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Be afraid, Ed.  Be very afraid.

Be afraid, Ed. Be very afraid.

Odd, isn’t it, that even with Google, you can lose a press article that you clearly remember seeing.  There was an excellent piece in the Indy recently (that’s not a sentence I write very often!) about Labour’s complacency over the UKIP threat, and can I hell find it?  No I can’t.  But here’s an earlier and not dissimilar one.

Of course the conventional view is that UKIP is no more than “The Conservative Party in exile”, in Peter Oborne’s resonant but highly misleading phrase.  Indeed we’re characterised as the rest home for the most fuddy-duddy ex-Tories who just can’t stomach David Cameron’s “modernising” agenda (remember that?).  So Labour certainly did look on with quiet satisfaction at what they saw as yet another division in the Tory ranks – and one that would help to deliver a Labour victory in the General Election of 2015.  (Miliband in Downing Street – what a nightmare!).

And of course the Tories are frantically talking up the same story.  “Don’t vote UKIP”, they cry, “You’ll only let Ed Miliband into Downing Street.  Then you’ll lose the EU referendum that Dave has promised in 2017”.  Hands up everyone who honestly believes that Dave will deliver an EU referendum in 2017.  No?   I thought not.

Clearly these pundits (and Tory activists) were not up there in the Rotherham by-election last year.  I was.  And I was gripped by a warm flush of nostalgia, because in 1966, as a newish member of Procter & Gamble’s marketing department, I was packed off to Rotherham to do my six months sales training.  I lived at No 1 Alma Road, overlooking the steel works.  Every week I cleaned my salesman’s Cortina, and every week by the time I reached the boot, the bonnet was already lightly covered in smuts from the furnaces again.  How times change.

But I can honestly say that during fifteen years in politics I have never had such a warm reception on the doorstep.  In Rotherham.  In Labour heartland.  Of course Labour won it, with 46% of the vote.  But UKIP came a good solid second with 21.7% — a country mile ahead of the rest.  And of course we’ve had a whole series of remarkable by-election results in strong Labour seats.  Something very special is happening.

Our own polling shows that we’re now taking share as much from Labour as from the Tories.  We’ve even taken votes from the Lib-Dems – half a million votes, as some accounts say. Sensible former Lib-Dems has switched from “The Party of In” to the Party of Out – without even a short stop in a half-way house like the Tories or Labour.

But by making the immigration issue our own, by pointing to the harm done to working class voters by mass immigration, the pressure on schools and hospitals and housing, the lengthening dole queues, the wage compression, we’ve struck a particular chord with traditional Labour voters.  Be afraid, Miliband.  Be very afraid. Look out of the window. Those are UKIP’s tanks on your lawn.

The obituaries of the terms “left” and “right” in politics have been written many times, though occasionally they still have a value.  But they mean less and less.  So when we in UKIP say “We’re not left, not right, just common sense” we communicate with all sides of political opinion.

The fact is that in the Conservative Party there are good, decent people who believe in their country, in their right to self-determination, and are profoundly unhappy at the way our right to govern ourselves has been eroded.  But such people also exist just as much in the Labour Party, which is increasingly the party not of working people, but the party of public employees and a sneering urban “intelligentsia” and commentariat.  After all, Miliband himself is the Oxford-educated son of a Marxist historian.  What a pedigree.  And as we are seeing, there is a residue of decent, patriotic people in the Lib-Dems as well – and they too are coming our way.

So UKIP finds itself in a strong position, with a message that resonates right across the political spectrum.  Labour and Conservative both like to talk about “One Nation Politics”.  But while they talk about it – we’re doing it.


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  1. PJ says:

    All that can be hoped for is that the working class people of this country see sense at last, for how on earth can anyone say that Labour are still for the working classes whern they clearly are not? Common sense must prevail in a country that is spiralling downward at an alarming rate. There is only one sensible vote-and that applies in the EU votes (soon) and next years elections too!

