the doorstep – as “right-wing”.  But immigration is an issue for the traditional working-class Labour voter.  As Immigration Minister James Brokenshire has carelessly admitted (and got a roasting for), mass immigration is an advantage for comfortable middle-class folk in leafy suburbs.  They get cheap home help and au pairs and car-washes, and attractive Eastern European girls pulling pints in country pubs.  If they happen to be company directors, they get a new source of cheap labour.

But for lower-skilled, lower-paid workers, and for the unemployed in the UK, mass immigration means queues of immigrants ahead of them at job applications.  It means wage compression and lower pay.  It means more crowded schools and surgeries and hospitals.  It means more competition for social housing.  Immigration is (or should be) a left-wing issue, and former Labour voters will take a long time to forgive the Labour Party for its deliberate policy of driving mass immigration to “rub the noses of the Right in diversity” and to make irreversible changes in British society.  I was campaigning with our North East team in Blyth, Northumberland at the weekend – again, Labour heartland – and I was astonished by the positive reaction we found.

That’s why we see ourselves as the Heineken Party – reaching the parts that other parties cannot reach.  Doing well in Tory areas, yes, but also in Labour and Lib-Dem areas.  Ford and Goodwin recognise this as a new phenomenon.  They identify a broad swathe of voters who feel disaffected from the old parties and the old political process – voters who find UKIP’s straight talking and common sense a breath of fresh air.

But given that they recognise that UKIP appeals not just to former Tories, but across the board, why oh why did they revert to type in their title, and call it “Revolt on the Right”, for heaven’s sake?  Why not “Revolt across the piece”?

One key group in politics has still not quite realised that UKIP is more than a party for disaffected Tories, and that group is (of course) the Labour Party.  So we have a message for Ed Miliband.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

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  1. catalanbrian says:

    Blah blah blah immigration blah blah blah immigration. UKIP blah blah blah immigration …………………. So you now have two policies.

    • DICK R says:


    • Roger Helmer MEP says:

      I’m really embarrassed that we only have one policy. So that’ll be restoring British independence. Or delivering export growth through targeted trade deals. Or delivering secure and affordable energy. Stopping excessive renewables subsidies. Or (yes) controlled immigration. Or opposing HS2. Or supporting grammar schools. Or a growth-friendly tax regime, or …. hang on, I thought it was only one policy?

      • Mike Stallard says:

        Roger, I am in total favour of everything you list as UKIP policy. But please, never forget that leaving the EU is Number One Priority. If we get that right, Bingo!

  2. Right wingery says:

    Any mention of Annabelle Fuller in this book?

    • jodri says:

      Is that all you can do for a reply ! Shows you have not bothered looking at other ukip policies like, raising the tax threshold to above the minimum wage etc. So go and blah blah blah

    • Roger Helmer MEP says:

      Not that I know of (haven’t read it yet). Probably nothing on Lord Rennard or Nigel Evans, either.

  3. Kevin Algar says:

    How many MP’s have you got compared to how many the SDP had at this point in their history?

  4. doggywoggydooda says:

    Well said, and with Miliband’s attrocious betrayal of patriotic labour supporters with his de-facto ruling out of an WU membership referendum, unless there is a new EU Treaty, There is only one place that patriotic and eurosceptic labour voters to go and feel welcome. UKIP.

  5. omanuel says:

    Congratulations on the new party. May it succeed in addressing political unrest.

  6. Bob says:

    I see the trolls aren’t interested in discussing policies, just ad hominem slurs and innuendo.
    They must be feeling quite desperate, especially the LDs after coming in last after the Bus Pass Elvis Party.

