Bob Neill’s EU Referendum Bill


Bob Neill clearly has the enthusiastic support of his Tory colleagues

Business for Britain is a great think-tank and campaigning organisation.  Recently they’ve been writing to businesses asking them to sign up to support Bob Neill’s EU Referendum Bill.  This is the Bill that would make it mandatory to have an EU Referendum in 2017.

Of course UKIP wants an EU Referendum, so we’d support Bob Neill’s Bill, wouldn’t we?  No.  I don’t think we can.  Here’s why.

First of all, David Cameron isn’t serious about leaving the EU.  He’s just trying to get his activists and back-benchers off his back.  He’s trying to kick the EU issue into the long grass until after the General Election.  This isn’t about Brexit.  It’s merely a cynical ploy to try to keep an increasingly desperate Tory Prime Minister in Office.  That’s not something that UKIP wants to support.

And Bob Neill’s Bill is another cynical ploy to add an air of spurious credibility to the original referendum ploy.  It’s meaningless, since if the Tories fail to win next year’s General Election, a future government can simply repeal it.  No government can bind its successor.

So supporting Bob Neill’s Bill is simply offering a helping hand to David Cameron.  The only Referendum Bill that UKIP should support is one that gives us a firm commitment (no IFs and BUTs) to a straightforward In/Out Referendum on a robust and rapid timescale.  I’ll vote for that any time.


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12 Responses to Bob Neill’s EU Referendum Bill

  1. ian wragg says:

    I don’t think CMD is going to get a majority at the GE. He seems to be doing everything possible to lose. He wouldn’t dare put himself in the position of calling a referendum, he’s in enough trouble with Angela as it is.

  2. Anne says:

    Far too late. We are voting for UKIP to Govern us, and most do not care one jot if none have ever GOVERNED this Country before but they WILL Govern this Country according to its very own Common law Constitution, for NO ELECTED GOVERNMENT HAS TRULY GOVERNED THIS COUNTRY SINCE WE JOINED THE THEN EEC, for all have just obeyed the orders of foreigners. We fought a very bloody War to prevent exactly that-I hope none of you will ever be forgiven especially by your own family.
    Such is the Position this and previous Governments have led us in to, we are using the General Election in 2015 Bob, as the REFERENDUM we have been denied, for you see we know exactly what is to come from the EU if we remain in. We are hoping to put as many UKIP MP’s into that House of Commons, and the first thing they can do is empty the House of Lords-as others once did before and fill that House with the true Hereditary Peers.

    • Philip Rock says:

      Anne, you have written precisely what I think on the points you covered above, with just one slight difference: you said about not caring if none who govern this country after GE 2015 have governed before, and you are quite right to do so.
      The more bare the knuckles we see in the fighting we see within our own country on the Common Market/EEC/EU subject, and the more deceit and lies employed by our own countrymen against us, the more the dire nature of our situation is made apparent.
      We are now closing in on the 11th hour, and while I said at the last election that the single most important issue facing us in Great Britain is the European Union, this is now extremely more important than it was then, as if that were possible. The point is, the urgency of our exiting the EU.
      Personally I argue for treason charges to be brought against traitors who have brought us to this perilous position. It is abuse of democracy to use public opinion based on politicians’ prior lies and deceits to justify the abrogation and dereliction of duty that was committed in the first place.

      • Anne says:

        I along with many others (I suspect!) have tried to bring charges of treason and I had to go out of my own “patch” to do so. However, as all the Judges are British and are also under EU laws, the question is, which come first. EU laws or the loyal and true Oaths of Allegiance all make (MP’s also ) before they may take up their seats, either in the House of Commons and the British Courts. Most so far seem to put the EU Treaties before their Oath, WHICH I QUESTION, BECAUSE NONE MAY TAKE UP THEIR SEATS UNTIL THEY HAVE INDEED MADE THAT SOLEMN OATH ON THE BIBLE. The EU treaties are I suggest, are absolutely contrary to our long standing Common law Constitution. The ones that ratify them are the ones we should indeed question. This Government is presently applying the EU’s Trans-European Transport network (TEN-T) Policy which includes giving the authority (Sovereignty over our Air, Land ports and 12 mile limit) to the EU. Yet none have even mentioned WHY there is to be the HS2.