  2. A Justice says:

    Roger like many i will be voting UKIP, but this one nation word is utter rubbish and i think UKIP know this .If i hope UKIP score a fatal blow to the British establsihment it will be the english and the english alone who will deliver them to westminster .regardelss of the scots vote devolution must be brought to england and not the balknest type ,the left would like Only a english parliament
    Equel to that of the other three parliaments at holyrood,cardiff and stromont will do. Whether the scots opt to leave or not the english genie as tam dyhell put it is now out of the bottle and demanding there rights

    • Roger Helmer MEP says:

      Dear Justice: Glad you’re voting UKIP. But the clue is in the name: we’re the UNITED KINGDOM Independence Party.

      • Me_Again says:

        …but only if they want to be the UK. If they don’t and by referendum they leave, we should shake hands and wish them luck. Not only that we should help as much as possible to remain the closest of friends, you know a little like the EU is supposed to do for us when we leave eh?
        My preference is for a UK but if the people of the four countries decide no, then I will abide by that as a true libertarian.

  3. Maureen Gannon says:

    A Justice I agree with every thing you say, I have belonged to the CEP since the begining , I will vote UKIP to boot the other cheating lying , [better stop there] up the Kyber I am not sure about the UKIP policy is on justice for the English , but I am hoping they have seen the light at the invidious situation devolution reeked on England even Millipeed has talked of England being turned into regions with their own Mayors and finiances to govern themselves how divisive is that and how he is obeying the demands of Germany [sorry fruedian slip] Europe, for have not they tried to eliminate England from their map?

  4. Me_Again says:

    Well said Roger, every word.

  5. Interesting piece Roger and brought a smile early Monday morning. I find it hysterical that you have plagarised the English Democrat slogan but obviously a desperate attempt to stop the flow of ukip supporters coming across which I can understand, reality us Roger that the good people of our country do want change but have now started to see through the smog that is ukip. You are Tories in exile and unfortunately old school Tories at that which is probably you voted against equal pay for women in the EU parliament recently. Ukip are undemocratic and whilst you enjoy decent press coverage then thankfully Joe public is now awakening to the disparity within the UK and also the fact that ukip offer no tangible means of correction, England is awakening Roger and it is only The English Democrats offering a real route to change.

    • Roger Helmer MEP says:

      Which slogan is that, Corby English Democrats? Didn’t know you had one. We are putting on members at a huge rate, and frankly I’ve never heard of any UKIP member leaving to come to you. Wishful thinking, I’d say. Are you running a list in the euro-elections? Wanna take bets on the outcome?

      • Roger, we both know that’s not true. The English Democrats have used “not left not right” slogan for the past couple of years equally we both know that many disillusioned ukip members are coming to the English Democrats due to their treatment by ukip leadership and you are fully aware of our running list lol, interestingly you never responded to my point around you voting against equal pay for women ? Why was that Roger?.

      • Me_Again says:

        CED, again the EDs pick a fight with the wrong foe. Odd that you are in hysterics listening to someone, so say, using your slogan? I’d have thought you’d be pleased that someone was putting the message out for you, but I thought yours was neither left nor right, just English. But I suppose there’s always regional variance. There is much in common and only a little separating the two -or there used to be, not certain now because I haven’t read any ED literature for a while. I’ve always agreed that there need be a resolution of the English question, but this is only possible after an EU defeat. Going off on one at UKIP doesn’t get you much in the way of votes, you should concentrate on having some sort of ‘What happens after’ plan, which you didn’t have last time I was aware, the NEC couldn’t agree on what to recommend for after the referendum and could never work out why being vague about what to do, wouldn’t get them masses of votes.
        Still, good luck with that one.

      • Roger Helmer MEP says:

        You can accuse me of many things, nameless one. But you cannot accuse me of lying in the course of my political work. I had no idea you had used any such slogan, and public awareness of it (and of you) is zero, so far as I know. I do not know that disillusioned UKIP members have gone to you. But I do know that we are adding members at an unprecedented rate, and are now close to the Lib-Dem membership figure (which is of course declining). I am not “fully aware of your running list”. I am not aware of it at all. I did not know you had one. I have done a number of hustings events organised by third parties and I have never seen any candidate for your party.

        Now would you please apologise for accusing me of lying when in fact I have been telling the truth? And what about that bet?

