Actually, current UK immigration policy is “racist”


I had a disappointment this morning (April 22nd).  I was on LBC Radio, up against Labour MP Mike Gapes.  I had hoped that the Labour Party had grown up a bit, and stopped shouting “Yah Boo Racist!” at anyone who dared to mention immigration.  But they haven’t — or at least Mr. Gapes hasn’t.  There he was, criticising UKIP’s stunning new bill-board campaign as “racist”.  Please look at the ad above and tell me which racial minority is being targeted or denigrated by this ad?

As I said on the show, maybe Mr. Gapes should get out more, leave the Westminster bubble for a while and talk to some real voters in Labour Heartland areas — as I did, for example in the Rotherham by-election.  He’d find that immigration is a top concern for Labour voters.  And it’ll be a long time before they forgive the Labour Party for mass immigration.

Let’s clarify a couple of myths about UKIP immigration policy.  Nick Clegg says — repeatedly — that we in UKIP want to “pull up the drawbridge” and “stop immigration”.  Of course we’ve said no such thing.  As Nigel Farage puts it: “We don’t want to pull up the drawbridge, we just want to control who comes across it”.  Other countries, like Australia and Canada, do exactly that.  We recognise that the British economy needs imported skills.  So we want a sensible immigration policy based on numbers and skills, and work permits.

And let’s hit the “Racism” issue head-on.  We’re concerned about numbers and skills, not colour, ethnicity or nationality.  OK, we’ve talked a lot about Romania and Bulgaria, but that’s simply because these two nations have just been given carte blanche to come to Britain.  We have nothing against either country per se.  And we understand that the group which suffers most from the next wave of immigrants is the last wave of immigrants.

The strange fact is that the UK’s immigration policy today, in effect if not in intention, is arguably racist.  The government (rightly) wants to reduce net immigration.  But it can do nothing about the number of EU citizens.  So it has to clamp down aggressively on non-EU immigration, if it’s to make any impact on the numbers.

The net result is that our policy discriminates in favour of white Europeans (many of whom will be relatively poor and low-skilled), and against highly qualified non-EU citizens, who may be well trained and much needed.  This means we are discriminating, inter alia, against the British Commonwealth.  That Commonwealth of course includes white Canadians and Australians, but it also includes Indians, Pakistanis, Africans and so on.

We are preferentially admitting poor, unskilled white Europeans in preference to (say) qualified Indian doctors and Philippina nurses that the NHS needs.  The intention may not be racist, but the effect of the policy favours whites against non-whites, as well as being detrimental to the British economy.  And there’s nothing we can do about it while we’re still in the EU.  Except of course we can vote for a party that understands the problem and has the courage and honesty to flag it up.  Like UKIP.


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  1. Sorry Roger, I am confused one minute ukip policy is no immigration then the next it is selected immigration but as you guys don’t have a manifesto then I am struggling to find any defined position on the point and truthfully differing comments coming from various factions within ukip are just making it even more confused, I get the piece around Labour taking a pop around ORouke in the advert which was a bit of a snafu but your deflection above does nothing to clear up the confusion.

    • Mike Stallard says:

      Even talking about it is forbidden. UKIP have at least made people start to look at the problem sensibly.
      The fact is that rich (including politicians) people love immigration because it makes them feel all warm inside and it allows them to hire cheap labour to clean their toilets, do their cooking and look after Lottie their delightful little toddler.
      The rest of us find that when we apply for factory jobs, or student jobs that we have to speak Lithuanian or Russian. We often find as in Sheffield, that our lives are made a misery when our street is taken over by foreigners with totally different standards of behaviour. Parts of Peterborough are now almost entirely run and owned by Muslims with two mosques.
      But we are not allowed to talk about it. Everyone knows that a lot of immigrants are from parts of the world outside Europe, but by getting hold of a passport, they magically become European Citizens with equal rights to people who have paid all their lives into the National Insurance.
      UKIP is the only party which even addresses this at the moment. It has every right to put up the poster.