  7. Anne Palmer says:

    As far as I am concerned, it is -the people- that must decide what they want come the General Election in 2015-after that, I think you Roger, can tell the people, for you, I am sure know what is to come from the EU, and what the LibDemCons also want for the future-still wanting to have their “wages and vast expenses”, yet want foreigners to govern us -forever. There is absolutely no point at all in electing a full House of Commons when foreigners do their job in all matters. (See the latest TTIP)

    Nigel Farrage through UKIP is our only escape route for our freedom from foreign Rule. He has to deliver the goods. Those in Parliament today -ALL THREE MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES-must decide whether THEY want to Govern this Country “ACCORDINGTO LAW” and if not, realise that the people will indeed vote only for those organisations that want out of the EU-altogether in the eU election and in the General election.-Make sure UKIP have enough candidates for the UK parliament election in 2015. Our Constitution FORBIDS US OBEYING foreigners-that is why we in this Country have gone to war twice to prevent exactly that. We cannot betray all those that gave their lives for us. Too many of our friends and neighbours also died in that last war and we, as a family were bombed out too. UKIP is the only Political Party that may set us free from foreign rule. I see absolutely no point in voting for any of the major Three Political Parties come the General Election-for-WITHOUT DOUBT- they want to remain in the EU-forever, and as long as they still get paid..

    • eddie coke says:

      Indeed the constitutional issue is why there should be no pressing need for a referendum – just a correction of a mistake in law by repealing the European Treaties, withdrawing our Nation from the foreign power immediately and restoring sovereignty.

      In the same way that if, somehow, a law were passed decreeing that “On every fourth Friday, ginger-haired people are to be rounded up and thrown into wood-chippers,” we would not even consider that a referendum were required. We naturally would comprehend that as an abomination (no habeas corpus, no trial by peers, cruel and unusual punishments, etc) and repeal it forthwith.

      For any unaware of the British Constitution, the Declaration of Right 1688/89 is clear:

      “no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have, any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm.”

      Parliamentarians have no power to amend nor to repeal this, as they were not a party to the contract – despite copy/pasting the document into a Statute called the English Bill of Rights 1688/89. As Gerard Batten in his excellent book on the constitution (Inglorious Revolution) stated, the Bill of Rights was simply a “declaratory” statute, not a “law-making” one, and so cannot be amended or repealed.

      • Anne Palmer says:

        This Government has already (tried to?) altered nine parts of our Longstanding Common Law Constitution for the Succession to the Crown Bill and yes I wrote three letters to the Home Secretary-all ignored until- the Bill became an Act-all to be in keeping with the EU’s Equality Act-denied by the person that finally answered my letters. However, as there can be no alteration to our Constitution-especially without the people’s consent- that has lasted years and two World Wars by the people, were fought to keep them intact, I believe they remain in full.

      • eddie coke says:

        Anne, it does require good and proper judges and lawmakers to defend the Constitution and uphold the Common Law. Unfortunately, as planned I suspect, many people know almost nothing of Common Law or even the meanings of legalese words. I was staggered when I found out the difference between “a Person” and “a [wo]man”, for example. (And hat tip to Karl Lentz for that in his Common Law show.)

        We are bombarded with messages about Britain not having a Constitution or “any of those Amendments” – I saw a show on RT last week with Thomas Drake the NSA whistleblower. The “journalist” was constantly banging on about America having all these constitutional rights, but us in the UK not. Where does he think the US Constitution came from? Even some of the wording is identical to that in our documents.

        (It may surprise some to know that we have a written constitutonal right to bear arms in the UK – again, in the Declaration of Right – but not a written right to free speech. Imagine if Mark Duggan were killed by police for being en route “to make a speech,” rather than for being suspected of having a firearm.)

        The everlasting attacks on Christianity and the Monarchy are also a problem, as they seek to undermine the Common Law and the Constitution respectively (deliberately in my opinion, through State education, media etc).

    • DICK R says:

      Ultimately armed insurrection may be the only option open to us ,it is that serious !

  8. neilfutureboy says:

    I think we can put more emphasis on polices we have which are often considered “leftist” – referendum, PR, being the only party against fuel poverty, affordable housing through modular construction, opposition to the EU (& other’s) financial frauds, democracy, opposed to state censorship of the media (particularly state owned media), economic growth, opposition to Luddism.Malthusianism. On all of these, as well as immigration, the othe rparties are on the “right wing” or more accurately, conservative, side.

    In particular Andrew Neather’s admission that the Labour party deliberately lied to its own supporters to encourage mass immigration, specifically stated as so that Labour’s new aristocracy
    could get “gardeners and au pairs” without having to employ uppity Brits is a disgusting fact that proves Labour to be an entirely dishonest corrupt party with nothing truly “leftist” or indeed honest about them.