        And by the way I did not vote against equal pay for women. I voted against Brussels interference in the UK’s labour market.

    • Me_Again says:

      PS Wrong about the make up of UKIP too but since you have your mind set it won’t change without a kicking I suppose. Just think about your numbers. If we poll for a GE 15%, that means that there are an awful lot of ‘Old school Tories’ wouldn’t you say? You need to get a grip and get your head out of your asses collectively. Not a Tory party in exile, a large number of us have never voted Tory or labour or Lib Dem.

      • Roger Helmer MEP says:

        We in UKIP are proud that we are re-engaging people who haven’t voted for years with the political process. And we note recent research showing that even more ex-Labour voters are coming to UKIP than ex-Tory voters.

      • Me_Again says:

        Plus many, many thousands of us who had stopped voting because we didn’t want the b’stards to think they were popular……

  6. Malcolm Edward says:

    Spot on Roger.
    An important argument is that the Labour policies on the EU and Immigration, continued under the inaction of the Conservatives, is that they have a real cost on individuals particularly the younger generation who are now effectively poorer than their parents. The negative social consequences are many and huge.
    I am thinking especially of the cost of housing which is the major expense in life for most people. Housing prices being very sensitive to supply and demand are historically very high owing to the excess demand created by excess immigration. It has meant that many people who reasonably aspire to buy a house cannot afford to do so (and so are stuck with having to continually pay high rent) and even when they do manage to – they get little for the huge amount of money they have to pay. This can be a depressing situation, no matter how hard you work the amount of money one can save goes no where near the price of a house, so doubtless some feel what is the point of trying to get on in life when your reasonable aspirations are unattainable. We see young people staying at home longer and not starting an independent life until they are much older, it may mean some are forced to put off having families until they are older – this is not good for many people. This is a far cry from Mrs Thatcher’s aim of a property owning nation for all who wish. And it is not much good for immigrants either.

    Though houses are being built whilst we still have uncontrolled immigration we will never catch up, and we end up with the worst of all worlds, high density developments full of small houses that are expensive, and cover lots of countryside. .
    Furthermore high stamp duty unfairly adds to the expense of house purchase, and for those house owners who wish or need to change job it deters job mobility or encourages longer commuting distances, or else it bleeds them dry of money.

    The disloyalty of the Labour party and aloofness of Cameron’s set, I find quite shocking.

  7. Maureen Gannon says:

    This in my opinion can never be one nation, consequently how can it ever be one nation politics, just another sound bite to appeal to the masses, ever since Saint Tony declared multiculturism , that one word divided us , as a young woman I lived in Clerkenwell which had a very large Italian community, there were no interpreters they learnt English, they had the Italian church but as a then Catholic I attended there along with many other indigenous catholics, they were not treated any different and soon integrated, they broke the law they were treated as was any Brit , no concessions, as we have today, so as not to offend the community leaders, we cannot reinvent the wheel it is as it is , a divided country and in my opinion the EU was the final nail in our coffin.

    I will no doubt be accused of being a conspiricy theorist but I do not believe this has all happened by accident, Hitlers aim was a united Europe ruled by Germany, the one thorn Britain , this time the economy has replaced the gun , Southern Europe submissive ,driven into poverty France a mere poodle ,manufacturing now based in Germany the powerhouse of Europe, Britain devolved the English hung out to dry with no government to ensure the welfare of it’s people, indeed this country of England is the only country in the world that has no government, like the EU that is not democray it is the destruction of a country by stealth. that is why UKIP has my vote.

  8. Right wingery says:

    Why do you doubt the ‘In/out’ referendum pledge?

    • Me_Again says:

      Because slippery Cameron has managed to slide his way out of just about everything he’s ever promised. Please don’t give me the guff about referendum locks as well, since the so called referendum lock was applied there have been thousands, literally thousands, of sub-directives each of which eats a little bit of Britain. But because they don’t pass through parliament for ratification and they are as a result of existing top level directives, they don’t count -yeah right.