    • Patriot says:

      I wondered at one time who could possibly be in favour of mass immigration into the UK / not against the EU control of it. How could anyone be so unpatriotic! Then I realised that landlords would make money from rent, they need accomodation, supermarket giants, they have to eat to live, retail outlets, there has to be furniture/cooking utensils/crockery etc.etc. even councils receiving more incomew from council tax, the list goes on. So there are people with vested interests in immigration. Where does some of this money come from to line their pockets? Pensioners like me, and other people who pay their taxes. Thank You.

    • David says:

      Like other parties a manifest is I believe being finalised, which is also what ive heard front benchers from lab & cons saying, so whats the difference, Non give away their battle plans before a fight.

    • David says:

      One minute it was 10% tax, then it wasnt 10% tax, now who was it who did that?

    • dave/r says:

      if you listened to what has been said many times you would have heard the same as i and many others we need to control the numbers not ban immigration per se although the first five years would be very tight controls untill we had sorted the mess labcon lib,s have made

      • David says:

        Exactly Dave, A halt till its gets sorted out. The cat in spain says xenophobia, so I ask how brian do you explain the membership in Leeds branch of Amjad Bashir, small business spokesman, for UKIP, and the attendance at the Farage Road show in Sheffield last Tuesday of a good number of Asian Men & women who were there in agreement & appauding what was being said by various speakers including Amjad.

  2. Patriot says:

    I would like to see immigration into the UK under our control and not the EU.
    Australia fior example does not have a `no immigration` policy, but they are particular who they allow in and do control their own borders. And if someone manages to `slip in` they can deport them immediately, not have to wait for permission from some outside body. It seems that if someone manages to get into the UK we may as well let them stay here!
    Not only do we have the problem of overpopulation due to immigration but also the massive increase in the future birth rate that goes with it! Can our schools and health service cope? Not to mention our treasury!

  3. Maureen Gannon says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it Roger , not all people are sheep and the constant tearijng into Mr Farage and UKIP is working against the other parties I have had three people I know say they will vote Ukip because if the other parties are that scared of them maybe they should see what it’s all about, and when they have looked into it have decided that this time they will vote UKIP to see what happens, it may not be a good enough reason ,but it’s what is happening.

    • David says:

      Campaigning yesterday in a certain ward in Bradford, 50 % of those engaged in conversations were voting UKIP in local & eu elections. There is at last a big sea change and the liblabscons dont like it.

      • willing says:

        Thanks David. We’ve seen the Times acting as Cameron’s attack dog throughout this week, and Labour, the party responsible for so much damage and surrender to the EU, attempting to persuade the electorate that UKIP’s posters are racist, so like many people with functional cerebellums, I’ve had it with those seeking to avoid intelligent debate by name calling

  4. George Morley says:

    I see nothing wrong in limiting immigration,in fact it is a necessity and your comment where you said ” This means we are discriminating, inter alia, against the British Commonwealth. ” struck home with me because that is exactly what the government is doing with respect to the frozen pensioners that have been mentioned before by Jane Davies. Steve Webb even admitting that they are freeloading on some Commonwealth countries where Australia and Canada in particular come to mind. The current parties are naturally concerned by the growing numbers of Ukip supporters and so they should be having screwed up for so long and all are guilty for bringing the country to its present position. I can’t wait to see them get kicked out one by one and the lid/dems are history.

  5. Brin Jenkins says:

    Racist ? Prejudice?

    How these words have been whipped up to suggest the new modern crime of HATE!.

    Who appointed these Internationalists to decide our future? Of course, that’s a conspiracy theory. It’s all co-incidence that the whole world is changing?

    No one may even suggest that a social agenda is in progress without being labeled a racist. Well I just happen to hate thieves, liars and bullies, our freedom is being stolen from us by a very small group of Social Engineering Bullies.

  6. David says:

    I wonder what barrososads gang say when asked (which I am sure their security will not allow) what effect does the leaving of many people have on that countries economy, less workers, less revenue etc. Same question re any state where many nurses + doctors leave, which leaves their population short of both, plus the money spent training them has then been wasted, then we have it seems to spend cash here raising their standards to the required NHS level. An English woman was recently deported from (I think) Malaysia for having a buddah tat. on her arm showing, also you cant take a bible into that country, and Thailand says locals must get job preferences. Im sure there are other discriminatory places, but it seems only the UK has “racists”
    How biased are those policies.

