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I never cease to be amazed by the nonsense and folly and downright vindictiveness you find on Twitter.  Mostly I don’t respond, but let me share some choice items with you.

In September, like migrating birds, a new batch of American interns appeared in the European parliament.  I have one, Melina from Philadelphia, who’ll be with us two days a week for four months.  So I Tweeted “It’s that time of year again: the arrival of the American interns.  Good to have them around”.

This produced an outburst of spleen.  We had “Helmer changes his position on immigration”.  “Bloody foreigners – send ’em back, eh, Rog?”.  And “Are they taking jobs that an English person could have done?” from a J.P.Janson de Couet.  Maybe Janson has something against the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish?

So let’s unpack this one.  First, these are not immigrants.  They are genuine students spending the third year of an American University four-year course in Belgium, and they welcome the opportunity to have some exposure to the European parliament.  Secondly, even if they were immigrants, they’re not coming to the UK.  Third, they’re not doing “jobs that an English person could have done”.  In a sense, they’re not doing jobs at all (though they do help out).  They’re on unpaid work experience.  And before you ask, they’re not being “exploited” as cheap labour.  They’re happy to have the experience.

How many times do we have to repeat – UKIP has nothing against foreigners.  Nigel Farage is married to a German.  My lead Brussels staffer (she’s been with me for three years) is an Italian lawyer, and is doing a cracking job.  What we oppose is uncontrolled immigration to the UK on a scale that puts undue pressure on social cohesion and infrastructure.

UKKITTY: Then we had an exchange regarding Exxon-Mobil.  I Tweeted a newspaper headline that the firm was defying EU sanctions by working with Russia in the Arctic.  Next day I met a senior Exxon-Mobil executive, so I asked him about it.  He insisted that the company conformed to US and EU sanctions, so I felt the only decent thing to do was to Tweet the denial.  One of my regular followers and critics Tweeted: “How much did you get paid for that retraction?”.  What a twisted and bitter response!

Just for the record, I have been a prominent opponent of climate alarmism for best part of a decade, and I have never at any time received any financial inducement from the fossil fuel industry.  I’m trying not to sound self-righteous, but my position is based on firmly-held convictions and I believe it is in the interests of sanity and prosperity.  We shall all profit from it when common sense finally prevails (and there are some promising developments on that front).

Third example.  I tweeted from a breakfast briefing on carbon capture and storage.  A certain Don Collier Tweeted: “Advertising he is getting a free breakfast! @RogerHelmerMEP clearly thinks it’s a good thing to sponge off of his opposition”.   Anyone who thinks it’s worth getting up early in the morning for a cup of European parliament coffee has obviously never tasted it.  Another Tweet criticised me for attending an event (and accepting minimal hospitality) from an organisation I disagreed with.

In the European parliament there are constant breakfast, lunch and dinner events dealing with one issue or another.  That’s because most MEPs are tied up with committee meetings during “normal office hours”.  I attend many such events which are related to my key issue, energy, and I make no apology for doing so.  As an elected parliamentarian, and as UKIP Spokesman on energy, it’s part of my job to be as well-informed as I can be on these issues (and I am keenly interested anyway).

But what the critics fail to grasp is that the organisers actually welcome contrary views.  What sort of debate would there be on important issues if they were just cheer-leader events for one view, and no one argued the other case?  Do they imagine we should invest billions in Carbon Capture without airing the issues?  And do they really think that getting the right answer is not worth a cup of coffee?

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  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    That’ll be in Brussels then? Will they stay for long? Decline of the Nukes.

    From Flanders News.BE

    The companies that manage our country’s electricity supply network have provided province by province lists of the streets that could be hit by power cuts this winter. Eandis, Infrax and Sibelga hope that this will serve to warn customers that will be without electricity, should supply problems arise this winter.
    The attached documents show you street by street which areas will be hit in Antwerp province, East Flanders, Flemish Brabant, West Flanders, Limburg and the Brussels-Capital Region respectively.

  2. Mary Young says:

    So many nasty little armchair experts on everything under the sun, Roger, who think that they are the only ones capable of coming up with snide and vindictive thought processes.

    Am interested in Ex-Pat Colin’s link; can some more light be shed on this? Pun absolutely intended. Any recent background which has led to the announcement?