      It’s the same as switching off the mains …..which are bypassed in six different places… and declaring the power is off.
      Cameron/Tories I wouldn’t trust if they said it was night time, I’d have to go and look outside. IF, and it’s a big if, Cameron is in office in 2017 he won’t have to have a referendum as a lib dem partner in a coalition. IF he was in office as a majority PM he’d weasel and whinny that the time wasn’t right and that the negotiations were taking longer than thought and that he clearly said AFTER re-negotiations, and of course they’re still on going, so there’s no point…….

      • Right wingery says:

        But if the basis for your argument is that we haven’t had a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty then you are either very dim or deliberately misleading.

        There was no manifesto commitment for a referendum on our membership of the EU in the 2010 Conservative Party Manifesto. There will be in the 2015 one. Voting UKIP means electing Labour into office. If that happens then there will be no referendum, whatsoever.

        UKIP is full of Roger Helmer’s. Bitter, twisted ex Tories who loathe individual Conservative leaders and ministers. In Helmer’s case it is Warsi, in Farage’s case Cameron. The net result of this egotistical pomposity? A Labour government and ever closer union with the EU.

        You must all be very proud.

      • Me_Again says:

        No winger, you appear to be the dim one, I never mentioned the Lisbon treaty, the sixth or seventh effort to wrap europe in bureaucratic barbed wire. But now that you have, the purpose of each and every one of those treaties was to remove a little more freedom from each of the nations in the union and reserve it for the elites. The fact that your party has repeatedly supported them and knew this, is to your ever dying shame, so you expect me to believe Cameron after all he’s done? I’ve never voted Tory and never would. Many in UKIP have never voted Tory and never would. We are the reason there can be no deals with the Tories, I despise them every bit as much as the other two. So you keep on thinking -if that is the correct term for what amoebae do- that we are just taking votes from the poor hard done by Tory party, I really don’t care what your single synapse punts out as cogent thought since the results are the measure.

      • Right wingery says:

        Ok, Me_again, I’ll bite this one last time because, quite frankly, you are absurd.

        My question is, how on earth will you achieve your dream of exiting the EU by voting UKIP?

      • Me_Again says:

        I’m absurd? You’re the one who thinks UKIP is made up of rich ex-tories, couldn’t be further from the truth. That Roger is an ex-Tory and well to do is the exception and not the rule. Not only that but you show your true ignorance if you can’t see the influence that UKIP has had in this country without a single MP. A vote for us in May will demonstrate to people around the country that a vote for us means what it says on the tin. There are many who would vote UKIP but succumb to the scaremongering propagandists. If all voted the way they really wanted we should have a significant presence in Westminster in 2015 and once that dam has broken they won’t build it back up.

      • Right wingery says:

        So what you are saying, Me_Again, is that even you concede that UKIP will not win enough seats to have any national influence whatsoever. Assuming that this is where your, admittedly rather strange, train of thought is running to then perhaps you could answer my question: How will voting UKIP give us a referendum in the next parliament on whether we are in or out of Europe?

      • Me_Again says:

        NO, wrong again. We may win 1 or several dozen, all that does is amplify what we’re already doing without any seats. The noise will get louder and once people see the results of the Euroland elections they will be more inclined to vote UKIP. When Farage steps up to the plate and hands Cameron and Millipede their collective asses in debate for the general election, even more will switch.
        Ultimately, we may bring enough pressure in or out of parliament to force a referendum. Its more likely than expecting Cameron to give us one if he’s elected next May. He has no intention of doing so and since he knows that he can’t re-negotiate diddle, he’s just lying some more. Only a few riots in Sheffield or Doncaster will bring Labour or Libdem down to earth. but we are taking votes from them too.

  9. Flyinthesky says:

    Vote UKIP get milliband, My contention is , at what point do we stop tactically voting to prevent what we don’t want and start voting for what we do want. This least worst option has gone on for too long.