  7. Brin Jenkins says:

    This question of skills was first asked in the 1960’s when, massive numbers of nurses arrived, the Governments answer was, that after further training most of these medical immigrants would be returning to improve their own health services.

    One must make ones own mind up on the intent and truthfulness of our elected leaders?

    I hate bullies, liars and thieves, proven by observation this seems to be a requirement of political leadership now.

  8. willing says:

    I think there is another aspect of racism not hitherto touched upon Roger, and that is racism against the British people, because while immigration into Britain from other countries continues unabated, the only adversely affected people (us) are being denied our democratic rights to any voice. The British people are the only group being discriminated against!

    • David says:

      Then again maybe we are becoming a more “against immigration” rather than actually hating any particular group/race because we see people who have never had a job here, paid nothing into the welfare system, yet go to the housing department demanding a house, or a bigger house, that increases the dis-like for these people.

    • DICK R says:

      We need to be more ‘racist ‘in defending the rights of the indigenous population and stop bloody well apologising!

  9. catalanbrian says:

    Perhaps not racist but certainly xenophobic. UKIP continues to aim at the basest, nastiest and most selfish instincts of the electorate.

    • David says:

      So you dont think I and others should object to paying taxes to finance freeloaders, parasites?

    • Brin Jenkins says:

      Leftie claptrap, not only do you have a problem understanding science but also social reality.

      Perhaps because you now live in Spain you don’t see the problems caused by 60+ years of political deception.

      • catalanbrian says:

        Brin Jenkins. It is very arrogant of you to assume that because someone disagrees with you, they have no knowledge of the subject.

      • Brin Jenkins says:

        Really, I thought you had demonstrated your own lack of understanding in the face of qualified and learned arguments on the deception of Global Warming.

        You still support the confidence trick of Carbon being the cause.

        Prove your case or retract your support for it.

    • David says:

      We shall continue to see differently. As is our right, both of us.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      Note UKIP contains the acronym UK – it is a British political party. It’s first concern should be the serve the British people, not the rest of the world. We no longer have a British Empire, in case you hadn’t noticed. So we should admit only those people who will help to improve our prosperity and public services, we are too overcrowded already to do otherwise. Hate has nothing to do with it, nor does xenophobia. It is simply about the government serving the best interests of the people of this country, which is what we elect governments to do.

      • David says:

        Maybe slowly the electorate are realising that they, the not do what it says on the lid.

    • dave/r says:

      how does b——s sound they speak the truth and it is about time you opened your eyes

    • willing says:

      Don’t be so predictably libertarian…and absolutely wrong. Those who are xenophobic and even racist may be attracted to UKIP policies, but that does not mean that UKIPs policies are themselves xenophobic or racist. Perhaps you would like to explain how wanting the British people to enjoy their democratic right to have a real say in the future of their own country again, is xenophobic? Or why it is in any way “nasty” or “base” for British people to set standards or qualifications for those wishing to live or/and work here…it is after all, nothing more than we did before our treacherous, unrepresentative governments gave so much away to an unelected, foreign body in Brussels, and it is no more than countries like Canada and Australia do.

      You may have no concern about Britain’s future, and that is your business, but there are millions of British people who do care, and resent people like you who appear so ready to throw labels like “xenophobia” or racism, or “nasty” at them, which do little more than convince them you know little of democracy, or the pride many British people have in the endeavours, ingenuity, courage, and sacrifice of generations of our forefathers.

      Engage in debate by all means, but keep your labels in your pocket

      • David says:

        Very well said Willing, we want to run our own country, & cooperate with others in all lands, not little englanders at all. Nothing wrong with freely negotiated trade agreements.

      • David says:

        And another point brian, I have yet to see at any meeting anyone in a blazer. There is the usual mix of scruffy to smart.

        Only 2 weeks ago an ex, very active member of the BNP asked to join, he was refused and immediately asked if he was being accused of being a racist. Only he can answer that one.