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Mary, it originates in UK from here:

      It has been reported before this year and that was to do with a Nuke plant allegedly sabotaged in Belgium.
      Its not Brownout in the true sense (supply voltage swing). Its selective regional Blackouts (total power loss) depending on load demand this winter.

      • ian wragg says:

        I understand the HP Turbine bearing was starved of oil deliberately on a 30 odd year old unit. This has left about 1 GW shortage until a new bearing can be manufactured and the unit rebuilt. I worked for the company that owns the station and the info is from my friend in Alston.
        The nukes are required to ramp up when the wind stops blowing. Now there is no spare capacity, when the wind drops, the lights extinguish.
        Sound familiar.
        This is what you get when left wing, broccoli munching lunatics get hold of the energy supply. We have Davey and CMD a bigger pair of w—-rs you couldn’t find in charge of UK energy policy.
        Vote Blue – Blackout.

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        Think there was another Nuke that went out on maintenance and then the wind don’t blow. But France is there…with wind?

        Germany has experienced quite some increase in Grid interventions it appears which for a former stable example of such a system…. is a worry:

        Let the further fiddling continue until the wind blows or sun shines long and bright in winter?

  3. Tony says:

    Don’t let the trolls get to you Roger.

    Ignore their crass stupidity & carry on the excellent work you’re doing.

    Best regards

  4. absolutelypassionate says:

    It’s not even worth trying to respond, as in most cases they just resort to name calling, abuse and whataboutery.

  5. Jane Davies says:

    I have never tweeted and never will. I know it has it’s uses but it is also fodder for the low life to spread knee jerk crass and down right nasty comments to all and sundry.

  6. Maureen Gannon says:

    Roger a Friend and I were moderaters on a forum , we were not only hacked my friend was traced and had threatening phone calls the police were involved, their first advise was that these eejits thrive on you responding and deying what they have written , therefore do not fall in the trap of giving them what they want , I pass it on to you ignore them completely , they are not worth your time to bother with them. anyone with a brain knows what UKIP means about immigration, if your house is full of people you don’t send out more invitations. just let them wither in their own bile..

  7. Eric Worrall says:

    BP CEO admitting Russian sanctions are “ineffective”, because the sanctions target oil, but not gas extraction. So the Russians simply label imports of oil drilling kit as gas drilling kit.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Saw a prog on NHK recently about the Japanese firm Sany “improving” German Putzmeister Boom Pumps to push concrete way up into high rise constructions.
      Sany Japan bought out Putzmeister ultimately and produce very long arm pumping systems. Thats just concrete.

      I guess a whole load of “improving” will likely occur with Russia signed up with China. BRICS.

  8. Me_Again says:

    Mmmm, what’s the common factor here Roger?

    Dictionary definition : .a useless piece of self aggrandizement software that often has its users hoist on their own petard.

    See you tomorrow Roger you can slap me about then……..after I’ve searched you for contraband/explosives/accelerants etc at the door.

    • Jane Davies says:

      This definition comes from

      A stupid site for stupid people with no friends, who think everyone else gives a shit what they’re doing at any given time.
      Also lacks the functionality of other social networking sites, not that it matters because just like Twitter all those sites suck anyway.

      Twitter is for twats.”

      Hilarious…just had to share with you…and is not meant to be personal Roger. In no way do I think you are a twat!

      • Me_Again says:

        Thanks for that jane, I made mine up but that one is better.
        Sadly, some otherwise sane, sensible and intelligent people that I know have decided that Twitter serves some purpose when they post.

        The only smart reason for twitter use I can see is to discover what your enemies think is important….oh and what they had for breakfast and stuff.

      • Jane Davies says:

        Yep…I’m too busy having a life to bother with any of the inane crap of other peoples lives!
        The only use I can see of value is for work/business issues and I have a couple of friends who give MP’s a hard time over the frozen pension scandal!

      • Roger Helmer says:

        I try to avoid responding (unless I think of a killer line!).

      • Roger Helmer says:

        I find Twitter cathartic. Better than throwing a shoe at the television!

      • Me_Again says:

        It isn’t cathartic if the metaphorical shoe ends up bouncing off your own forehead Roger. Use twitter to keep tabs on your opponents and have a box of shoes next to you with various targets like Cameron, Van Rumpy-pumpy et al, a few feet away.

