Sometimes I have to pinch myself…

… can things really be going this well?


I’ve been in politics now for fifteen years, including my mis-spent time in the Tory party.  In those days we had good times and bad times.  In the good times, people were reasonably courteous to us.  In the bad times, when the Tories were deeply unpopular, we would literally have people throwing stuff at us on the doorstep, and letting the dogs loose.

But in all those years I’ve never known such a positive response from voters as we’ve seen for UKIP in this euro-campaign so far.  People are not only taking leaflets, but coming up and asking for them.  People saying “I won’t take a leaflet, but I’m voting for you anyway”.  Or “Keep up the good work, you guys”.  It’s heart-warming.  We’ve struck a chord.  We have the momentum.  Sometimes I feel I ought to pinch myself, just to be certain this is real, and not wishful thinking.

Saturday at the Woodland Pytchley point-to-point at Dingley Dell, Northants, was a good example.  We took the Battle Bus (which is proving a huge asset), and we had a site that could not have been bettered.  Right by the entrance, where everyone coming in saw the back of it with Nigel’s picture, the UKIP logo and the “We’re Following Farage” slogan.  We were perpendicular to the main drag, flanked by trade stands, and at the wide end, where everyone walking up and down must see us.  On the other side we were hard against the horse-walk, where the horses and grooms go from the horse-box parking area to the paddock.  And beyond that were the bookies, and more trade stands.

We had constant interest from the punters, and we used up all of the dedicated “Supporting the Countryside” leaflets we had brought — and for the farmers, we had Stuart Agnew’s excellent booklet on UKIP agriculture policy.  Stuart is of course an MEP, our agriculture spokesman, and a farmer.  He farms 350 acres in Eastern Region, and has a chicken-and-egg unit.  (Ask him which came first — I’m sure I don’t know).

A number of prominent Tories showed up, including MP Brian Binley (whom I’ve know for years), and Northants County Council leader Jim Harker.  They were extremely affable, but I’m told that privately local Tories were seething at the fact we were there, and at the prominence we’d achieved.  But of course they have only themselves to blame.  They would have been perfectly free to take a stand themselves.  But the Tory Party takes the countryside vote for granted, so they didn’t see the need.

Perhaps they should.  For years, Countryside Alliance members have turned out to campaign for the Tories, hoping to get the hated Hunting Act repealed (or mitigated).  I know these people.  I’ve campaigned alongside them, and they work harder than many Conservative activists.  Yet after election time the Tories send them off with hardly a thank-you, and they have made no moves on the Hunting Act.  Many local people we spoke to were thoroughly disillusioned with the Conservative Party, and only too happy to talk to us.

Things are going well, better than I’ve ever experienced before.  But we mustn’t be complacent, and we still have lots of work to do in the remaining four weeks.  And your East Midlands campaign team is, indeed, working its socks off (a special mention here for Nigel Wicken’s partner Susan, who has been out at just about every event, and has worked like a Trojan).  We’re doing a dozen or more public meetings up and down the region, each preceded by a leafleting blitz.  These meetings are well attended and successful.  And of course we have Nigel Farage coming to our major public event at Pride Park Derby on May 1st (I believe it’s already a sell-out).  We’re taking the Battle Bus to town after town, and getting featured in the local press.  And our national poster campaign is imminent.

The old parties are in panic mode, and we must be prepared to take more flak.  The Times has made itself ridiculous with its relentless attacks on Nigel’s spending.  They fail to mention that every one of 750+ MEPs gets exactly the same office expenses, and it’s not an “expenses claim”, it’s a regular allowance.  While UKIP looks to the future of our country, I’m told that both Labour and Conservative parties have teams dedicated to digging dirt on UKIP.  The Times has been phoning up far-flung UKIP staffers and asking questions about non-incidents from years ago.  I’m told that the paper has more mud ready to throw.  Listen up for the sound of barrels being scraped.  The Thunderer has become the Blunderer.

The public seems to have got the measure of this nonsense.  It’s only been raised with me once so far by a member of the public, and his question was “What’s got into the Times?  Do they take us for fools?”.  Yes Sir.  I’m afraid they do.

