Wishful thinking on immigration

John Hayes MP

John Hayes MP

I have a high regard for John Hayes MP, whom I have known for many years.  But I fear his piece on immigration (Aug 11th) relied too much on rose-tinted spectacles and wishful thinking, rather than the facts as they are, and as the people of Lincolnshire know them.  The word “complacency” springs to mind.

He says that new government rules on benefits have persuaded many British people to take jobs, and he may be right.  And he adds that “the need for immigrants will decline”.  That may be true, but no one has told the immigrants, and in the case of EU immigrants, there is nothing we can do to stop them.  The government has made it (a little) tougher for new immigrants to claim benefits, but that didn’t stop the number of Romanian & Bulgarian immigrants reaching a new record — over 150,000 – in the latest data.  That’s up 10% on the previous quarter, and up nearly 25% on a year ago

One in ten new jobs in Britain go to Romanians and Bulgarians. And it’s not just Romanians & Bulgarians.  Immigrants from the “A8” (mainly East European low-income countries that joined the EU in 2004) are now up to 861,000, up 178,000 year-on-year.  The government may think it has taken measures to slow the pace of immigration, but if so, they’re just not working.

Mr. Hayes says “We’ve made it easier to deport illegal immigrants”, but again, the government’s plans are not working.  Press reports say a record number of illegal immigrants are winning appeals, being allowed to stay in Britain. Many of these people are serious and/or repeat offenders — rapists, child molesters, murderers.  And they often win appeals on spurious and perverse grounds, that seem to defy common sense.  The “Right to a Family Life” is over-interpreted beyond reason.  We cannot resolve these problems while we are bound by the Human Rights Act, which may have been well-intentioned but has become a monster.

UKIP wants a rational immigration policy where an overall annual figure can be agreed, taking into account the needs of industry for additional skills.  Within that envelope, we should be selecting precisely those skills we need.  And we should be blocking unskilled people from poor countries.  We should be deporting serious offenders and those who represent a danger to the public.

This is the sort of common-sense immigration policy that (for example) Australia has.  We need a similar approach.  But as Mr. Hayes knows perfectly well, we can’t do that as long as we’re in the EU.  There is absolutely no question of Brussels “renegotiating” its Free Movement rules.





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8 Responses to Wishful thinking on immigration

  1. Christopher Browne says:

    And of course, if and when we have a referendum on EU membership (doubtful) the Immigrants from the EU will have a vote and could well swing the vote in favour of staying in.

    • Me_Again says:

      I don’t think they’ll have a vote unless they are UK citizens. I doubt the Scots are allowed to include them.
      At least I hope not Chris.

      Roger, what say you?

  2. Thomas Fox says:

    Is Mr Hayes vulnerable in the future election as the working people he represents might feel that agricultural immigrants have decreased employement and wages in their area , his party line might not be what they wish for ?

  3. ian wragg says:

    Immigration will ensure the Tories lose the next election. Here in the East Midlands the BBXC reports thatbweb are all £36 pern week worse off. This is a diect consequence of unlimited immigration forcing down wages. It would be bizzare if we didn’t increase GDP with 500,000 immigrants a year but per capita what matter is way down.
    Try telling my friends the economy is improving and they will laugh at you.

  4. DICK R says:

    The ‘need for immigrants will decline ‘ was there ever a ‘need’ the only such ‘need’ is in the minds of those who wish to see the country turned into an ungovernable third world hell hole and to rub the noses of the indigenous population in diversity.

  5. George Morley says:

    That we should get out of the EU and it’s ever increasing demand for money to be spent on their excesses and unnecessary rules and regulations should not be in question by any citizen of the UK, politicians included.
    55+millions per day is a lot of money that could be spent more wisely elsewhere.

    You said Roger that :- The “Right to a Family Life” is over-interpreted beyond reason. We cannot resolve these problems while we are bound by the Human Rights Act, which may have been well-intentioned but has become a monster.

    One wonders how they figure the position of the frozen ex-pat pensioners who Jane Davies mentioned recently.
    These pensioners have either gone abroad to be with family and are penalised getting no indexation or stay in the UK and are penalised by being separated from family.
    So much for the Right to Family life !
    The Human Rights Act apparently does’nt cover them either nor the Equality Act as we have asked using those reasons.
    We are talking about a cost of about 12 days payments to the EU but bthen we are just pensioners who have paid our way but are not of any use now having been denied the vote after being away for over 15 yrs forgetting the valuable contribution that they can make (and do) to the promotion of UK goods and services. I spent about 6 years of my service life abroad.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Cameron, Osborne et al hate pensioners George and especially expat pensioners. If the Tories get in again we can no doubt expect legalized euthanasia for seniors over working age. That way more can be disposed of before they start collecting their paid for state pension leaving more money available in the NI fund for the government to plunder. Oh yes and the right to a family life, denied to many who would like to leave the UK to join family members for their remaining years but are prevented in doing so because their state pension will be frozen, only applies to those with criminal tendencies.

  6. Talking of the EU, take a look at these two stories from yesterday’s Telegraph.

    It’s good to see they know their priorities!


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