        You should find that more cathartic, although you need to limber up your right/left arm and shoulder first, can’t have you down the doctors for some ibuprofen because you’ve knackered your shoulder after a particularly exuberant cathartic episode.

        Nice to meet you yesterday, however briefly.

  9. Mike Stallard says:

    Roger I sometimes offer my coaching lesson plans to a teaching website. Do they get appreciated? Do they hell! Some of the comments are just as rubbish as yours and they hurt – as they are meant to. But I keep going and have so far had a quarter of a million (honest) hits and over 100,000 downloads.
    Your blog strikes me as the same. You have a great following. Please do not let the eeyores get you down. They really are not worth it.

  10. Jane Davies says:

    Apologies for going off topic but can UKIP please address this appalling issue. This must not be allowed to happen!

    • Roger Helmer says:

      We made it clear at Doncaster that we utterly oppose introduction of Sharia elements into UK law.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Trouble is they are/have been at it in those select(?) neighbourhoods of London, Birmingham, Rotherham and Burnley. Perhaps a few others? Has been the subject of a few TV programmes…dare I say the BBC – probably not.

      Just trying to imagine the outcome of a will against a female of the tribe. How can she challenge that under British Law. Like most of us, cannot due to a shortage of finance to goto into a thieving British legal system.

      And the EU….yawn!

    • Me_Again says:

      Haven’t heard anything more of this Jane. they’d need to really try hard to get it in under radar.

      • Jane Davies says:

        Let us hope then that this will not be allowed to happen or we will be on that slippery slope that takes us all down to hell. What next legal removal of body parts for thieves and public stoning of rape victims? This is not why my grandfather gave his life in WW1, and the millions who over the years have done the same, so that we can live under our own laws. Would Brussels have the last word on this passing of Sharia law into British law?

  11. Maureen Gannon says:

    Jane we seem to be on the same wave length, I often see what is happening to my country and ask myself why my childhood was spent the first half of WW2 as an evacuee being taken away from my parents . halfway through my mother had us back we lived in Stratford at that time , we spent many a night in a shelter as bombs rained down, one morning we came out of our hole in the ground with only corregated iron as protection on morning off to school and half the other side of the road was gone , my father came home on leave he was in the navy and said we were to go back to Devon as they were on leave as it might be a goodbye the battle of britain was about to begin , the following night to us leaving they bombed stratford rail station, now I watch these air head that run our country who have no idea of what they are doing as they sell our country off the missive below was sent to me by a friend in Germany it’s lengthy but hope everyone will read it and ask the question WHY are we not told. of this? traitors one and all in my book,,, you talk of your grandad my lasting memory is of the skeleton that came home from a POW camp my uncle Jim who just before war broke out I had been his bridesmaid WHEN THE POWER OF LOVE IS STRONGER THAN THE LOVE OF POWER THE WORLD WILL BE AT PEACE.

