Vicky Ford MEP: A bit of a sour-puss


Since I left the Tory Party two and a half years ago, a number of my former colleagues remain good friends. Most at least remain on courteous and cordial terms, and behave like grown-ups. Just one or two are taking the bitter and twisted approach, and sadly one of those is Vicky Ford MEP, (Eastern Region).

She’s on the Industry & Energy Committee, as am I. During the recent Commissioner hearings, I attended assiduously, and spoke repeatedly (several of these interventions are on my blog). However on the day that voting took place, I happened to be in Clacton, campaigning for Douglas Carswell. As Harold Wilson loved to say, politics is the language of priorities, and my priority was Clacton, not the European Commissioner.

On Oct 8th, she Tweeted MEPs en masse voting on energy commissioners – no show from UKIP “energy” spokesman @RogerHelmerMEP – down the pub??#ukipemptychair. I replied : ”Thanks Vicky, but we have a couple of by-elections to fight”. She came back with “shame you can’t be bothered to do the job you are elected to do”.

Now Vicky knows, as well as I do, that (A) My voting would not have made a scrap of difference to the outcome; (B) Even if we had succeeded in rejecting one of these Commissioners, we should simply have got another clone straight from Central Casting, appointed by Jean Claude Juncker, and committed to the same disastrous energy policies.

She also knows that all MEPs (including herself) have political duties in their home countries which sometimes require them to be away from Brussels. Sitting doggedly in committee rooms in Brussels is not necessarily the best way of serving one’s constituents’ interests. She knows that, but she’s not going to miss the chance to score cheap points at the expense of readers who don’t understand how the system works.

My final reply: “I am paid to further the interests of my constituents. They will be better served by a UKIP MP than by a European Commissioner”. They will indeed. And that UKIP MP is Douglas Carswell. I’m not sure what difference I made to his majority, but I was proud to be there on the day.

Meantime, Ms. Ford will be continuing to try to score juvenile political points.

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43 Responses to Vicky Ford MEP: A bit of a sour-puss

  1. Bellevue says:

    I would say that MEPs who spend their time on Twitter are not doing their jobs, either!
    (that is not meant as a dig at you, Roger……)

  2. ps3person says:

    Probably one of the worst aspects of Twitter is that it facilitates petty-mindedness and spiteful comments, which are an unnecessary distraction, particularly when you have serious and important issues to deal with. Is there really a need to remain subscribed to twitter, especially when Facebook and regular emails are better options?

  3. catalanbrian says:

    I was under the impression that you were elected as an MEP to represent your constituents and in general the UK’s interests in Europe, and despite what you say, or present as an excuse I really cannot see how the interests of your constituents in the East Midlands are better served by the election of a UKIP MP in another unrelated constituency. Campaigning for UKIP when there is European business to be conducted would seem to be unacceptable behaviour and not what you as an MEP are paid to do. The same of course applies to Mr Farage, who appears to have spent most of his time on UKIP business rather than that of his constituents. In any event, given the almost certainty that Carswell would be re-elected it seems to me that your attendance was not necessary and I am lead to the conclusion that you were there just to bask in a bit of the reflected glory of a UKIP win rather than to do anything positive. I trust that no EU funds were wasted on this exercise in self promotion.

    • Flyinthesky says:

      “I really cannot see how the interests of your constituents in the East Midlands are better served by the election of a UKIP MP in another ” If you cannot, you either don’t want to or want to throw a brick as the idiot woman has, or possibly both.
      Any UKIP business that is undertaken wherever it may be is for the furtherance of the cause. As Roger says he may have had some influence in Clacton, he would have had near none in Brussels. The net recipients always vote with the collective, the bought and paid for support, over half of the membership are net recipients. In my idea of democracy a net recipient would have no voting rights at all.
      Despite the eu membership being advantageous to your situation it isn’t for a lot of others and despite your continuous protestations it isn’t all about you.

      • Me_Again says:

        Exactly. If you’re paying for it as Germany and Britain are, there’s a case for having more say on disposal…….wait a minute, the Germans do have more say and NOBODY GIVES A Castlemaine xxxx what we, a rare breed known as a net contributor, also want.

    • Me_Again says:

      Perhaps Brian the constituents of these places should be asked whether they prefer Nigel et al to be working towards cutting the chains that bind us to the EU, or sitting there folding paper planes with all the bumf they churn out whilst being ignored by the money grabbing 26 out of 28 members. It’s like a mugging……….

      “I don’t want my country to be just another star on someone else’s flag”

      • catalanbrian says:

        You miss the point. I don’t really care what Farage or Helmer do with their time but I do object to them collecting their MEP’s salaries and expenses and not doing the job that they are paid for, which is to represent their constituents and the UK in Europe. If they wish to be full time UKIP canvassers then they should do the honourable thing and resign their jobs in Europe.