  10. Maureen Gannon says:

    Winger , you must be the twisted one who is afraid you will be ousted , In that you using sarcasm at people who would use their democratic right , [as an aside those in power seem to have overlooked democracy and it’s meaning ] to vote for whom they think will do the best for their country and it’s people , who are not bound by the whips to obey the party , and to give the people of said country the right to determine their own future, as opposed to a body that allows fraud , decepcetion , and the casting aside of us phlebs who are cast aside as if of no consequence..
    I don’t know how old you are but people died for our freedom and freedom of speech both are lost as the unelected body treads over us like dirt, we once had dignity the people you extol have stripped us of that disected our country into regions England no longer exists they have denied us our identity with their divisive edicts and laws , so please do not insult me with your acidic comments , it might just wake the peple who live in the bubble of Westminster open theri ears and eyes to the people they are supposed to SERVE .

    • Right wingery says:

      Maureen, I don’t know where to start! I was referencing Roger Helmer and some other ex Tories (for they are mostly they) and the reason for their defection. I was drawing attention to the egotistical nature of their politics, which has very little to do with the EU.

      I hold no elected office, so I have no fear of being ousted by UKIP or anyone else. I do, however, fear another Labour period in office. I fear not having the opportunity to have our say in a referendum on our relationship with the European Union, something that Labour will not give us.

      I fear the consequences of uncontrolled immigration, as we had with Labour. Of a return to having huge swathes of our people utterly dependent on the state to provide them a living through benefits. I fear a return to massive deficits and totally uncontrolled government spending.

      Most UKIP people I know are just like Roger. Having a Labour government doesn’t affect them. Roger and his wife can continue living in that picturesque village full of thatched cottages. They can keep taking the whippets for walks along windy country lanes. They can enjoy their horses.

      the rest of the country, those that really need a Tory government, will be the ones that suffer. I am not rich enough to have the luxury of not bothering about seeing Labour elected.

      • Me_Again says:

        Again you have it wrong. Most people I have met in UKIP are not rich ex-tories. there are some no doubt but they are a minority.
        As already said, you really have no idea.

      • Right wingery says:

        I think you are replying to the wrong thread.

      • Maureen Gannon says:

        Winger I am not on here to judge whether people walk their dogs live in thatched cottages etc etc as seems to be one of your winges .

        You fear the mass immigration , Some 532,000 people migrated to the UK in the year ending September 2013, up from the 497,000 people who arrived during the previous year, what would you call that then a reduction? and I should add fewer people left , we cannot cope with the figures now , is that what tories see as a reduction, they cannot stop Europeans coming here both you and I know that , so why won’t they face the people and tell them the facts and not keep holding that carrot in front of their noses , and how dare they build on greenbelt land, without our consent?

        You are not rich, huh, try living on a state pension that I might add you have paid in for all your working life , to be then told you should be gratefull , and have you noticed it’s no longer termed state pension evidently it has had a change it’s now a benefit. can you feel the anger as I type , Oh and to be told it’s your fault that the NHS is in trouble , cos your living too bloody long, I have had the temerity to reach eighty how dare I.did you know you get a 25p increase to your benifit if you make that magic number,

        It makes no difference who is in power they are their to obey the whips regardless, I see UKIP as a steelcapped boot that hopefully in May will give those in the ivory Tower called parliament the biggest kick up their ***** they have ever had,

        Here’s a little story to show the contempt they treat us with I and a friend one evening attended a debate in one of the Lprds committee rooms about an English Parliment, when we left it was sleeting so looked for a cab to get us to King’s cross as we passed the entrance used b the MP’s there was a cab quick I said to my friend nab that one ,
        the cabbie was chatting to the coppers, we got in the cab and this is the story told to us, he was very angry he had been hailed on the oppisite side of the square the guy jumped in and askes for The HOC entrance , nah mate said the cabbie its only across the square . I know was the reply I am a sitting member yes it was a Tory MP and guess what he had the cheek to ask for a reciept . so we paid for that what arrogance what contempt and you want me to vote for oiks like that no I’d rather wear that boot thank you . not really expecting an answer….

      • Right wingery says:

        A sad anecdote, Maureen. I trust you will react with similar rage and contempt when the details of Farage’s monstrous expenses swindle come out? I suppose at least that Tory MP got a receipt.

        As regards pensions – you will remember the Labour 75p outrage? Well that’s what happens when you elect left wing governments. You must be pleased that you pay no tax on any of your pension now up to £10,500 and that your annual increase is triple locked? Don’t risk going back to derisory increases by voting for a party that doesn’t even have a policy on pensions!