    Leadership In and With Europe
    (Own report) – Germany should play “a more important global role” and assume a stronger “leadership in and with Europe,” according to a German government advisor’s assessment of a PR discussion of foreign policy, initiated by the German Foreign Ministry. According to the foreign minister, the discussion, in the framework of the project “Review 2014,” should help to close the “glaring gap” between the Berlin establishment’s global policy orientation and the population’s “willingness” to condone, for example, military missions. Prepared and conducted by the foreign ministry’s Policy Planning Staff, This project is part of a campaign for a more aggressive German global policy. The German President launched this campaign with a speech in celebration of the 2013 German national holiday. According to the assessment of the “Review 2014,” the discussion seems to indicate a consensus that “Germany, alone, is too insignificant to affect changes in global policy.” Hence, Germany needs the EU. “Europe possesses the political clout necessary for Germany to be able to effectively pursue its interests.” In the future, Germany’s “partnership with the USA” must be on an “equal footing.”
    Foreign Policy without Support
    The “Review 2014” Project, as well as other measures undertaken by the German government, must be seen in the context of the gap between Berlin’s increasingly aggressive global policy and the prevalent mood of the country’s population. Just recently, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) pointed to a survey revealing that only 30 percent of the German population is “open” to their country “assuming more responsibility.” As usual, the term “responsibility” is merely a euphemism for intensifying global activities.[1] According to Steinmeier, his foreign ministry had commissioned the survey. “A foreign policy is not good and sustainable, if it does not enjoy broad popular support,” is a widespread view inside the ministry, as one of the department heads reports.[2] Berlin’s foreign policy, in fact, is contested and should expect the effects of erosion. Foreign Minister Steinmeier is now calling for closing the “glaring gap” between the “willingness” of the population and the “expectation” that Berlin will play a more resolute role in global policy. The foreign ministry has been trying to close this gap for the past two years.
    Lead more Often and more Resolute
    The campaign, initiated and conducted by the German foreign ministry’s Policy Planning Staff, began with a joint project of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) and the German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF). Between November 2012 and September 2013, around 50 representatives of ministries, think tanks, universities, industry and the media elaborated “Elements of a Foreign Policy Strategy for Germany.” In October 2013, they published their strategy paper entitled “New Power – New Responsibilities” which programmatically affirms that Germany, today, has “more power and influence than any democratic Germany in history.” “Germany will have to lead more often and more resolutely in the future.”[3] The paper has been widely propagated throughout the foreign policy community. Since October 2013, top-level politicians in Berlin as well as publicists, have repeatedly raised the demand for a more offensive German global policy – most prominently, German President Joachim Gauck. Gauck’s biographer, Johann Legner, recently said that Gauck “is fully engaged in the policy making of the German government.” “Gauck says what many are thinking, but not always willing to say, because this would make dialogue contacts, Gauck does not even have, more difficult to establish.” It could really be “called a strategy.”[4] It could be advantageous that, since the summer of 2013, Gauck has employed a new speechwriter, who had worked with the SWP/GMF project, and was therefore engaged in the formulation of the “New Power – New Responsibility” paper.
    A Stronger Global Role
    The “Review 2014” project – launched in the spring by the foreign ministry’s Policy Planning Staff – is one of the measures aimed at convincing a large sector of public opinion of the necessity of a more aggressive German global policy. The idea is to raise the subject in general discourse, by way of a series of discussion programs on various aspects of German foreign policy. In addition, a separate website publishes these discussion papers, wherein experts expose their standpoints on foreign policy.[5] An SWP associate, who participated in the work of the “project group Review 2014” of the foreign ministry’s Policy Planning staff, has drawn up a sort of intermediary report on the project, which was published in “Internationale Politik,” the leading review on Berlin’s foreign policy. According to this intermediary report, the discussion follows precisely the orientation that had been called for by the SWP/GMF project in their final document: “Germany should play a stronger role in global policy.” It is a question of “more German leadership in and with Europe.”[6]
    The Clout Germany Needs
    According to the intermediary report, many of the project’s discussion papers show that “Germany, alone, is too insignificant, to be able to affect change in global policies.” “Only when the [EU] member nations pull together in integration and foreign policy, does Europe have the political clout necessary for Germany[!] to effectively pursue its interests.” Therefore, Germany would be “well advised to politically invest further in Europe.” For example, “together with other EU member nations” this would permit it “to contribute to the ‘multilateralization of America’ and the ‘Europeanization of Russia’.” “A Germany, working through Europe, could also better take on the challenges entailed by the configuration of the digital society,” quotes the author from papers treating the “question of data security,” in the project – referring to the NSA scandal. “The development of a globally competitive cloud provider, search engines and other strategically important enterprises,” it continues, are “only to be expected, if they – similar to the Airbus, 40 years ago – would be successively developed and promoted in Europe.”[7] As was announced yesterday, Wednesday, Günther Oettinger, from Germany, has become the EU Commissioner for that new Commission.
    In Equal Partnership with the USA
    The author of the intermediary report of “Review 2014” points to differences in proposals made in the papers concerning relations to the USA. On the one hand, Germany is “emphatically warned not to jeopardize transatlantic ties” – especially for military reasons: “Without the USA, no NATO, no protection,” writes the author of one paper, in light of the United States’ still unrivaled military power. On the other, “a multitude of voices … are calling for the German government to play a more assertive role with its own foreign policy profile.” For example, it is demanded that Germany’s policy toward Russia be “embedded in a comprehensive Eurasian strategy, which would include such countries as China, India and important Eurasian actors like Turkey and Iran.” “Perhaps the most important lesson” to be learned from the papers in the project, according to the intermediary report, is “a confirmation of the new German self-concept and a summons to continue down this path in and with Europe, within a mature and equal partnership with the USA.”[8] Even this result corresponds to the key message of the SWP/GMF “New Power – New Responsibility” strategy paper.
    Not yet Arrived
    In any case, this elite discussion has not yet reached the broad masses of the population, to the point that would satisfy the German establishment. An associate of the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) points to a recent opinion poll about Germany’s supplying weapons to Iraq. An earlier poll had indicated that approval of weapons deliveries and military missions would be at their highest, if they would serve to prevent genocide.[9] Preventing genocide at the hands of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (IS) was the justification for arms deliveries to the Kurdish military in northern Iraq, from the very beginning.[10] If Berlin thought that this would appreciably enhance popular approval for delivering weapons, it would have to think again: Sixty percent of the German population, according to the ECFR, remains opposed to arming the Kurdish military in Iraq.[11]
    Other reports and background information on Germany’s global policy can be found here: Sleeping Demons, The Re-Evaluation of German Foreign Policy, Domination over Europe, The Agenda 2020, The World’s Expectations, Germany’s “Act of Liberation”, Hegemon with a Guilty Conscience and The Elite Wants More.
    [1] See Außen und innen.
    [2] Annegret Bendiek: Abschied von der Juniorpartnerschaft. Für mehr deutsche Führung in und durch Europa. Internationale Politik September/Oktober 2014.
    [3] Neue Macht – Neue Verantwortung. Elemente einer deutschen Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik für eine Welt im Umbruch. Ein Papier der Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) und des German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF), Oktober 2013. See The Re-Evaluation of German Foreign Policy.
    [4] “Wohlüberlegt und abgestimmt”. 02.09.2014.
    [5] See Von Linealstaaten und pazifistischem Mehltau.
    [6] See Außen und innen.
    [7], [8] Annegret Bendiek: Abschied von der Juniorpartnerschaft. Für mehr deutsche Führung in und durch Europa. Internationale Politik September/Oktober 2014.
    [9] See Die Weltpolitik-Kampagne der Eliten.
    [10] See The Public’s Keen Sensitivity.
    [11] Josef Janning: Germany needs more leadership on foreign policy. 03.09.2014.