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25 Responses to Sometimes I have to pinch myself…

  1. Brin Jenkins says:

    Heart warming it is, but just wait for the Internationalist vitriol. Iv’e seen it all happen before! Non so hateful as the “Liberal Left”

  2. Barry Davies says:

    Well whoever defaced that poster has done us a great favour, it is being posted all over the place by supporters and foes alike so more people are getting to see it.

  3. Chris says:

    The Times newspaper has made itself look ridiculous in the recent anti-UKIP articles, along with the usual bias from columnists such as Dan Hodges, Mary Riddell, Polly Toynbee and Iain Martin.

    No surprise about the Tories researching UKIP, as they have done this before, sending out dossiers on UKIP candidates to the press.

  4. Anne Palmer says:

    Below is the last verse of what is taking place at present. All our hopes and best wishes are for UKIP in 2014 and more importantly perhaps, for the General Election in 2015 which we must use as the REFERENDUM we have been denied and, as we know without doubt all three major Political Parties want to remain in the EU, we need enough UKIPERS to fill that Houses of Parliament.-that is the only way we will get out of the EU. Make it happen and good luck to you all.

    The blackest, treacherous Day of all for us,
    Although we didn’t know it, at the time,
    That there would be “no loss of essential Sovereignty”,
    When that Prime Minister told that treacherous lie.
    The deep betrayal “TODAY” by those we freely elect
    To keep secret the carefully planned T.T.I. P
    When strangers decide that our once free Country
    Will never again, ever be “FREE”.

  5. Maureen Gannon says:

    The media is doing you a favour all the mud slinging is having the reverse effect from what they wanted. the more they sling at you the more people listen to what you say , well thats what’s happening amongst the folks I know.

  6. Anne Palmer says:

    Come the 2015 General Election. 23.4 2014

    What is the point in voting,
    For those three Political Parties of ours?
    To sit on those ever green benches
    When they have given away all their powers?
    David Cameron eagerly obeyed his masters
    In that would be government of the EU,
    He divided the Country of ENGLAND
    Into EU Regions with Elected Mayors too.

    Our Governments over those many years,
    Treacherous Treaties they have signed,
    Never once have they allowed any one of us
    To voice what was in thought and mind.
    Yet why are both Houses of Parliament,
    Still full to the ceilings in both?
    Sitting on those once great proud benches
    If their Crown and their country they loath?

    For they want to be governed by “Europe”
    And to be so for now and forever more
    We have lost the Governing of our Country,
    Yet no foreign Army set foot on our shore.
    Just how could they take the Queen’s shilling?
    Make their solemn Oath to the wearer of the Crown?
    If they never intended to be faithful and true
    And want their own Countrymen brought down?

    It is time EU Treaties are repudiated
    And for us all to be free once more.
    To become the proud Island and nation
    When our ships went to sea in full force.
    For the people of this Country are so angry
    At what their two ‘leaders’ have done,
    To their fairy tails we all have listened,
    Of these new EU desires we’ll have NONE.

    There may never be an EU REFERENDUM
    For we have been promised them in the past,
    They want us to be dominated forever
    But their promises are not made to last.
    Come the 2015 General Election
    The people know what they have to do,
    Use it as the promised REFERENDUM
    Only Vote for those that want OUT of the EU.

  7. David says:

    Hi Roger,

    We are finding the same positive reaction to canvassing here in West Yorks, and its so easy to get 10 names on the candidate applications too. Couples who are tory & labour both signing the nominations papers. Others saying go see my son, he will sign too.
    They all detest the other 3, and want to hit em in the soft tissues.

    As Elvis sang” Its now or never”

  8. Right wingery says:

    You do realise that typically when someone says that they will not take a leaflet but claim to be intending to vote for you regardless then that person, usually, will not? He/she is just saying anything to get rid of you and doesn’t fancy having to find a bin for the leaflet.

    UKIP need to win this election. Anything else will be an utter and abject failure.

    • Roger Helmer MEP says:

      Ah, you anonymous person. You haven’t seen the enthusiasm & commitment. I can tell very well when “Yes of course” means “Please go away”. Not this time round.