  3. Richard111 says:

    Well said Anne. I just hope enough people use their vote. The voting record from the Blair years and on give me grave doubts. Too many people have been too comfortable for too long and simply ignore politics. Waking up in a gulag is not helpful.

  4. Anne says:

    Thank you Richard. I am not even in UKIP and in fact I have never been in any Political Party or Organisation, but I have indeed been through a full scale war and bombed out. I visited East Berlin and West Berlin at the time “THE WALL” was still up, and I also realised at that time we were “SAFE” as long as that wall remained up. You all know the rest!

    • Richard111 says:

      You don’t need to be IN any Political Party or Organisation to use your vote. Vote for what you BELIEVE is the best course for the future of your country. If EVERYBODY voted we would have a better indication of how ‘The People’ are thinking. Sadly, many people don’t vote because they are disillusioned and a lot of people vote to ensure their benefits. This has corrupted the idea of democracy. To make matters worse immigrants are permitted ‘postal votes’ which seem to be controlled by just one member of a very extended family with many more family members living overseas. The voting system has become corrupt in such a way as to ensure the socialist agenda.

  5. Me_Again says:

    “No government can bind its successor.”

    Does this apply to renewables contracts as well Roger?

  6. George Morley says:

    There is no argument from me over this. As an ex-pat pensioner living in Canada I get no indexation of my pension along with 560,000 others living in the Commonwealth countries in the main which means that our pension never increases when the other 12 million pensioners in the UK and the EU, the USA, Israel, and a variety of other countries get the uprating annually.
    The government can give £55Million per day to the EU but say they cannot afford the £590 Million to pay us even though we qualify in the same way as those that are uprated. There are about 650,000 ex-pats who do get the indexation.The National Insurance Fund has been in surplus in the past to the tune of about 50 Billion but through government borrowing and their mishandling of the economy it now stands at about £19 Billion. They have to pay interest on the loans and pay back about £1.3 Billion annually into the fund which is more than twice the cost of uprating all of the frozen pensioners. I know of some who are now being forced into preparing to return to the UK rather than depend on support from their family which was the prime purpose of emigrating , to join family in their retirement rather than be separated.
    This means that instead of saving the government money by not having the many benefits that they would be entitled to if resident in the UK, they will now, on return qualify for these services which it has been estimated to be about £7,000 but would cost far less, at least half, if they stayed where they are. Government logic never fails to impress me !

  7. Mike Stallard says:

    My wife turned to me during the news and asked, “What would happen if we just left the EU without any discussion?” I replied that that was exactly why Mr Salmond – a brilliant demagogue – lost the Scottish Referendum.
    We must have a plan to get us out of the political union which all the Commission have sworn and which all the Commissioners insist must come to pass. Nobody in their right mind would question that this would be a total, permanent disaster.
    But we must also not only safeguard our trade with Europe, but also be able to negotiate freely with the rest of the world, which the EU at the moment prevents us doing.
    Not the Swiss option where paid negotiators from Europe will be paid a lot of money to prevaricate, cheat and dictate the terms for decades.
    How about joining EFTA and the EEC before we start to put our case? Then we could push the question of trade out of the way and make a start on Article 50.
    Why isn’t this UKIP policy?

    • Me_Again says:

      Because that plays straight into the ‘you’ll have to comply but have no voice’ brigade.
      The Swiss and Norwegians PAY to use the so called single market. Other countries have an FTA. FTA’s are mutual contracts to get rid of tariffs and adopt common standards not rules.
      As you are well aware Mike article 50 invocation means we get an FTA anyway.

  8. Ex-expat Colin says:

    No worry…we are told at the HoL by Baroness Sandip Verma to a question from Viscount Ridley about the global temp hiatus end point that, ‘It may have slowed down, but that is a good thing. It could well be that some of the measures we are taking today is helping that to occur”.

    So really with C02 still rising it could be that the pile of money UK Gov has taken from its people, they, the Gov have fixed the alleged terrible threat almost single handedly? Could have, maybe, might be, might have….JC !!

    This is an ex business woman who clearly is in the wrong trade. We pay people for this!

    So if thats true, maybe, possibly, might the temperature drop sufficiently to cause our half cocked National Grid to fail us with selective blackouts etc.

    All brought to you by the Gov of UK. No…nothing will go wrong will it?

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