    Naturally this remains entirely censored by the BBC in a manner which would be impossible werte not a wholly and completely corrupt totalitarian fascist propaganda organisation.

    PS Agree with Rob that the 1st 3 comments show that the government paid trolls on here know they have no intellectual case whatsoever and can only manage rudeness. So much for previous claims from these persons that they were not committed to the other parties, but merely seeking a dialogue.

    • catalanbrian says:

      The trouble with you UKIPers is that you are blinkered to your own narrow viewpoint and are not prepared to look beyond your small world that has no immigration (nor presumably emigration), no EU, unrestrained industry and no renewable energy. You thus assume that any other viewpoint is invalid on the grounds that anyone who disagrees with you must be paid to do so by the government. I have to say that I rather like the idea of being paid for writing the odd few words but sadly I have thus far been unable to find the paymaster. A number of you (see Anne Palmer) are also very keen on SHOUTING. That hardly indicates a clear thought process

      • neilfutureboy says:

        Once again Brian you are not actually making a point. If you think you have a factual point tomake do so.

        I have, of course, never said we should have zero immigration, let alone emigration and neither does UKIP – you are engaging in a straw man claim.

        I do wish to quit the EU. If by “unrestrained industry” you mean the government should not be seeking to prevent growth, then yes I do agree with that. Since what you call “renewable energy”, which normally does not include nuclear though it can be renewed at least for billions of years, is far more expensive (100s of times potentially) I do agree that this is not the optimum system.

        If you, or indeed any other troll, wish to explain why those views are wrong, rather than simply shouting and rudeness, I would be interested to see it. It would be the first time.

      • Ian Wragg says:

        I assume from your name you have left this once green and pleasant land. A land littered with useless windmills and viable coal fired power stations being dismantled.
        You obviously haven’t been to East Anglia lately where some of the towns resemble ghettoes or here in the East Midlands where factories are only setting on Eastern Europeans, the Brits having been hounded out of jobs.
        We now have a situation where supervisors are now foreign and all signage is foreign so Brits are not welcome.
        You are obviously not aware of the mini crime wave here in the towns and villages by Romanian pickpockets.
        This is quickly becoming I land I dislike and no longer recognise.

      • jodri says:

        Just goes to show, you have no idea what ukip stands for. Why not open your blinkered mind.

        For a start, ukip is pro controlled immigration not mass immigration.

        Ukip wants the uk to, not just trade with Europe but the rest of the world.

        These are facts, well documented & freeling available to read not just from ukip site but in the press.

        So please, stop spreading these lies.

      • Barry Davies says:

        I note that the Prime minister other ministers and shadow ministers are keen on shouting and trying to say the other party is excrement rather than showing a clear thought process and debating items rationally, so clearly the conlablibdum party needs to be replaced by a sensible rational one.

      • Roger Helmer MEP says:

        First, Catalanbrian, we never said we wanted “no immigration”. We want managed immigration — which is impossible in the EU. Of course we hold our own views and tend to think that contrary views are wrong — but doesn’t everyone? But I absolutely reject the suggestion that we want “our own little world”. It is the Little Europeans who are inward-looking, self-referential, protectionist, and believe they have a divine right to ignore global competition. We see the UK as a great global trading nation, not an off-shore province. We are the internationalists now.

  9. Anne Palmer says:

    Re your third paragraph Roger. Although I have never been in any Political Party or Organisation, I always used to vote Conservative UNTIL THE GREAT BRITISH “PENNY” DROPPED that all three major Political Parties wanted to remain in the EU. So, like many others, I will vote for any organisation that truly want FREEDOM FROM FOREIGN RULE and that one is indeed UKIP- and thank goodness indeed for it.

    • Right wingery says:

      Oh dear. Roger must be very happy to have people like Anne backing his corner. You should go back in time to Vichy France, or Soviet occupied Czechoslovakia, or Italian controlled Abyssinia and ask those poor buggers who were actually living under despotic regimes what it is like when you are living under a jack boot.

      Until you stop your hyperbolic nonsense no-one will take you or your tin pot band of handlebar moustache wearing, racing green car driving lunatics.