      • Mike Stallard says:

        I hope to be voting UKIP on May 22nd. I never take a leaflet myself because if I do, I deprive someone else who might be undecided. But I always tell the UKIP rep that I shall be voting for their party.

  9. Right wingery says:

    Oh, and this ‘mis-spent time with the Tories’ point is both insulting and absurd. There were many Tories, including me, that worked tirelessly to get you elected in 1999, Roger. How DARE you refer to your time with the party that gave you a platform in the first place as being ‘mis-spent’?

    • Roger Helmer MEP says:

      Neither insulting nor absurd. I was one of the thousands who believed that the Conservatives were a eurosceptic party who would resolve the European issue. I now realise that while the members and activists had their hearts in the right place, the leadership were committed to EU membership. Frankly, I was deceived — as perhaps you are.

      • Anne Palmer says:

        Ah Roger. Although I have never been in a Political Party or Organisation I always voted Conservative BECAUSE OF THAT GREAT TRUE CONSERVATIVE-WINSTON CHURCHILL that took us through that last war-and yes, I am that old. I did not vote for the Conservatives at the last general election (And nether did a great many other people-hence the Coalition!) but without the shadow of doubt, UKIP will be getting my vote in the EU elections and most certainly, in the General Election-SO MAKE SURE THERE ARE ENOUGH UKIPERS FOR US TO VOTE FOR. It does not matter in they have been in GOVERNMENT before, for there are many ‘legal eagles’ to put them “right” or on to the way out of the EU. They probably want the same freedom from foreign rule as we do too. My SWORN solemn Oath of Allegiance is to, and remains as always to the British Crown and all that, that Crown stands for. It is and always will be. That last war was to make sure ALL FUTURE GENERATIONS COULD BE FREE TO GOVERN THEMSELVES, sadly, I didn’t realise present politicians would actually PAY those same foreigners to govern this country.

      • Right wingery says:

        You knew full and well what the Tory position was on our status within the EU. Indeed when you were elected our stance was far less hawkish than it is today. Recall back to 1999, we were the Eurosceptics because of our, err, scepticism of the EU. UKIP were head-banging Europhobics of who the Tories rightly had no truck with. Remember the campaign motto you were elected on the hard work of others?

        ‘In Europe but not Run By Europe’. Our manifestos of 2004 and 2009 were also explicit in keeping the country part of the European Union. You stood on both occasions on these manifesto promises.

        No, Roger, you are not fooling me or the thousands of Tories who call you Roger ‘Turncoat’ Helmer. Your only gripe was with a former Tory Chairman. This is nothing more than you throwing your toys out of the pram because you fell out with Warsi over Rupert Matthews not replacing you. Rupert has also come to referring to you as being ‘The Turncoat’ too.

        You are utterly loathed by Conservative Party members, both in the East Midlands and beyond.

      • Maureen Gannon says:

        I have just recieved a mail that you posted ,calling Mr Helmer a turncoat [I do hope that it has not been removed] it really showed the inane arguments put against people such as people who are choosing not to trust the incumbants of the HOC
        You cited two of your manifesto’s ‘In Europe but not Run By Europe’. Our manifestos of 2004 and 2009 ,that was 10 and 5 years ago what progress has been made? your leader only jumped into inaction when UKIP showed it was becoming a threat to him. I have not heard of any results of any meaningful discussions on releasing us from , indeed I did hear on the radio this morning that Germany and France have ganged up against a British finiancal deal, you may be all getting some satisfaction by calling Roger a turncoat probably the same as I feel as I call you all TRAITORS to this once proud nation.,AND IT’S PEOPLE WHATEVER THEIR COLOUR OR CREED.

      • Right wingery says:

        But Maureen, I am merely repeating the oft-used line that those who defect from one party to another are ‘turncoats’. Indeed the primary utiliser of this line is Mr Helmer himself, who regularly castigated Bill Newton-Dunn for his decision to leave the Tories and join the Lib Dems. He demanded BND resign his seat when he defected. Funny that he didn’t stand by this principle when he jumped ship, is it?