  12. catalanbrian says:

    I think that you will find that there is no intention to introduce Sharia that will apply to those of us who are not followers of the Islamic faith, or who wish to make our wills as we wish. It is only for those who wish to make their will in accordance with Sharia.

    • Maureen Gannon says:

      So catalan what’s wrong with the laws of their adopted country, would you find it acceptable for me to move to a muslim country and try to live by British laws or should I accept the laws of that of my adoptive country.? our laws are against discimination , women have the same rights in law as men regardless of race colour or creed, if they want to live under sharia then may I suggest they live in a country where that law is applied. as for it only wanting it for the making of a will they can do that without sharia and can I ask have you ever been to Tower Hamlets?

    • Me_Again says:

      I’m actually quite surprised that you would advocate a two-law system in any country Brian. In fact I’m flabbergasted. I ask a simple question.
      Why, why, why should we change anything in this country to comply with beliefs that are most certainly not those of the very great majority of Britons, regardless of race colour or creed?
      We have, when we move to France or Spain to comply with their laws. In particular in France the inheritance laws are significantly different to ours and there’s not a hope in hell of France saying ‘Well maybe we need a second set of laws just for the Brits so they can let their female eldest inherit’ amongst other things. One nation, one law. Can you imagine Spain having a different set of laws for British immigrants?

      The answer is of course no and only the cringing, whining, appeasing, supine British establishment would ever consider anything as totally, utterly unacceptably stupid as this.

      As a final note, I like the Mark Wreckless quote from conference. As a rallying call there’s none better IMHO.

      “I don’t want my country to be just another star, on someone else’s flag‏.”

      • Jane Davies says:

        Thank you Maureen and Me-Again, you beat me to it in your responses to Brian. I need not add any more, you both have it covered. Again sorry for the change of topic but I was incensed when I found this article. I plan to return to the UK in about a year, for good, hence my continued interest in my country of birth and the fervent hope that Britain will once again be governed by the British and the laws of our land will be British laws.

