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The Sun: False and defamatory

I was deeply shocked today by today’s report, and editorial piece, in the Sun.  It claimed that I had said “It’s fine to despise gay people”, that “being gay is a mental health issue”, and that I had suggested that … Continue reading

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The Energy Muddle. And the €uro Elections.

I recently heard that a senior spokesman for the UK energy industry had suggested that the success of “smaller parties” in the forthcoming Euro elections could be problematic for the energy industry. I took this as a veiled reference to … Continue reading

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The EU is a job-destruction machine

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Actually, current UK immigration policy is “racist”

I had a disappointment this morning (April 22nd).  I was on LBC Radio, up against Labour MP Mike Gapes.  I had hoped that the Labour Party had grown up a bit, and stopped shouting “Yah Boo Racist!” at anyone who … Continue reading

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Sometimes I have to pinch myself…

… can things really be going this well? I’ve been in politics now for fifteen years, including my mis-spent time in the Tory party.  In those days we had good times and bad times.  In the good times, people were … Continue reading

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Trade Myths exploded

27 separate trade deals: It seems incredible that some people seem to think when we leave the EU we’ll need separate trade deals with each of the EU’s (other) 27 member-states.  Yet they do – as evidenced by claims on … Continue reading

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A message to the miners

I was talking to a UKIP activist in Derbyshire recently, and he asked (rather wistfully) if we could make a UKIP commitment to seeking to re-open the remaining deep coal mines in the Midlands which are currently scheduled for closure.  … Continue reading

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