      Oh and all the polls show UKIP as being the least liked and most hated party in Britain. The bubble is bursting.

      • Bob says:

        @Right wingery
        So you don’t like handlebar moustaches or racing green cars.
        Noted. Thanks for your valuable contribution.

      • Right wingery says:

        Bob, I just don’t like UKIP. And, according to all the recent polling, neither do most people.

        Thanks for your valuable contribution to mid term protest voting.

      • Ian Wragg says:

        What polling is that because around here its averaging 30%.

      • Barry Davies says:

        Right wintery is correct if you just use the stats only 30% are in favour of UKIP, but of course he fails to point out most people don’t like the tories labour lib dems greenies bnp, and another party who sure the other 70% between them. Lies damn lies and then there is statistics.

      • Bob says:

        @Right wingery
        You don’t like ukip for what reason?

        Is it because they want to bring immigration under control to stop overcrowding in schools, hospitals, GP surgeries and social housing?

      • Barry Davies says:

        Perhaps right wintery has shares in HS2

      • Right wingery says:

        http://www1.politicalbetting.com/index.php/archives/2014/03/12/icm-poll-ukip-the-least-liked-and-most-disliked-party/ polling data for you there, Ian.

        Bob – ok I’ll bite – I contested the last general election for the tories and my major platform (outside the economy) was immigration. I am horrified that we still have not got to grips with the problem and believe that in many working class towns in the country the problems with immigration (usually perception rather than experience) are magnified.

        This is mainly a problem of the failure of transitional controls, which you will be well aware, is an inheritance of the problems Labour gave us.

        But UKIP are not contributing anything towards the debate. Just coming out with a blanket dog whistle of a policy that smears (by association) all of those that make a genuine contribution to this country is outrageous.

      • jodri says:

        Yeh. Right. I am a working class bloke, i drive a 44 tonne artic for a living. So that puts to bed your lies. And all the polls show an increase support for ukip, another lie made up in your head.

      • Bob says:

        @Right wingery
        I concede that ukip could do better in putting their immigration message across.
        They should make sure that people understand that:
         a) they have no problem with immigrants as individuals and are not racist.
         b) they have no problem with immigration per se so long as it’s controlled to allow proper assimilation and to avoid our public services becoming overwhelmed, as is the currently the case in many of our inner cities.

        I acknowledge that the Tories inherited an utter mess from New Labour, and being shackled to the Lib Dems explains their many failures, but whose fault is it that they couldn’t win an outright majority against the utterly disastrous Brown government?

        David Cameron, he has declared himself heart and soul an EU man, and keeps the eu-sceptic Tories away from the front benches. The Tory track record on EU matters speaks for itself.

      • Me_Again says:

        Leave the EU for a few years and we won’t need to go back in time to Vichy France et al, it will be coming here. Your blindness to the destruction across southern europe in order to keep Mrs Merkel happy and your blindness to the ultimate aim of the EU is staggering, your disregard for those who oppose it is typical and hopefully will be your downfall.

      • Roger Helmer MEP says:

        Bob: What you say we should say is exactly what we keep on saying. We want a managed immigration policy based on numbers and skills. This has nothing to do with nationality, race and ethnicity. It’s our opponents in the left-wing press who wrongly assert that our policy is nationalist and racist. Please don’t blame UKIP for what the Guardian says.

      • Anne says:

        I see absolutely no point at all in having two ‘Houses’ full to the brim in our Houses of Parliament WHEN ALL OF THEM HAVE TO OBEY FOREIGNERS. Just for your information ‘Right wingery’, I am old enough to remember being bombed out of our house and home in that last war when another foreigner wanted to govern us all or at least those that were left and were not sent to BELSEN or other camps. And YES, we saw the opening of Belsen actually in the news, when it happened before that WAR was over. Children still at school were taken to the Cinema’s not to see a Disney Cartoon, but indeed to see the opening of that CAMP AT BELSEN and others before that War was indeed over-so that we would never forget what man did to their fellow man-I certainly have never forgot and I doubt those that saw those films in those day, never have forgotten either. My Generation know exactly what being free to Govern ourselves means-we have been there and we were truly FREE to Govern ourselves-so much so we fought night and day to be able to Govern ourselves forever. If you read HANSARD from BEFORE joining the now EU-you may read exactly what took place in the Commons before we joined the EEC/EC/EU. So very soon after that WAR, other people found another way to dominate those Country’s that fought so hard to prevent exactly that. Remember if people vote to remain in the EU foreigners will govern you all forever and it will not be “according to our own Constitution”, with its safe-guards, but by foreigners forever-yet no doubt some people will still be voting and paying for two full to the brim Houses of parliament yet those in there will still have to obey foreigners from the now EU. Yet there is absolutely no point in having ANYONE IN THOSE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT for they too, will have to obey THEIR MASTERS AND PAY FOR ALLOWING THEM TO DO SO. However, it is your future-not mine, but I will indeed still fight for our freedom that so many gave their lives for. See EUROPEAN FREE TRADE AREA Just brief sentences HC Deb 12 February 1959 vol 599 cc1368-494 http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/commons/1959/feb/12/european-free-trade-area#column_1381 YES! So soon after that terrible World WAR too, and another way had to be found and who has the loudest voice in the present EU! So very many pages I have read from those days.

  10. DougS says:

    “….Our own polling shows that we draw much of our support from former Labour voters….”

    And thanks to Ed Miliband’s latest piece of (EU referendum) nonsense, every potential Labour voter who wants to leave the EU now knows that he/she cannot possibly vote Labour.

    Thanks Ed – keep it up.

  11. Anne Palmer says:

    Just for catalanbrian, I will not shout this time, but although I am not in UKIP-and have never been in any Political Party or Organisation my vote will indeeed go to UKIP. I am certainly not blinkered either for I know perhaps a little more than you do, for I am old enough to have been in that last war and a husband that fought for the freedom of this Country, and I basically lived all my early life with a brother that designed ‘planes. Much as ‘he’ wanted to join up in that last war, he was not allowed to leave his job. He was only allowed to join after the war-which indeed he did.
    For a little bit of newish information for you, look up re new treaties for TTIP but will we indeed be allowed the promised REFERENDUM before any new Treaty is ratified? See 3 Dec 2013 : Column 766 EU Treaty Change on http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201314/cmhansrd/cm131203/debtext/131203-0001.htm
    A must read http://www.marietjeschaake.eu/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/TTIP-mandate.pdf Will this trigger the promised Referendum?
    As this one is re Transparency-why was the previous one allegedly secret! http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/docs/2013/june/tradoc_151381.pdf
    When you write, “you are blinkered” people like me and ‘im indoors went through a full scale war for your Generation to be free from foreign rule. People might be “nice” now-but will they always be so when nations are tied up in Treaties they cannot get out of? Will they always be able to pay £billions and many £millions to foreigners when Defences are being cut etc, and there is not enough money left to go round to all?

  12. eddie coke says:

    I think the fictitious “Left Wing – Right Wing” scales fell from my eyes, thanks to the episode of Question Time where Diane James got shouted at by the Labour Party plant in the audience. The plant was a so-called “left-winger” expounding the virtues of unlimited immigration and open borders. However, also on the panel was RMT Union boss Bob Crow (God rest his soul), who most would agree was also a “left-winger” but stridently anti-unlimited immigration because he could see the problems that would cause for his union members – the Workers – in terms of wage-depression.

    The “great TV moment” was the slanging match between the plant and Diane James, with a second audience member sticking her oar in, before Melanie Phillips stood in and berated them.

    For me, the eye-opener was that there is no single “Left-Wing” in politics. There are “Socialists” and their polar opposites “the Working Class”. I then looked at the “Right-Wing” although I have kind of known this one for years: we get the “Capitalists (or Free Marketeers)” but also “the Corporatists (or Fascists or Crony-Capitalists)”.

    Socialists like to lump “the Right” together. It is designed to be insulting, and it works. I am upset at being called a Fascist, because I believe in free markets and read Bastiat, Hayek, Hazlitt or Ron Paul. Fascism (Corporatism) is the opposite of free markets. It has more in common with Socialism than Capitalism.