      • Me_Again says:

        What tosh you write. They are fulfilling the purpose of UKIP which is to extract us from the clutches of your pals. They were elected on that basis by the people of THIS country. How they choose to go about it is none of your business buster, there’ll be another election in 5 years -hope not – if the PEOPLE want to change what their elected representatives do they will.

        You don’t live here so I don’t give a fig whether you object to what MY elected representatives do, one thing they will never do is assist the EU in enslaving europe, which they would if they did what you want.

      • catalanbrian says:

        Just to remind you that MEPs are elected to represent all, repeat all, of their constituents, not just those who were stupid enough to vote UKIP. And as it so happens it is my concern and my right as an EU citizen to take any MEP to task if he is seen to be wasting EU funds on party matters,

      • Me_Again says:

        Did you pout when writing that garbage? Yes they are elected to represent all of their constituents, but since they simply can’t do what each and every constituent wants them to do, they have to go with a majority view -AND WE CERTAINLY GOT THAT IN THE EURO ELECTIONS!

        You just carry on fiddling whilst Brussels burns Brian……

        “I don’t want my country to be just another star on someone else’s flag”

      • catalanbrian says:

        I don’t think that I was pouting, as that is not my habit, but at least, unlike you, I was not foaming at the mouth.

      • Me_Again says:

        Gave up foaming for lent. Only foam nowadays if I eat refreshers and try to speak.

    • Catalanbrian: If you really can’t see why a UKIP foothold in Westminster is more imprtant for the UK (and for the East Midlands) than a different EU Energy Commissioner, then there is really no hope for you. We are making a difference: the EU Commission is about more of the same.

    • The Wasp says:

      Just how dim can you get

  4. Steve Pat says:

    Cheap points is all they can try, not serve the people. Like UKIP do. Water off a ducks back

  5. Me_Again says:

    Exceedingly well said Roger.

    “I don’t want my country to be just another star on someone else’s flag”

  6. Ian Terry says:

    She is more to be pitied than scorned. Her actions just about sums up what is so wrong with the major parties at Westminster. They should all remember: It is not a crime to be ignorant. It is a crime to show it. Twitter does have this effect on some people in that they start to urinate before they have their flies open or knickers off.

  7. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Mathematician is she? You might therefore think that control of comms between brain, mouth and hands might be well controlled?

    Pubs always get the blame somehow? Think its the fault of mobile phones and Tw^tter really, without those you would hardly notice such people. Large EM pulse comes to mind!

    • Ian Terry says:

      Well said Colin.

    • Me_Again says:

      With you all the way Colin. Roger says it’s cathartic to twitter.
      I have to say it’s tantamount to supplying your enemy with highly polished and carefully chosen rounds to fire back at you. Sorry Roger, it’s not just you, other people I respect seem to have this fascination for what is termed ‘social media’ or ‘crap blurt’ as my son suggested the other day.

      Some bored sociology student needs to do a thesis on whether issues start with twitter and facebook or whether they start elsewhere, whether the starter is the winner or whether people with otherwise excellent brains would be better off not doing it at all and maybe it would return to its proper state of being a puerile fad.

  8. Anne says:

    Well done Roger. We could do with all the UKIP MP’s and MEP’s we can get-you did exactly the right thing. Thank you for all you do. AND I AM NOT IN A ANY POLITICAL PARTY, but I was in that last terrible World War which was all about fighting to keep our freedom when foreigners wanted to govern this country then too.

  9. Me_Again says:


  10. Me_Again says:

    Jees what are you like? If you believe one tenth of what you read then you’re ten times thicker than I thought you were.
    Look mate if this is the best you can do to have a go at UKIP you need to press your own reset button sunbeam, because when we make huge gains in the coming election you’re going to need a bigger prozac prescription, quite probably the Yorkie version I’m thinking……

    “I don’t want my country to be just another star on someone else’s flag.”

    • catalanbrian says:

      You poor deluded fool. I think that you will find that Mr Helmer has not denied the visit. UKIP politicians are no different to other politicians, although probably, indeed certainly, more hypocritical. They are just as greedy, just as arrogant and just as self serving.

      Yes UKIP may well be able to pick up a few seats at the next General Election as a result of a disillusioned electorate but once their performance has been observed that support will disappear like the morning mist.

      • Me_Again says:

        Brian you’re the deluded fool. You’re the one who thinks the great european experiment is working for europe instead of impoverishing large sections and throwing millions out of work. You’re the one who think the public are still ignorant of the failure of their political elite masters. They are waking up to what has been forced on them. They like our ideas and our get out of the EU plan, there’s now an alternative to the same homogenised paste of the three older parties. So it’s a bit rich you suggesting I’m deluded and what Roger does, or does not do, in his spare time neither concerns me nor bothers me if these allegations have any truth, I’d still vote for him if he were in my constituency. So your moralising over an alleged irrelevancy is literally unimportant.

