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The Sun: False and defamatory

I was deeply shocked today by today’s report, and editorial piece, in the Sun.  It claimed that I had said “It’s fine to despise gay people”, that “being gay is a mental health issue”, and that I had suggested that … Continue reading

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The Energy Muddle. And the €uro Elections.

I recently heard that a senior spokesman for the UK energy industry had suggested that the success of “smaller parties” in the forthcoming Euro elections could be problematic for the energy industry. I took this as a veiled reference to … Continue reading

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The EU is a job-destruction machine

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Actually, current UK immigration policy is “racist”

I had a disappointment this morning (April 22nd).  I was on LBC Radio, up against Labour MP Mike Gapes.  I had hoped that the Labour Party had grown up a bit, and stopped shouting “Yah Boo Racist!” at anyone who … Continue reading

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Sometimes I have to pinch myself…

… can things really be going this well? I’ve been in politics now for fifteen years, including my mis-spent time in the Tory party.  In those days we had good times and bad times.  In the good times, people were … Continue reading

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Trade Myths exploded

27 separate trade deals: It seems incredible that some people seem to think when we leave the EU we’ll need separate trade deals with each of the EU’s (other) 27 member-states.  Yet they do – as evidenced by claims on … Continue reading

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A message to the miners

I was talking to a UKIP activist in Derbyshire recently, and he asked (rather wistfully) if we could make a UKIP commitment to seeking to re-open the remaining deep coal mines in the Midlands which are currently scheduled for closure.  … Continue reading

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Motherhood and Apple Pie

I noticed on Twitter recently that UKIP MEPs had been accused of “voting against equal pay for women”.  Of course we did no such thing.  We voted against Brussels’ interference in UK labour markets. Equal pay is a highly emotive … Continue reading

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It is Time to Dismantle the Euro

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One Nation Politics

Odd, isn’t it, that even with Google, you can lose a press article that you clearly remember seeing.  There was an excellent piece in the Indy recently (that’s not a sentence I write very often!) about Labour’s complacency over the … Continue reading

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Global Warming Pause? What Pause?

On Thursday April 3rd, I took part in a Hustings-type debate in a lecture hall at Nottingham Trent University.  It was organised by the Nottingham Post, and we had Conservative, Labour, Lib-Dem, and Green candidates – although I was the … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about CO2

They’re at it again.  Al Gore Tweets “Continued carbon pollution threatens humanity’s future”.  Leave aside the technical quibble that he seems not to know the difference between carbon and carbon dioxide.  The huge error in his Tweet is, of course, … Continue reading

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Prodding the Russian Bear

During an election campaign, one can rely on one’s opponents to pick on any chance remark and blow it out of proportion.  This seems to be happening with Nigel Farage’s comments on Russia, Putin and the Ukraine. Nigel has remarked … Continue reading

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