    So the new thinking for the 21st Century should lump Socialists (banking elites and Fabians), Corporatists (big global corps) and spineless self-serving Governments (LibLabCon) together in one grouping. The other group should be the Working Class (notionally moderate leftist) with the real Capitalists (small and medium sized businesses and “real” employers”). If UKIP can draw the Workers and the SMEs together with a sense of fairness to all (of opportunity, not outcome!) then I’m with them.

  13. Barry Davies says:

    Not sure why the title is revolution on the right or why UKIP is described as the radical right, after all it has members from all the old pro eussr parties within it, who have a very different mind set to the three old fashioned parties in that it espouses what are regarded as left and right wing ideations.

  14. DICK R says:

    My only gripe is that UKIP are far to polite about the treacherous socialist filth who have surrendered our country to an illegal foreign power !

  15. Mike Spilligan says:

    Mr H: Although I’m generally not in favour of censorship I can think of no reason (other than technical limitations) why you shouldn’t ban the known, repetitive “trolls” that comment here. Their comments add nothing to the points you make and interrupt the flow of subsequent natural discourse

    • catalanbrian says:

      I assume that I am one of the so called trolls that you refer to.The problem is that there is no discourse between you UKIPers. You all just blather on agreeing with each other in your communal blinkered manner and there is no proper discussion of the merits and demerits of the various issues. You all agree with pretty much everything that Roger Helmer posts other than all seeming to want to do everything that he proposes in spades. That is not what I call discussion.

      • Bob says:

        So tell us what you disagree with in Roger’s article and see if we can get a discourse going.

      • neilfutureboy says:

        (A) that is simply untrue & I ask you to retract it – for example I recently said that I thought UKIP us not sufficiently emphasising our economic policies which can give us at least world average growth (6%). As I remember you didn’t try to enter any factual comment to debate that. There is plenty of disagreement among UKIP supporters it is just that none of us want the Luddism you and the approved parties do.

        (B) You have never, not rarely but NEVER engaged in the “discussion” which, if you were in any way honest, you must want. That is the difference between debating on the other side, which is a necessary condition of democracy, and trolling.

      • Me_Again says:

        I’m sorry but your mendacity goes too far. Roger frequently gets disagreement on here, argued and debated disagreement, and I am one of the people who disagree.

        However, unlike yourself who seems to merely pop on and object in a rather random way without argument, I only take up the baton when I see something that I disagree with.

        For the great majority of the time Roger speaks for me so why would I disagree?

        As to limited and blinkered, good heavens the opposite is true for most of us. We’ve had the scales drop from our eyes regarding our politicians, we’ve had the scales drop from our eyes regarding the EU and its intent. I rather think we are the ones who are blinkerless, unlike yourself.

      • Flyinthesky says:

        You type many words but in reality you say nothing, all you do is decry any input by people who submit opinions. The inescapable reality is UKIP supporters have come to an evaluated conclusion and position, we don’t believe we evaluate.
        I have been a UKIP member for some years, no we haven’t got everything right but we’re 90% nearer to what the public wants than any other party. The important point is if we are not satisfied with the governments perfomance we should have the opportunity to vote them out. Within the constraints of eu membership there is no such option, although you may change the name of the incumbent party they are all bound by the same eu directives which leaves them, more or less, only able to rearrange the deckchairs.
        The greatest defence is we need the free trade with the eu to survive, point #1 is the eu doesn’t do free trade with us it does conditional trade whereby complying with the condition negates any advantage. Point #2 is we don’t need to be governed by it to trade with it. Ask China.
        “Almost every problem we face as a nation, from dustbins to national security, has an eu component that prevents it’s satisfactory resolution”
        A lot of the problem lies in implementation, some nations view directives as an irritation and will implement them accordingly, here’s your office and playstation, don’t be bothering anyone, us, with our innate sense of fair play, yes, despite PC indocrination to the contrary, nations do have discernable traits, we will generate a whole department to implement the directive and seem to take great pleasure in prosecuting and levying fines on those that don’t comply with it.
        In the absense of a cogent argument, amusing as your comments may be, you are convincing nobody here of the credibility of your position.

      • Me_Again says:

        Well said Sir Fly………

    • Roger Helmer MEP says:

      Always happy to read & challenge alternative views, though we do edit offensive or obscene comments.