      • catalanbrian says:

        I don’t advocate a two tier system. It is however wise to allow our citizens the freedom to make their wills in the way that they want to make them and this is just enabling followers of Islam to do just that. I thought that UKIP was supposed to be about freedom, or is it only the freedom of white British people that UKIP supports?

      • Me_Again says:

        Brian you dodged the questions you dodged the facts about obeying other country’s laws. Why should that surprise me?

        I’ve become desperate to get mark Reckless’s fantastic one liner into the press so I’m asking everyone on here who comments to try to get it in somewhere.
        Even misspelling doesn’t get past the swine so they must be modding manually even though they often say they aren’t. I’ve tried spelling his name differently, using zeros instead of ‘o’s and whatever else I can think of but they are still modding me out.

        “I don’t want my country to be just another star on someone else’s flag”

      • catalanbrian says:

        What questions? What facts? You surely should be aware that neither you nor UKIP have ever dealt in facts.

      • Me_Again says:

        These are the facts as I related them.
        1.Why, why, why should we change anything in this country to comply with beliefs that are most certainly not those of the very great majority of Britons, regardless of race colour or creed?
        Do you dispute this obvious one?
        2.We have, when we move to France or Spain to comply with their laws.
        Do you perhaps dispute this one?
        3.In particular in France the inheritance laws are significantly different to ours…
        Do you disagree with this maybe?
        4.Can you imagine Spain having a different set of laws for British immigrants?
        Do you perhaps think that such a bill would pass through the Spanish parliament?

        While we’re at it, seems like Catalonia is after a referendum too. Good luck to them, they should get a choice.

        As Mr Reckless said, I don’t want my country to be just another star on someone else’s flag.
        I totally agree with him.

      • catalanbrian says:

        1. It is a government’s job to act and legislate on behalf of all of its citizens, and this is exactly what is happening here. The beliefs of the majority do not override the rights of the minority. And in this case the majority remain completely unaffected by any change to the laws of inheritance.

        2. Of course we have to comply with the laws in any other country, including France and Spain, but if we became citizens of either of those two countries we would have the right to lobby for a change in the law.

        3. The inheritance laws on France are, as you say, substantially different to those in the UK.

        4. See answer to 2 above.

        What other governments do is entirely up to them and their citizens, and has no bearing on what the UK should do as regards its own citizens.

        And finally In August 2015, new European regulations come into effect allowing EU citizens to choose whether the law applicable to their succession (but not inheritance taxes) should be that of their habitual residence or that of their nationality.

      • Maureen Gannon says:

        Well your last pharagraph is a good enough reason to get out of Europe.

        So tell me who tore up the Magna Carta ?

      • catalanbrian says:

        But aren’t you UKIPpers all about personal freedom? That piece of legislation enhances personal freedom but just because it is a piece of EU legislation you are against it. I think that says pretty much everything abut UKIP and its supporters.

      • Me_Again says:

        Are you seriously saying that a minority, of whatever kind, should be able to tear up the fabric of a society which as been developing since the dark ages, based on common law and subsequent treaties, all of which have maintained a ‘One law for all’ mantra? Really?

        Your simplistic appeasement view does not includes the rights of those who would be disinherited by virtue of their sex.This is AGAINST the law of this land already, it’s called sexual discrimination. is it not. Something for which this country has rightly championed the cause against such things.
        So you would have us wind back the clock to encompass a seventh century notion that women are not worthy to inherit?

        Glad you live abroad Brian, really am. When are you going into Spanish politics then? Can’t wait to see some of your legislative genius in action.

        “I don’t want my country to be just another star on someone else’s flag” -Mark Reckless Sep14

      • Maureen Gannon says:

        They also stone women and hang homosexuals , that should be good entertainment we have already had what are called honour killings.
        We have come along way from barbarism I have no reason to believe the majority would want to return.

      • catalanbrian says:

        I think that you will find that Sharia inheritance law does not disinherit women, as you allege. Indeed because, similarly to French law, it restricts the proportion of the estate that the deceased can leave by choice, it ensures that some of the estate will be inherited by women. Unlike under current English law where a person can will his estate to anyone he likes, perhaps disinheriting his daughters. The Sharia rules of intestacy are slightly, but not massively, different to those that exist under English law, although proportions are different. The problem with you, Me Again, is that you are so obsessed with your own hatred of anybody who is not you that you have lost sight of reality and reason.

