My 2014 UKIP Conference Speech as Energy Spokesman

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6 Responses to My 2014 UKIP Conference Speech as Energy Spokesman

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Yes…its heading into winter and the energy charges are increasing now. An offer to me last week by First Utility.
    Elect up 2p/Kwh (+10%)
    Gas up 0.5p/Kwh (ditto)
    Standing Charge not mentioned. (approx 32p/day)
    VAT 5% (money for p**ing directly up the wall – Bercows taxi fares for instance)
    Add in the costly and often unreliable new CO2 Boilers…thanks to Prescott

    Not much is it? Repetitive and predictable though. Can never expect better from Power Dist companies. Don’t know whats happening to commercial of course, which will come back on consumers/customers/jobs….as usual !

    UKIP – Now were talking !
    Whats best for growing grass (real green shoots)…aeration, aeration, aeration.
    And for UK Energy…repeal, repeal, repeal !!

    Thank You Mr Helmer

  2. `David says:


    I recently was contacted by Extra energy, a new one to the UK market, from Germany, but operating in UK, have great prices, better than any I recon, give them a look.

  3. `David says:

    Also” I supply energy” have great prices too.

  4. Jane Davies says:

    Brilliant speech Roger……well done.

  5. Malcolm Edward says:

    I wish your speech were to be viewed by everyone in the UK. Hopefully the BBC will show repeats. Back in the real world we urgently need to tackle the left-wing driven disastrous energy policies put in place by our foes (and which can only ultimately be designed to damage the UK and make its people poorer and then presumably dependent on largesse of the state to suit left wing interests) and which have been swallowed by the PC-riven liblabcon parties against all scientific and economic evidence.

  6. Roger Helmer MEP says:

    Thanks for the kind comments. Now even Vince Cable has recognised the truth of what we’ve been saying for years: green policies are damaging our economy.

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