Is David Cameron making a fool of himself?

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6 Responses to Is David Cameron making a fool of himself?

  1. Maureen Gannon says:

    Well video won’t open but even with it my response would be the same “So what,s new?”

  2. Flyinthesky says:

    Maybe, or maybe not, the real fools are us for believing him or indeed any of them. I use the term “us” in an abstract fashion. They all have similar and lobbied for agendas and they aren’t ours.
    Until we have the courage to vote for a party that reflects our views nothing is going to change.

  3. Barry Davies says:

    In a word yes stamps his foot makes foolish claims then pays up

  4. Mike Stallard says:

    Roger, say we left the EU? What then? I think that a lot of people would quite to know the answer which actually did for Mr Salmond. (What if Scotland left the UK?)
    Everyone wants trade with Europe to continue uninterrupted. Nobody (11% or so) wants to be part of the EUSSR Komisars and all.
    If we take the Swiss option, it will be decades before anything is sorted. Not good.
    What if we joined EFTA and the EEC and then played the Article 50 card? Wouldn’t that do the trick? We would then have a deadline of 2 years to fix something permanent up – even without a referendum.
    At the moment, we are just drifting and nobody likes working with angry drifters – especially Aunty Ang.
    I’ll be honest. I cannot see the point of a referendum anyway, especially with the government, from Mr Cameron downwards, rooting for the status quo. I could;t agree more that he needs to grow a pair.

    Has anyone in UKIP actually thought about this at all?

    • barrymx5 says:

      Very well expressed Roger. Cameron certainly is making a fool of himself. But I have doubts he is engaging reality, or ever will.
      MS clearly has not heard any of William Dartmouth’s speeches about trade arrangements post EU. The nub is our membership of the World Trade Organisation guarantees our trading position after we leave the EU

  5. Ex-expat Colin says:

    The cheque is signed…just needs the big numbers added. Add fine/interest as required.

    At about 1.29 mins in a man walked behind you with snowed capped shoulders? Remnants of curtains? Seagull bombing?

    The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee on energy policy yesterday. Prof Dieter Helm on why its wrong….Helm starts at 11:39. The Milliband/Huhne/Davey problem we now suffer from. (Helm – Helmer?)

    Odd really, an economist speaks..BBC won’t like that!

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