  16. Anne Palmer says:

    To Eddie Coke above re “Anne, it does require good and proper judges and lawmakers to defend the Constitution and uphold the Common Law”. Hmmmmm! Didn’t I mention I was a Magistrate for many years? Sorry.
    I draw your attention to a New Treaty that seems to be going through. Re the TTIP NEW trade Agreement-a new Treaty (Please note-this is a NEW Treaty) A rather large and important new Treaty, which it seems National Governments have PAID to give national Sovereignty (Authority) to foreigners to decide what elected Governments and Parliaments must agree to. The people in this Country have never agreed to any of this for they expect their own Government to negotiate any new treaty that may affect their own Country and their freedom. These are massive powers, and if true that our Government has given permission to allow foreigners to accept and agree Treaties on behalf of all those we have elected and pay to actually govern us all here in the UK, it has all been done without the people’s say so, there is obviously no point at all in either having anyone in those Houses of Parliament at all, yet the people of this Country are forbidden by their own long standing Common law Constitution to encourage foreigners in any way, Governing them.
    This is what those that represent us have to say.
    “We, the Leaders of the United States and the European Union, are pleased to announce that, based on recommendations from the U.S.-EU High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth co-chaired by United States Trade Representative Kirk and European Trade Commissioner De Gucht, the United States and the European Union will each initiate the internal procedures necessary to launch negotiations on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. etc”

  17. Richard111 says:

    I think I’ll print a slogan on a t-shirt to wear on voting day;

    Vote Lib-Dem and condemn you children and grandchildren to Gulag EU.

  18. Anne Palmer says:

    Roger, Please can you explain to me, what is the point in voting for and paying for anyone to sit in our Houses of Parliament, (And I refer to both Houses in that Parliament) when the EU is agreeing to and ratifying TREATIES on behalf of this once great Country that so many gave their lives for in two World Wars rather than ever being governed by foreigners? I refer to the recent
    TTIP (Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership) Treaty. Has the EU agreed to any more Treaties on our behalf?

    • Roger Helmer MEP says:

      The EU has agreed hundreds of Treaties on our behalf — please don’t ask me for a list! The purpose of voting for MPs in Westminster is to create a majority who will vote for an EU referendum and/or to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act.

      • Anne Palmer says:

        Roger, thank you very much for your reply, for in answering my question, other people too may realise the importance this is to many more people that should indeed know just how much the EU intrudes in our lives, plus the pointless walk to vote for those that are supposed to Govern us according to our Constitution which of course they cannot do as long as British Governments want to remain in the EU. All because one Prime Minister told the people in readiness for the 1975 REFERENDUM, that “there would be no loss of essentialy sovereignty” if we remaind in the then EEC. Now that Mr Cameron has set up the EU Regions here in the UK, there is absolutely no point at all in having two Full Houses in our Parliament. Hmmmph! As Scotland is classed as an EU Region, if it breaks away from the UK, surely it will still be classed as an EU REGION?- just an after thought!

  19. Me_Again says:

    Excellent post Roger, glad I read all the way to the end before hitting the keyboard as I blew a fuse early on regarding being considered ‘Radical Right’

    I think you nailed it all the way through, I particularly enjoyed seeing an old refrain of mine ‘neither left nor right, just common sense’, which is what I have to chant in my Labour heartland locale or get clobbered straight away.

    Neilfuture boy makes a valid point about our policies which could be labelled left wing they need more airing especially in areeas like mine. What it means is that the MSM have no pigeon-hole for us and so plonk us down amongst the Tory right because many of our founders were Tory -and they plainly aren’t mainstream.

  20. Anne Palmer says:

    Roger, I hope UKIP is putting forward enough people to stand in the General Election in 2015, for as you know-without doubt- that only by the people being able to put in enough people to stand for UKIP in the 2015 General Election can we vote for them and are ready to take us out of the European Union. It is up to the people to put THEIR COUNTRY BEFORE THEIR POLITICAL PARTY-it matters not if none have ever GOVERNED this Country before, for lets face facts, neither has any Government done that fully since 1972/3. There are many Legal Eagles ready to advise them what to do, and most will be delighted to put their own Country before all else.

