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The Observer’s spectacular own goal

Back in 2002, I wrote a piece that ended up in my book “A Declaration of Independence”.  Somewhere in the depths of this piece, I made a reference to the repatriation of immigrants. Did I propose compulsory repatriation?  No, I … Continue reading

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Wind turbines: a disaster for birds

I’m receiving a lot of letters regarding the shooting of songbirds in Malta for sport.  While I’m not opposed in principle to the shooting of birds for sport or for the pot, the annual carnage in Malta seems disproportionate and … Continue reading

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“Isolation”: Clegg’s shameful lie

The pro-Brussels camp seems to have two main arguments for EU membership.  In the recent Farage/Clegg debates, Clegg pushed them relentlessly.  Outside the EU, we shall lose jobs, and influence, he claimed.  We shall be “isolated and marginalised”. I comprehensively … Continue reading

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