It is Time to Dismantle the Euro

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18 Responses to It is Time to Dismantle the Euro

  1. Mike Stallard says:

    Bloody well said!
    You have my vote in May.

    • catalanbrian says:

      And what good will that do? Thus far UKIP have done nothing in Europe, so why do they deserve anybody’s vote. It is very easy for the likes of UKIP to sit on the sidelines sniping at what is going on in Europe (or for that matter in Britain) but it is a different matter for those in the driving seat who have to deal with real everyday matters. UKIP has the luxury of not having to do this, so can easily please all of their misguided supporters.

      • V Killick says:

        UKIP is bringing the EU out into the public domain unlike other parties and MSM who wish to keep it under wraps so that the general public are kept in the dark about it’s true activities. So what have the other parties done in Europe? Nothing of any use is the answer.

      • It’s easy to be negative and with a minority one cannot expect to make big changes but the effort must be made and certainly is heard. Wait until the next UK election and then comment about them !

      • catalanbrian says:

        But, George, Yes UKIP are in a minority in the European Parliament but then so are all parties and UKIP, unlike the others do not make any contribution in Europe whatsoever, usually not bothering to vote or when they do bother turning up they vote against bills on the sole grounds that the things being voted on are European Union policies, regardless as to whether these policies are beneficial or not to the UK, or the UK population Now if that is not an abuse of the trust put in them by those foolish enough to vote UKIP i am not sure what is (mind you one might ask the question as to how many of the UKIP MEPs were elected as UKIP MEPS!)

    • V Killick says:

      I agree and you have mine too.

  2. Thomas Fox says:

    To dismantle the EU from what’s left of our democracy could take some time as its tentacles are spread wide throughout all national activities , so is this the reason that the main parties are reluctant to commence de coupling with any hopeful expectations ?

  3. Whereas I agree with Mr Helmer’s underlying sentiment I can’t see it happening as that would lead to the collapse of the EU itself and no elderly or ensconced EU bureaucrat is going to go down that path. But what was said perhaps had to be said and therefore my admiration for saying it so well.

  4. Barry Davies says:

    The euro is a completely political concept not a rational economic one so the chances of it being dismantled rather than just falling apart are remote, although for the PIIGS nations in particular it would make more sense.

  5. barrymx5 says:

    Turkish may not willingly vote for Xmas but Xmas comes nevertheless! Well said Roger.

  6. barrymx5 says:

    Turkey not Turkish! Autocorrect runs riot again!

  7. Colin Kay says:

    Spot on as usual,anyone with any logical thought processes could work that one out,but then we don`t have our snouts in the trough we are just there to make sure it`s full up.

  8. Jane Davies says:

    I bet that went down like a lead balloon…Roger! As Clive Dunn’s character in Dad’s Army used to say……they don’t like it up ’em!

  9. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Gordon Brown bought in a load of Euro’s about the time he dumped our gold and informing the time he was to do it. Oh Dear….again!!

    Or did I just imagine that ? I thought not.

    • V Killick says:

      I read in another article that this supposed ‘selling’ by Brown was to hide what he was actually doing, ie. transferring our gold to Frankfurt.

  10. omanuel says:

    Thanks to a daring act of bravery by a 28-year old nuclear geochemist from the Imperial Univetsity of Tokyo – Dr. KAZUO KURODA – sixty-nine years ago in the closing days of WWII:

    I am confident the masterplan behind Climategate was clearly identified yesterday on Steven Goddard’s discussion of Climategate and “What should we be striving for now?”

    Thank you, Roger, for your courage in questioning propaganda disguised as “settled science.” Abuse of public funds is the only issue “settled.”

  11. pg says:

    Nobody talks about citizens , it is their decision if they want their country to stay in the EU , other people do not have the right to decide . If they do not have the choice then it confirms that there is no longer democracy in the EU ( no better the Russia) and ifrevolt and violence follow then politicians will have to take all the blame and shutup

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