    • Maureen Gannon says:

      Get a life. you talk absolute c*** You have no idea of reality and like all the rest of those waking up to the fact that the populace is at last smelling the coffee you hurl insults. ok so I am an xenophobic selfish nastiest being that lives, that’s your opinion , so you won’t mind if I return the comliment and call you bigoted,=having or revealing an obstinate belief in the superiority of one’s own opinions and a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of others.

  10. simon says:

    Getting tired of all this wonderful Indian doctor line. There are plenty of English kids qualified to go to medical school but who cannot get a place. If we stopped importing doctors from the third world then we would have to offer more opportunity to our own kids. .

  11. Brin Jenkins says:

    David did he ask why he was refused membership of UKIP? Is it in your constitution to bar ex BNP?

    Was it just because he had been in the BNP? It is after all still a legal and lawful party to belong to.

    Is there any other party that UKIP would refuse, like an ex member of the Communist Party for instance?

    Did he have any history that should debar him? I seem to recall that having been convicted of fraud is no bar to membership of other parties.

    As a Christian I think any one is forgiven indiscretion if contrition has been shown, is this not be the case with UKIP?

    I am not a UKIP member, but I was the Cornwall Organiser for the British National Party for a number of years, and speaking from my experience must say I met many good Christian members including ordained ministers. Sunday Church services were held at all Red White and Blue events that might well out number many CofE services. BNP still does endorse Christian values to the hilt, not just bemoan falling moral standards.

    • willing says:

      I agree with you Brin, as I think your argument is entirely credible.

      Jeffrey Archer served time for perverting the course of justice, and yet is allowed to retain the privilege and title of ‘Lord’. A huge amount of crooked behaviour and outright theft was identified during the parliamentary expenses scandal, yet most of those crooks remain in their parliamentary seats. Tommy Robinson left the EDL, but whatever one’s view of that group, should that preclude his membership of any other political party? Of course not! Everyone should be considered on their own merits, and perhaps ex BNP members might be asked a couple of questions along the lines of, why have you left the BNP/EDL or whatever, simply because an emerging political force like UKIP, do not need to be tainted by any accusations of racism

      • David says:

        I would add that as I have not met members of the BNP, I do not make judgements on their character, unlike some on here who judge UKIP members under one generalisation.
        I imagine there are many who are against what has & is happening, and we may be in agreement on certain things, speaking for myself here, not as UKIP.

    • David says:

      Hi Brin,

      I am simply reporting what happened, UKIP have made it clear on many occasions that ex BNP members cannot join. I did not set up that policy.

  12. Brin Jenkins says:

    Thank you David. We have seen lies and false reporting by the Media, and I fear that UKIP may be subjected to the same treatment from Anti Fascists now they threaten the Internationalist movement. I have seen jobs lost and marriages wind up on the rocks after mid-night abusive phone calls from thugs.
    one would not expect. I do support UKIP, although I think now that politics have failed.

  13. Brin Jenkins says:

    I posted before removing a bit, It should read.

    Thank you David. We have seen lies and false reporting by the Media, and I fear that UKIP may be subjected to the same treatment from Anti Fascists now they threaten the Internationalist movement. I have seen jobs lost and marriages wind up on the rocks after mid-night abusive phone calls from thugs.

    I do support UKIP, although I think now that politics have failed.

    • catalanbrian says:

      It is not a matter of being able to prove or not the case for climate change. There is no “proof” one way or the other. However there is some considerable evidence that the climate is changing and as the vast majority of scientists suggest that this climate change has been exacerbated by human use of fossil fuels I am prepared to go along with them, rather than with a few contrarians who seem to base their ideas on hearsay, gossip and conspiracy theories. I could equally ask you to prove your case (which you can’t) or to retract your support for it, which would be equally pointless and stupid.

      I would also add that I find it rather surprising that people who consider themselves as Christians would support an organisation such as the BNP, as you suggest. Still it takes all sorts.

      • Brin Jenkins says:

        I would not be so silly to argue that climate does not change. It always has and always will, sun spots vary in cycles and the whole system is dynamic, balanced by negative feedback which gives stability. All of our energy and elements originated in the sun. Proofs have been posted on this site, and you refute the evidence without understanding either the logic, or the laws of physics, preferring flawed theories.

