Grudging imitation from Sir John Major


Dateline: Nov 17th: Sir John Major, former Tory Prime Minister, has launched a rather jaundiced attack on UKIP ahead of the Rochester by-election.  He says that UKIP is “profoundly un-British in every way“.  We are “anti-politics, anti-foreigner, anti-immigrant, anti-aid (he means foreign aid)”.  “I don’t know what they are for”, he adds.

So let’s tell him.  We’re for self-determination.  And for democracy.  And for prosperity.  We’re in favour of free trade and voluntary intergovernmental cooperation.  We’re in favour of secure and affordable energy.  We’re in favour of managed immigration.  That’s why we’re against being governed by remote, unaccountable and anti-democratic foreign institutions where we have no control and little influence.

Point by point: “Anti-politics”.  We’re not anti-politics  We do politics.  We stand candidates at elections (with considerable and increasing success).  But we are indeed against the old parties, which have coalesced on the soft centre of social democracy, and persistently ignore the views of their voters.

“Anti-foreigner”.  Within our parliamentary group in Brussels we have Italians, French, Dutch, many nationalities.  My lead staffer for the last three years is an Italian lawyer, who is doing a cracking job.  Nigel Farage is married to a German.  So get your head straight, Sir John.  We’re not anti-foreigner.

“Anti-immigrant”.  We’re against uncontrolled mass immigration.  We’re against the current discriminatory policy, which rejects highly qualified people from the Commonwealth, but accepts poor and unskilled European immigrants.  We think that an Australian brain surgeon or a Canadian nuclear physicist or an Indian software engineer probably has more to offer the British economy than an unskilled Romanian (for example).  But we’re not “against immigration”.  We recognise that British industry needs to be able to recruit skills from abroad.  We want to discriminate not on the basis of nationality or ethnicity, but on the basis of training and skills, within a numbers limit consistent with protecting our social infrastructure and social cohesion.

“Anti-Aid”: Same comments apply.  We’re not anti-aid.  We’re happy to provide emergency relief to respond to floods and tsunamis and earthquakes.  But we don’t want to spend disproportionately more than other countries.  We don’t want to subsidise countries who have their own space programmes and nuclear programmes and indeed aid programmes – and in one case, have actually said they don’t want our money.

I really thought that Sir John had more sense.  Back in 1976, I sat on the Huntingdon Conservatives’ Selection Committee that adopted John Major as their parliamentary candidate, and I seem to remember that I voted for him.  But of course we thought we were selecting a workaday back-bench MP for a rural constituency, not a Prime Minister and would-be global statesman.

Given his views about UKIP, it’s perhaps surprising that Major’s prescription for immigration sounds a whole lot like UKIP policy.  He seems to agree that we need to find ways to moderate the flow of immigrants from the EU, at least. He proposes a “pragmatic” solution and a “temporary” restriction.  Too little too late, but going in the right direction.

In the same paper his colleague Iain Duncan Smith ridicules claims that immigrants contribute significantly to the UK’s GDP, pointing out that immigrants themselves grow older and become dependent. And he particularly points out the way that immigrants, including large numbers of non-English speakers, are “changing our schools” and placing huge pressure on our education system.

Strange the way that Tory politicians seem to condemn UKIP on the one hand, and try to steal our clothes on the other.  But voters recognise authenticity.  They know that we mean what we say, whereas they suspect that people like Major and IDS are simply making electoral capital.

Strange the way that Tory politicians seem to condemn UKIP on the one hand, and try to steal our clothes on the other.  But voters recognise authenticity.  They know that we mean what we say, whereas they suspect that people like Major and IDS are simply making electoral capital.

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21 Responses to Grudging imitation from Sir John Major

  1. DougS says:

    Cracking stuff Roger.
    I couldn’t quite take the whole diatribe from Major on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday but I got the gist if it early on. And did you notice that, when Marr started to put a question to the bold Sir John about the French, Major cut him off and told him ‘not to go there’. Naturally, Marr was fully in compliance and bit his lip.
    The unspeakable BBC!