        Care to argue politics for a change? No I didn’t think so, you lose hands down every time you try that.

      • catalanbrian says:

        It is not possible to discuss politics with you UKIPPers, and especially you as you do not do politics. You just do argument for the sake of argument. You make a big clatter about how wonderful UKIP is and how UKIP will save us all but UKIP has no proper policies. You can’t even agree amongst yourselves what UKIP stands for – the only consistency is that you are against things, Europe; Immigration; gay marriage; Inheritance tax; Department of Culture Media and Sport; public house smoking ban; foreign aid; anything green; HS2 and a host of other things, but there is little indication of what you are for and what we should expect from a UKIP government (not that that is at all likely).

      • Me_Again says:

        Oh really? No policies? Ok Brian you’re absolutely correct we have none, yep you sussed us out.
        does that mean you won’t bother coming on here again then?

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        If you look at the website of Mark Reckless you’ll read something about his visit to Calais. You will also see how the Italians allow non EU immigrants(?) to get to Paris by train. Just take them to the station, How do they get a train ticket and documents or is it under the train w/o the papers?

        That’ll be along with the EU type that either sleeps in the back of your car and today in your bed.

        The p*ss take continues…..

      • Flyinthesky says:

        That’s an illustration of the stupidity of open borders, the assumption that anyone on a train to anywhere in the eu from anywhere within the eu is an eu citizen or bona fide visitor and entitled to do so. There are a lot of states in the eu that actively facillitate their ileagal immigrants onward travel intentions. It has even been mooted that some even issue eu passports as once they’re gained they’re gone.

      • catalanbrian says:

        There is no such thing as an “EU passport” Passports are issued in the names of individual states.. Don’t believe the UKIP loonies who have “mooted” such rubbish.

      • Me_Again says:

        When he says EU passports ‘Brian the prawn’ he’s not actually saying ‘an EU passport’ so much as a passport from an EU country. This in turn allows them to cross any border inside the EU. So semantically it becomes an EU passport by virtue of your ability to pass across any EU internal border.

        When you say things like this Brian, you’re the one who sounds like a desperate loony, since non of us have been talking about ‘EU passports’.

      • catalanbrian says:

        I think that you, unless you are also Flyinthesky or have discussed this with him, are not in a position to say what he meant by his words if you are suggesting that he meant as you say And you should read the post again. The words used were “eu passports”, so it is not at all unreasonable to infer that he was talking about “eu passports ” which do not exist, so he is careless with his words. What is being mooted then? Was it indeed you that did the mooting? Are you really suggesting that some EU countries give illegal immigrants a passport (Spanish, Italian etc.) to rid themselves of the illegal immigrants? If so I suggest that y9u have an exceptionally vivid imagination. You really are an obnoxious creature that clearly spends his time foaming at the mouth at any mention of anything with which you disagree.

      • Me_Again says:

        Well you see Brian, those of us who understand our native language can make these determinations. Oddly Your interpretation is Spanish, literally. Had the same issues of syntax and semantics with a Spaniard who insisted on misinterpreting the Utrecht treaty into meaning that we had no rights over the adjacent seas. This error was down to exactly the same error of English syntax you just made. Tell me, is English your second language Brian?

        …and yes, some countries do give out passports, but not for free. The going rate in Bulgaria for instance varies between £500-1500, I guess it depends on which corrupt official you choose. I think these activities are generally confined to the newly acquired eastern territories of the empire -oops, Union.

        What you actually find obnoxious Brian, is being repeatedly beaten by someone you consider your intellectual inferior, because I oppose your views on the EU empire. Pardon me so that I can dash off and buy some refreshers to complete your foaming at the mouth assertion, I wouldn’t want you to be too, too disappointed by your repeated failure to score any points in debate.

      • catalanbrian says:

        I’ll be here because I need to see what the loonies are up to.

      • Me_Again says:

        …………just look in a mirror Brian. Sorted.

  11. Ex-expat Colin says:

    M_A…I’d ignore this stuff. SFA to do with them anyway.

  12. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Your earlier piece on Ms Mensch…seems to have fired off elsewhere with Nads and Danczuk,

    Claws at dawn @ Guy Fawkes

  13. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Carswell back In HOC

  14. Mike Stallard says:

    Roger – dirty old game isn’t it! Coals of fire and all that…
    From the voter’s point of view: I am torn in half by seeing the conservatives fighting each other when we should be annihilating Labour.

    • Me_Again says:

      It has ever been so. But I couldn’t give a tuppeny whatsit for the Tories, they are not the same as us by any stretch of the imagination.

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