European policy is what’s driving up energy prices

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12 Responses to European policy is what’s driving up energy prices

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Gallileo ? Needs some funding to actually get the last launched (Aug 2014) vehicles (5th & 6th) in the right orbit does it not. Borrow some more money of course. But what did that have to do with Energy prices and stupid EU/UK policy?

    No problem with a tax payer cash cow as a sitting duck as usual!

    • Flyinthesky says:

      I thought it was just me being thick, Gallileo?? WTF! , I’m sure these people ihabit a different reality to the rest of us. He didn’t, to me, seem to go anywhere near the question that was posed.
      I think the entire proposition of the energy position is to lead the world, what they can’t seem to realise is they’re not following us and they are never going to. They split their time between laughing at us and thanking us for the opportunities we present to them.
      Unless there is global acceptance, that’s never going to happen, of the position, we should forge our own path whether that is UK or eu. The eu are incapable of that rapid response to “any” situation that is required. In this rapidly changing environment we need people who do, not people who have protracted meetings on comming to a descision. By the time any, in the eu’s case usually the wrong resolution, is passed the window of opportunity is closed.

  2. tallbloke says:

    Well said. Is that the nearest you got to an answer?!

  3. Me_Again says:

    Where the hell was the answer to any points you raised?
    Not surprising really is it? They don’t want to have to address any issues really they just steam on…………

  4. Ex-expat Colin says:

    An answer? 05/10/14 Polish Radio

    Poland’s European commissioner-designate for the single market, Elzbieta Bienkowska said:

    The Polish government has fought some climate change legislation, saying that it risks choking off economic growth in a nation heavily reliant on coal for its energy needs, and Bienkowska told left wing and green MEPs that EU targets to reduce carbon emissions are “sometimes exaggerated,” the EUobserver reports her as saying. “I will reflect on measures to support clean technologies. In 2015 I will propose a full roadmap with all actions to support industry competitiveness at the heart of Europe 2020 and the European semester,”

    Wait for it………..again! Sometimes?

    H/T GWPF

  5. Thomas Fox says:

    So as to reduce energy to help change the climate I decided to run a Toyota hybrid car but now that the world is not warming it would have been foolish of me to have used a bicycle instead ?

  6. Philip Rock says:

    But the reply bore no relationship to the question, which regarded “competitiveness” and “energy prices” and “uncompetitiveness”.
    The responder waffled away about budget for the Galileo project after saying he was aware of this and aware of that and a meeting he had in the morning.
    This really does look like the typical EU fanatica animal is no more than amoeba!

  7. George Morley says:

    It is always a pleasure to hear you speak Roger ,hearing being the operative word, as you speak up and speak out instead of the intermittent mumbling coming as an answer which told me that he really did’nt want to say anything too loud in case it was incorrect and therefore many would not have heard his pathetic response.

  8. Jane Davies says:

    Waffling and procrastination…..if this man is an indication of the people who “run” the EU, with the exception of UKIP members Roger, then is it any surprise that the whole setup is fast going down the S bend! He is what my old Mum would call as interesting as a wet week-end!

  9. Mike Stallard says:

    Ferdinando Nelli Feroci has the responsibility of being a Commissioner with power over 500 million people’s lives and welfare and prosperity (he reckons).
    As everyone above has noted, he made no attempt to answer your very clearly put remarks and questions and waffled on, as far as I could make out, on Galileo, the redundant Space Programme.

    You might have expected that this man would have a long and distinguished track record. He might even have some sort of qualification. Indeed he might too. We do not know. He is not in Wikipedia. But – hey – he looks the part! and he fits in with the Gender/Member Country Balance.

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