    The 2015 General Election maybe the last chance Governments have of GETTING out of the EU, for I am sure you and all those in Parliament and Government now know exactly what is planned already for 2010, 2030 and yes, even a few items planned for 2050.

    • Me_Again says:

      I suspect one of the big problems will getting people to stand. There are many good and dedicated supporters out there but most don’t want to even consider standing. I don’t know their reasons but I do know mine.
      Am I scared of losing? No. In my area it is a likelihood rather than off chance -labour heartland and all that.
      Could I do the work? Yes I think I could. I don’t thrive in committee settings but I can tolerate them, I’m good at ‘snotograms’ which get to the point. I can pick the wheat from the chaff mostly but I do prefer to get on with things.
      Why not stand then?
      I don’t want that much work. I think it would be fairly easy to palm most of it off on employees but that’s not my way. I’m tired and at that point in life where I look back on 43 years of work and think ‘time to finish’.
      I hate London with a passion which nearly matches my loathing of politicians so asking me to be one, IN the other is a bit too much.

      • Roger Helmer MEP says:

        Not sure you’re right, there, Me_Again. I don’t have the national picture, but in constituencies I know of, there is no shortage of competent people ready to throw their hats in the ring. We’re certainly hoping to stand candidates in the great majority of constituencies.

      • Me_Again says:

        I sincerely hope I’ve misread it.

  21. ian wragg says:

    Just an update on my reply to cantabrian or whatever he calls himself. Today a pensioner was knocked over in my wife’s shop by a young girl and her bag was stolen. Fortunately a rather large young man was nearby and grabbed the girl whilst my wife rang the police. It turns out she is a 17 year old Bulgarian who has been living here since January and this is her 3rd arrest. Apparently she will be charged with assault this time or the lady will bring a private prosecution.

  22. Anne Palmer says:

    Without doubt, if you want to remain FOREVER in the European Union vote for any of the three major Political Parties In the UK Houses of Parliament in the 2015 General Election. And, in spite of, or perhaps because of the words coming forth from Nikki Sinclaire in the Mail on Sunday-today (and we will never have the Mail on Sunday again), if you want to SET THIS COUNTRY free from foreign rule-our one and only hope is by voting for UKIP or any other Political Party or Organisation THAT WANTS OUT OF THE EU-FOREVER IN THE General Election in 2015.. UKIP IS OUR ONE HOPE OF ANY FREEDOM FROM FOREIGN RULE. Failing THAT, is to lawfully withhold our Taxes until we are free from foreign rule AND ACCORDING TO OUR CONSTITUTION and law. “…all usurped and foreign power and authority…may forever be clearly extinguished, and never used or obeyed in this realm. …no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate…shall at any time after the last day of this session of Parliament, use, enjoy or exercise any manner of power, jurisdiction, superiority, authority, preeminence or privilege…within this realm, but that henceforth the same shall be clearly abolished out of this realm, for ever.”

  23. Anne Palmer says:

    Ah Me_Again. He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know.

  24. kuborange says:

    UKIP don’t fit in the old guards neat little boxes. We are a phenomenon they have utmost difficulty recognising or understanding. The coalition cabinet I understand have of its 22 members a total of 20 millionaires. What would a privileged millionaires club like them even begin to comprehend about real life in this country. Labour is no better as one UKIP election poster named 12 front bench Labour politicians in the same elite club.

    James Brokenshires gaffe allowed the mask to slip a little. The big business appetite for cheap as chips workforce is insatiable but uncontrollable immigration wont be hidden by comments like that as the biggest contributing factor plus the benefits hungry tourists taking advantage of our welfare system health services schools and every other branch of our creaking to bursting infrastructure.

    Mr Camerons alleged cuboard full of goodies he is promising come his big promised in/out vote will be decidedly bare. Anything he appears to squeeze out of his EU partners (The word MASTERS would be a better one here) will have to be spun off the richter scale to disguise the fact the cupboard will be empty. Europe is drowning in an ocean of debts and the Germans are sick banrolling the whole sorry disaster. Its time we were out of it before it goes down like the titanic.


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