        Immigration is another one of your (and my) concerns. Well why on earth do you want to let slip into Downing Street a person who was responsible for the massive influx in the first place? Why do you want to have absolutely no say whatsoever in our relationship with the European Union by allowing Miliband to kiss hands with the Queen and deny us a vote?

        Once more – Tory government = in/out referendum in 2017. Labour government = status quo.

        Can you not see that your entire argument is counter intuitive with your prospective party of support?

      • Catalpa says:

        “You must be pleased that you pay no tax on any of your pension now up to £10,500..”

        Please check your facts before making inane comments like the one above. All pensioners Personal Allowances have been frozen for three years now and will be frozen again next year, 2015/2016, when the PA goes up to £10,500.

        We have had NO, repeat, NO increase in our Personal Allowances.

        We have not benefited from the £700 reduction in Income Tax that the Tories and LibDems are so pleased about. I rage at the TV every time I hear a Con/Dem MP claiming that all taxpayers have benefited from them raising the PA to £10,000. They are all liars.

      • Right wingery says:

        errr it is £10,660 for 2014-15.

      • Catalpa says:

        Yes, £10,660 for pensioners 75 and older, £10, 500 for pensioners 65 to 74 years old, but I repeat this has not changed for 3 years and next year it will be frozen again for the fourth year.

        Pensioners have not benefited from ANY increase in their PA, so MPs, including the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister, who claim that all tax payers have had a £700 reduction in their tax bill, are liars. Why should I trust them to tell the truth about anything else?

  11. Maureen Gannon says:

    Winge please forgive my ignorance , I honestly did not know that next month we were electing the national Parish Council aka the HOC I thought we were voting for MEP’s , I have stated so many times Ukip are my boot , hopefully if it kicks hard enough for them to listen to the people. who I will vote for in the general election I will decide when I have read what their intentions are , and to see what their spinmasters come up with and if none have listened the boot will go on again, where I live the tories are in no danger if they lost their majority here it would mean they would be wiped off the map.
    Another objection I have is the cost to us for their dreamweavers aka spin doctors/masters , if they cannot govern without illusionary blurbs to fool the people they are not fit to be there they are theorists and have no idea what life is really like.

    • Right wingery says:

      This ‘national parish council’ will be giving the British people their say on whether we stay in the EU or not. Hardly something to be dismissed.

      I still can’t understand why anyone would want UKIP MEPs. They are by far the laziest and represent awful value for money. They also failed to bother voting on the proposals to increase our contributions. Hardly worth the vote.

      If you are saying that you are a protest voter then fair enough. Remember though, the last party of the protest was the Lib Dems and look what happened when people voted them in?

      • Maureen Gannon says:

        Winge you won’t convince me that we will get a renegotiated EU that I would believe , so best we agree to disagree , lets see if the boot works and they look outside at the food banks , handicapped in despair , Nurses teachers all unhappy while we pay a fraudulent unelected body over 50 MILLION a DAY , lets see the outcome of May elections then I will judge the vote I treasure that in todays world none are worthy of .

      • Me_Again says:

        The whole European parliament is a waste of money, anyway they aren’t there to vote on things they are there to undermine it from within.

  12. Jane Davies says:

    Does anyone really believe if the Tories get back in the voters will have a say in a referendum on staying in the EU? As for the state pension, as Maureen pointed out this is now coming under the title of ‘benefits’, why? So that one day a future government can claim that this ‘benefit’ will be means tested and never mind that this is contributory scheme, and mandatory, not everyone will get what they have paid for. Already some bright spark has suggested a name change and soon our money will not go into the NI fund but it will all be lumped together into general taxation. I will also point out that not all state pensioners get annual cost of living increases, just 4% suffer the discriminatory injustice of having their annual up-rating withheld just because of where they live even though they have paid their NI contributions for decades just like everyone else. UKIP have a big hill to climb in that most right minded folk have lost all respect for politicians because of the lies and hypocrisy dished out by this and the last government. I would rather trust a snake oil salesman than a politician. Sorry Roger…… have not been tried and tested yet!