        You dislike UKIP, and shown it with your insults and bad language upsetting patriots who care about our country. Why would you wish to do this?

      • David says:

        Fossil fuels are needed to manufacture the turbines, the cement & the trucks to bring all this stuff to site.

  14. neilfutureboy says:

    The Labour Party, with the assistance of Tories & LibDems & the BBC propagandists, were responsible for, quite deliberately, imposing NATO “police” in Kosovo who engaged in genocide, ethnic cleansing and the dissection of thousands of living human beings to steal their body organs – all selected on racial grounds.

    UKIP has never been involved in any racist obscenity 1,000th as evil as what the MPs of these parties and so unless Mr Gapes can produce irrefutable evidence, he cannot, unless he is as dishonest as he is a murdering racist pro-Nazi, ever make the claim he has about UKIP being in any slightest way remotely as racist as the approved parties.

    Of course he is precisely that dishonest, and since he remains a Labour MP, that party is proven to be so too.

    When they make such claims we should not simply deny it – when you are stuck denying something in politics you have half way lost, this is not fair but it is tactics – we should counter attack demanding that the speaker either produces evidence of anything remotely matching the racist atrocities they have been responsible for or apologise.

    • catalanbrian says:

      I think even you know that what you have written above about NATO forces is bollocks.

      • neilfutureboy says:

        And Brian I am quite certain you know it is 100% true. The ethnic cleansing of 350,000 is a matter of public record; as are the massacres; as is the dissection of living people. If you have evidence otherwise provide it.

        It has long been obvious Brian that you are simply a paid troll here refusing to take anby part in factual debate and simply lying and insulting as you whore for your LabConDem paymasters.

        However this time you have gone beyond an tracer of decency. You arte now whoring in what you know to be the Nazi cause because you know your LabConDem paymasters are guilty of crimes against humanity in some cases even Hitler didn’t manage.

        I call on you either to produce some evidence that these atrocities did not happen (you can’t because they did) or immediately apologise for calling me a liar you obscene, subhuman, lying, murdering, child raping Nazi whore – representative of the level of integrity the labcondems pimping you also aspire too.

        I would certainly apologise if I ever said anything false about you but that is why the problem has never arisen.

      • catalanbrian says:

        From your rant I fear for your sanity.

      • Brin Jenkins says:

        Actually it is not nonsense. A pal was a major in our army, out in Kosova. He was ordered not to assist a Christian group being murdered by Islamists. This upset him greatly and broke him, he turned to drink, lost his wife and died of a heart attack some years ago. He had some harrowing tales that I had no reason to doubt.

  15. Jane Davies says:

    Going back to the issue of the sign in the pic above. The comment from Mike Gapes is indicative of the real fear that UKIP are about to give the former three main party’s a walloping at the next election. A sign of desperation as the truth is finally dawning on them that they have lost the respect and trust of the electorate. The privileged education that the present incumbents of No 10 received are at odds with the rest of the population who mostly have graduated from the university of hard knocks and live in the real world. Cameron has never had a ‘proper’ job and has no idea how real people struggle to live, his ministers are mostly of the same ilk. The last lot raped and pillaged their way through the country and have caused so much harm it is difficult to see how a once great country will ever recover. The light bulb has finally flickered on in the brains of these self serving politicians that the people are finally seeing through their hollow promises, always made pre-election, always broken post election. The game is up and of course they are going to not only throw all of their toys out of the pram they are going to throw them at UKIP! Just enjoy their downfall folks….hung by their own petard springs to mind.

    • catalanbrian says:

      And you think that UKIP will be any better? Just look at their voting and attendance record (the worst of any party in Europe) to see just how little they will do for their electorate.

      • willing says:

        You really can’t be that ignorant…perhaps you’re winding us all up with such drivel?

        Just in case it isn’t a wind up, perhaps a few facts will unburden you of at least some of that ignorance. UKIP MEPs are always mindful of the trawling for additional powers from the EU, and are therefore judicious in when and how they vote. I believe Roger Helmer’s voting stands at over 80%, which is considerably higher than most of his peers. Nigel Farage works considerably harder than any other MEP, because he not only leads UKIP in the EU, but also the growing political force in Britain, which is fighting the EU election campaign and preparing for the Parliamentary general election next year. They have also found themselves dealing with Cameron’s rottweilers at the Times newspaper, who have been attacking UKIP at every level during the last week.