        And Maureen, I am not so sure that any stonings of women or hangings of homosexuals have yet taken place in the UK, but from what seems to come out of UKIP member’s (and MEP’s) mouths at least the latter would be on the agenda if UKIP was to have any say in it. Fortunately I can rest safely in the certainty that this will not happen

      • Maureen Gannon says:

        Not yet being the operative word. catalan not yet.

        who would have believed that the blind eye syndrome would become the order of the day while young girls were being abused and passed from male to male ?
        who would have believed Operation Trojan Horse could have happened ?
        who would have believed the illegal act of polygomy could have happened here?

        and that’s without sharia !

  13. ``` says:

    Hi Roger, Im totally off topic, but having had a wonderful 2 days at Doncaster, and seen the Reckless unveiling, I wish to suggest that you write a piece on the comments from GRANT SHAPPS, did they use this type of comment (if any) in the past when a kipper left us to go to the cons, ie Campbell Bannerman and Marta, did they then say they were despicable lying types, or did they say they had made a wonderful decision to move to the cons, it seems they see it as bad when they lose one but great when they gain one, also when I left the Doncaster site , there were folk in the protest, under the NUT banner shouting across road “Racist scum bastards, are they really suitable types to be teaching children?

  14. Jane Davies says:

    The Mark Wreckless quote about the flag is spot on….UKIP could use this one!

    • Maureen Gannon says:

      Another instance of sharia law in this country Catalan, this is another reason I will vote UKIP I consider the air heads in our Parliament are nothing short of traitors, I object strongly to us paying lawbreakers taxpayers money. evidently we even pay for those that don’t live here .

    • Me_Again says:

      I have tried multiple times in the Daily Express, the Sunday Express, The Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday to get this one sentence into a comment.
      All papers are accepting my comments providing I don’t have this sentence in them. Whenever and however I try to get that one sentence into any comment it is moderated away, including using substitution of ‘o’ with ‘0’ to throw an automated phrase search. this means they are being manually checked even when it says these comments are not moderated.

      Someone really does not like it at all, no doubt that has to be someone with huge clout who can see the danger of such a simple but compelling refrain. I believe the Express papers and the Mail are owned by different folk so that means some serious clout. ‘Conspiracy theory’ I can hear Brian saying but I have to say I’m truly quite shocked. This has never happened before, I’ve complained to both papers and CC’d several of my regional colleagues because I’m so surprised.

      I’ve made many many comments in both papers over the years BUT never have I simultaneously been blocked from saying one particular sentence in either. Can anyone explain this?

      I saw the speech live but my wife was intrigued and watched it on BBC parliament [they must be spitting nails having to give us air time]. She, like me, immediately latched on to the power of that one simple statement. I will repeat it whenever and wherever I get a chance and it will be on my election letter too.

      “I don’t want my country to be just another star on someone else’s flag”

      Say it, memorise it and repeat it as often as possible. Roger what say you to this censorship of Mark Wreckless’s words?

      • Jane Davies says:

        So free speech has disappeared down the toilet that is the EU. This is an outrage, even more reason for Britain to not be ‘ a star on someone else’s flag’.

      • Me_Again says:

        Well said Jane.

        We must tell them what we know they don’t want to hear!

  15. Jane Davies says:

    Have no fear Me-Again, I am a constant thorn in the side of politicians about the frozen pension scandal and this quote will be just another weapon in my arsenal of quotes I use almost on a daily basis. They are mostly quotes which show up a particular MP’s hypocrisy so this one will be a good positive, and for once, truthful comment by an MP who has at last seen the light!

    • Me_Again says:

      Thanks Jane. Hopefully it will be going out on a number of blogs including Roger ‘Tallbloke’ whom I met for the first time on Friday, at the conference, been contributing on his site on and off for years. It is a simple allegory but it says it all as far as I am concerned.

    • Jane Davies says:

      I have put his quote on my facebook page, it will speed off around the world in no time!

  16. Vanessa says:

    Moral of this story is to stop tweeting ! They are obviously all a load of twits !!

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