        The point I was making about the manifestos was that our established political position has been to work within the European Union. You may well disagree with it, Maureen, but it is there in black and white. Roger signed up to this prospectus. He was elected to apply the manifesto into policy. Indeed he will have gone through the rigours of the Parliamentary Assessment Board to become a Tory candidate in the first place without, I suspect, mentioning to his assessors that he would be campaigning to have Britain withdraw from the EU.

      • Maureen Gannon says:

        I have concluded you must be a politico , as your response are much like the responses I receive from my MP lots of words that say nothing,

        You talk of working within the union who exactly is working? it certainly isn’t The people of southern europe, overall unemployment is a disgrace, or the people in our own country relying on food banks , oh yes Germany they are working if you cannot see the light that is as much my problem as it is yours. In my opinion people like St Tony Bliar and Cameron they hit the world stage and they become so full of self importance they forget they are the servants of the people and we are NOT theirs.
        As for Roger signing up to the tory prospectus , I can only say Wow honesty from a politico, as for whether he should have resigned that is between him and his concience ,to say he is loathed is like playground boy’s picking on someone my answer would be sticks and stones etc. I have in my life signed up to things and found the promises made were smoke and mirrors., I believe there are many in the /Conservative party who would like to do the same as he did.

    • George Morley says:

      A right whinger you are to be honest
      and honesty is best so we see
      when Ukip are finally elected
      The British Isles again will be free !
      And thanks to a turncoat Prime Minister
      Whose honesty must be in doubt
      instead of keeping us in there
      his actions are getting us out !

      boom boom !

  10. Anne Palmer says:

    As I write this, I wonder if one of the Commonwealth Countries were in trouble-if the UK would go to their aid, or would they even be ABLE to go to their aid re the financial debts they/we are in at present? Or, would they find enough or HAVE to find enough to go to the aid of any EU Country?
    Only a truthful answer is acceptable.

    ANZACS in the First World War.

    A hundred years ago this year
    The Australians joined in that first World War.
    For all in this “Mother Country” of theirs
    They did their Duty for all on these shores.
    ANZAC Day, the Twenty-fifth of April,
    For all Australians their important “National Day”
    It is the Anniversary of this first Military Action,
    That Australians and New Zealanders remember in their Way.

    The “Mother Country” was in trouble
    It needed all the help that it could get,
    Those true Commonwealth friends heard the call,
    And those real friends we will never forget.
    Our Commonwealth friends that paid the ultimate price,
    For from Australia and New Zealand they came,
    Proudly known to us as the ANZACS,
    For they too, all cared, just the same.

    Most families here in the United Kingdom.
    Remember those ANZACS that came from afar,
    Yet have only now old sepia Photo’s to look at,
    For so many never came back from that war.
    The trenches where they lived out their lives,
    The dirt, the rain, and the mud,
    The shells constantly rained on them,
    No shelter to run to, even if they could.

    Not one person who survived that war,
    Could speak without shedding a tear,
    For they left relatives and friends behind them,
    Such was that terrible futile war.
    That war took around 60.000 of their lives,
    Such young lives so sadly in that war, was lost,
    Many with terrible injuries worked no more,
    Such loss of life, all at a terrible cost.

    Many “brothers” went together in that war,
    Yet not all from that war came back,
    Many paid the ultimate price,
    Yet for courage, not one of them lacked.
    At “Courtney’s Post” the Turks entered those trenches,
    But one Lance ‘Corporal Albert Jacka’ with others
    Drove them out again and was the first Australian
    To win the Victoria Cross for his own Australian Brothers.

    Never will the people of the Mother Country
    Forget the sacrifice the ANZACS made without fuss,
    Although those TWO Commonwealth Countries,
    Are on the other side of the World to us.
    Yet are nearer to us in thought, word and deed,
    True friends, so close, strong and true,
    They speak the same language, though differently,
    Staunch allies, steadfast, far better than anyone in that blesséd EU.