        But it isn’t only about attendance, or even voting is it? If you look at the attendance and voting records of almost every Conservative, Labour, and Lib Dem MP in the country over the last twenty years, it makes impressive reading, but look at where they have led the country! Labour sat at the centre of the expenses scandal, political-correctness was driven to new and ever ridiculous heights, thanks to the likes of Harriet Harman et al, there was the banking fiasco (still unresolved), and more of our country was signed away in remarkably quiet Brussels deals, leading the way to Britain’s open borders, so that the worst as well as the best could make their way to Britain. The Conservatives, with the help of their Liberal lapdogs, have continued immersing Britain ever deeper into the EU experiment, and all three of the mainstream parties have conspired to deny any one of the people they pretend to represent, any voice in our own futures, and the future of our country.

        I don’t want any politician turning up at any parliament, here or in the EU (which is actually only a voting chamber anyway, for policy and law designed and proposed by unelected, unaccountable and overpaid EU commissioners), if they do so without any care for what the British people think.

        A simple question for you: If, as they would have us all believe, the LibLabCon genuinely believe they are acting in our best interests, why are they so afraid to actually ask us what we think? It is an answer I would suggest most of us know the answer to.

      • David says:

        Brian they do not vote on items which give more power to the eussr. Due to the small number of “opposition” MEP,s in the “parl”, they have little chance of voting anything out the socialist majority tick OK to most everything. Even kinnock said on tv a few weeks back “It isnt a proper parliament”. Probably the most sensible, honest thing he ever said.
        Look at other MEP,s voting record or even cleggy in the house, pretty bad too.

    • Maureen Gannon says:

      Fantastic answer Jane

  16. Brin Jenkins says:

    Do any better? They certainly would need to try very hard to do worse, Time for a change.

  17. David says:

    Its been a great debate, gotta go now, some of us have to work.

  18. Jane Davies says:

    There was me thinking the freedom of speech was a fought for right which cost the lives of thousands in two world wars. This government is gradually eroding that fundamental right, unless of course you are a preacher of hate with a hook for a hand and block a public road whilst preaching hate and death to the infidels. This EU candidate in Winchester is arrested for quoting from a book written by Sir Winston Churchill and is accused of “religious or racial harassment”.

  19. Jane Davies says:

    Actually I meant the guy with the hook for a hand…I think his name is Abu Hamza. I don’t know who Chowdry is!

    • ps3person says:

      Hi Jane. If you don’t know who that vile man is, try this link:

      He’s one of the Islamic hate preachers, one of those who praise terrorist acts done in the name of Islam, and sadly a man born in this country…mind you, it doesn’t seem to matter if his kind of barbaric, anti Western scum are born here, or enter the country illegally, because they still get to stay either way! I don’t hate many people, but I do hate Muslim terrorists, and every Muslim that supports or encourages them and their cruel, unjustified, and barbaric acts

  20. Jane Davies says:

    Thank you for this link. I’m living in Canada and am a bit out of touch with some of the happenings back in the old country. What a thoroughly despicable man. There’s something to be said for throwing these UK haters in the tower. Once upon a time treason was a capital offence.

    • Brin Jenkins says:

      It is still capital offense, our problem lies with the Metropolitan Police sitting on 14 crime reports from around the country and refusing to investigate. It seems only they can do this!

    • ps3person says:

      Our career politicians have become obsessed with everything EU and political-correctness. Unlike our forefathers, these spineless liberals would rather hand over all responsibility and decision-making about our once great nation to unelected, unaccountable, and overpaid foreign EU commissioners. Oops, they forgot to ask the people they’re supposed to represent if they mind, so even their notion of democracy has changed! I envy you being so far removed from here!

      • Jane Davies says:

        Canada is not utopia, unfortunately, as we have politicians too! Cutting back on health and essential services but giving away tax dollars to their favourite projects and sending billions overseas in foreign aid. As yet though the UK lot are in a class of their own when it comes to a self serving attitude and stuffing the British taxpayers.

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