    • Right wingery says:

      Well it will be in our manifesto, which you can hold us to. It was very close to being legislated too, but Labour and Lib Dem EU zealots voted it down in the House of Lords.

      Face it, only the CONSERVATIVES will give you the vote. UKIP will win 1 seat, depending on where Farage choses and also if the momentum of the EU elections lasts. UKIP can not and will not win enough seats to influence the next government. They can, however, usher in a Labour government in much the same way as the Referendum Party helped Blair’s landslide in 1997. Then the very question of a referendum will seep from the lexicon of the next parliament.

      I am very much enjoying this debate. No-one has given me a good reason, however, to vote UKIP. Only good reasons NOT to vote Tory, and these all stem from a personal dislike of the prime minister and/or members of the Tory party.

      Which brings me right back to where I started – Helmer is only pursuing a fairly vain personal crusade against individuals he dislikes in the Conservative party. If he was genuine in his desire to see an in/out referendum on the EU he should have done what Marta and David did and be part of the only mainstream political party advocating this and who has a realistic chance to deliver it. But no, he chose to keep on sniping from the sidelines.

      If he had a shred of decency he would have resigned his seat as soon as he became a turncoat as he demanded Bill Newton-Dunne did all those years ago.

      • Maureen Gannon says:

        Here we go again winge ,

        I am very much enjoying this debate. No-one has given me a good reason, however, to vote UKIP. Only good reasons NOT to vote Tory, and these all stem from a personal dislike of the prime minister and/or members of the Tory party.>>>>>

        you haven’t given me a reason to vote for anyone else

        I have it in for all of the smoke and mirror illusionists that think they know it all and know nothing about nothing, from the mass murderer to today’s crop we have as a people and a nation been sold down the river , since the king with no clothes swanned into Downing street to “things can only get better”, to Cameron and his little Englander speech in Scotland ,I have written NONE WORTHY ACROSS MY BALLOT PAPERS. , this time UKIP have given me a chance ti register a vote.

      • Right wingery says:

        There you go again, Maureen. Tory this, Tory that. Surely you vote on the ISSUE. You don’t like losing £50million a day to the EU? Why vote for a party that will prolong this?

      • Maureen Gannon says:

        winge can I reccomend specsavers , .

        I have slagged them all off from St tony the middle east murderer [sorry fruedian slip ] peace envoy to the middle east to the speech made by Cameron to a Scottish audience extolling the the virtues of the blood running through his Scottish veins, and sneeringly declared “Little Englanders bring them on” Well Mr Cameron I am here anytime you like , as for the mass murderer Bliar should I be within distance I would spit on him , as for Millipede and Clegg won’t waste anymore of my time they are nonentities.

        Yes I am bitter I lived through a blitz in the belief we would have freedom of speech , that from the poverty we were going to a brave new world , and we end up with traitors an charlatans who kow tow to marxist fraudsters

        I like having a boot at long last.

      • Me_Again says:

        “Well it will be in our manifesto…”

        That’s supposed to be reassuring?

  13. Jane Davies says:

    Here here Maureen…..I was not born until after the war but my family home was bombed and lost and when I think of the sacrifices made by so many for good old blighty and I compare the calibre of the politicians then and now it makes my blood boil. MP’s pay rose by 11% last year but the wages of the majority have fallen by 2.2% each year for the longest period in the last 50 years. Thousands have also had to rely on food banks in the last year. What a reflection on Cameron’s “rich country”. Rich for the few, the rest are treated with contempt and are kicked in the butt by this government time and time again. How much longer are the people going to take this crap dished out to them by these mega rich politicians?

  14. DougS says:

    The political establishment (and their MSM supporters) are desperate to portray UKIP as a ‘party of protest’ or ex Tory spoilers who’ll let Miliband in at the next general election. I thought that they’d learned their lesson when all those insults (loonies, fruitcakes, clowns etc) not only failed to work but actually acted like a recruiting sergeant for UKIP.

    It seems that they haven’t though, so it’s going to take the EU elections to bring home to them the stark realisation that UKIP is speaking for a considerable proportion of the electorate.

    I can’t wait!

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