  11. Mike Stallard says:

    Down the gymn today and spoke with a friend. He told me that he had been in London over the week-end for a family dinner. His brother and another friend spent the whole time on UKIP. Now he, too, will be voting.
    I do hope that all the vitriol will not draw blood. There is quite a lot of deep hatred out there.

  12. Anne Palmer says:

    Right wingery, although I have never been in any Political Party or Organisation I used to stupidly vote “Conservative”, basically because of one Winston Churchill that took us through that last war. We used to gather round the “Wireless” to listen to every word he said, and at times to the faltering stumbling words said by the King. You see, Right Wingery, I thought all Conservatives were like Winston. HE WORKED TO SET THIS COUNTRY FREE, where as all three major Political Parties want to tie us in to the coming one States of European Union. (There is so little left to make it that one STATE too, and that is why I suggest you use the General Election as the REFERENDUM you have been denied. in other words, if you want to REMAIN IN THE EU-FOREVER, vote for one of the major three Political Parteis, if you want out of the EU and be governed as you should be, by and through our own Constitution, vote for UKIP. And “NO” I am not in any Political Party. or any other Political Party that wants out of the EU

    Ever thing in the EU is absolutely contrary to our Common Law Constitution and our solemn Oaths made to our Crown or Queen if you like. In case you have never made such an OATH, if you were born here in the UK, it is as if you had already made that Oath, for from that moment you were born here, it is as if you had already said that Oath, for from that moment you have the protection of the Crown.

  13. Mike Spilligan says:

    Mr H: Like you I’ve been surprised (while out leafletting, etc.) as to how many people are diverting to come up and say they’re voting for us this time, and I don’t think they’d do that if it weren’t true. But then there are people who change their mind at the last moment in that polling booth.
    What surprises me more are the very few people who will not discuss why they prefer another party – and initially I took these to be Labour voters – possibly the odd LibDem – but no, it seems they are Tory voters who are still afraid that we’ll “split the vote”.
    By the way, thanks for your response to RightWhingery. I shamefully admit that I was taken in by Cameron’s repeated statements of Euroscepticism – but never again. If there were such a group as “UKIP-no going back”, I would belong, but my experience is that every member would be a no-going-backer.

  14. Anne Palmer says:

    Perhaps Mike, a number of people see no point in voting for any of the three major Political Parties that have to obey the same orders we are supposed to do. It is up to YOU however, to make SURE they do not “change their minds at the last minute”. What will be left for any once NATIONAL Government or Parliament to do? For the EU has more or less got ALL what it wants now- especially if this Government ratifies the treacherous proposed EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) -A TREATY- which allows the EU to speak for ALL the Country’s in it, to the USA-FOREVER.. Yet not just about FOOD TRADE, which many may think at first, but TRADE in ALL matters. Even military equipment? Or perhaps NONE, nor allowed perhaps to have further replacement equipment? The people should have a “SAY” before this Treaty is accepted. All MEP’s should be talking about the TTIP-bringing it out into the “OPEN” for if they do not, and I know THEY know about it, the people will never forgive them and because there is no one else to turn to, this Country will never be free from foreign rule.

  15. Stuart Bell says:

    I’m just sorry that I couldn’t have been there Roger, however, as UKIP is now a National party, we can support all candidates by blogging posts on Sky comments section in the Political comments section. I’ve had over over 250 pro UKIP comments varying from 3 to 70 words printed,from about 400 submitted, in the past. 6 months! Whenever I mention UKIP related views, the smears, vindictive etc comments crop up. One particular blogger always refers to us as scary and “we think different and don’t understand that if we persist in UKIP we’ll only be handing back power to the OPPO, so just vote for us, being Lab or Lib. Unfortunately for them, in business one becomes too astute and easily deals with these negative slurs. What really gets the OPPO parties is that they STILL think UKIP is a ‘Protest’ vote!! They are set in this PRE- 21 st century outlook that is/ has failed to recognise that in the recent months, how our country has detiorated, so much, and the 2 so called main parties have seemingly, ignored, the situation, maybe half hoping that it would go away!! Anyway,Roger, we were ‘All with you’ and what a great result!! Good Luck, Kindest Regards. Stuart Bell

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