  2. Brin Jenkins says:

    Seems fair enough, I’m decidedly anti Major who lied about the EU and the Maastricht treaty being only a tidying up operation.

    That was Treason Sir John, and you knew better then we did.

    • Right wingery says:

      You know whenever swivel eyed nutters come out with the term ‘treason’ to justify their bonkers arguments it makes me realise that they are, indeed, swivel eyed nutters.

      Do you actually know what treason is?

      • Jane Davies says:

        Treason: violation by subject of allegiance to sovereign or state, disloyalty.
        Sums him up pretty well methinks!

      • Brin Jenkins says:

        Actually I do, and 14 Police authorities have reported some MP’s to the Metropolitan Authority for investigation of the Treason offence. Are they also swivel eyed loons? On another occasion some 60 years ago a Socialist called Tories Vermin, in the House. A Vermin club was set up and I wore the badge with some pride then. Where has your pride gone?

  3. Flyinthesky says:

    I couldn’t have put it better myself Roger, hence you’re a politician and I’m not.
    What people need to realise is although the others want to steal our clothes, the outfit that they don’t want to don is the one that has public participation written on it, AKA democracy.
    “We know best” historically they don’t. Indeed if we had had actual “representative” democracy
    Most of the problems we now face would be non existant. Democracy, on a global scale, is an illusion powered by governmental aggrandisement and vested interests.
    The longer it takes for people around the world to realise this reality the bigger bang there’s going to be when they do.

  4. Maureen Gannon says:

    And this from the man who sold us down the river by signing Maastrict and is the member of the Carlyle group.
    And if he cannot find out what they stand for it’s probably because he wouldn’t understand people who want something called democracy , he appears to believe in the fraudulent, undemocratic body that rule us now.

    • Ian Terry says:

      And they are still selling us down the river Maureen all of them whatever colour their party. Time is not on our side i just hope that come next Friday morning the UK in general will wake up and really smell the coffee. The only thing in life that is a constant is change. OMG we need it now and PBQ.

      • Maureen Gannon says:

        Somehow this racist smear has to be got rid of , and more exposure of the lies and hypocracy enacted by all of the traitors the Arrest warrant should be exposed for what it is a betrayal of the Magna Carta and Habeas Corpus , which they will supposedly celebrate it’s existance , Bill Cash was right when he accused them of chincanery , this should be emphasised at every chance there is .

      • Brin Jenkins says:

        Maureen, forget the Trotsky invented RACIST smear. Its a Pavlovian Social Marxist response of all who differ in viewpoint. A shame its also seen with fools who don’t understand left wing right wing, and who constructed the false concept.

  5. Maureen Gannon says:

    I forgot to add this link for an explanation of the Carlyle group..

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Thats a rats nest Maureen. They bought the company i was in… QinetiQ (Farnborough/Malvern etc). Easy meat – from Gov agency to predators.

  6. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Get a whiff of Prescott when this name pops up. And pops over from Spain to lob hand grenades about. Silly man!

    Tories at a stretch I think.

  7. Jane Davies says:

    I think his comments say more about him than his “views” on UKIP. In trying to drum up opposition to this upstart “new” party he makes himself look stupid. It never ceases to amaze me how these politicians misjudge the electorates intelligence, Surprise (!)….we haven’t just fallen off the last turnip truck, we can see through the lies and bluster, we have, after all, had years of smoke and mirror politics by the former three “main” party’s to know not to trust this type of political assassination. Major is yesterday’s man, and for him to be made a knight is an insult to those who really earn the accolade. He needs to shut up or his reputation for treason will be a valid reason for us honest hard working folk to demand he falls on his sword and put an end our misery of having to listen to him.

  8. David says:

    He is so grey we can see through him.

  9. Anne Palmer says:

    Naw! Yave got it wrong Roger Mate. The more some one ‘as a “GO” at UKIP, the more the people will vote for ’em.

    .Trust, A word from the Past. .

    Gone are the days, so long ago now,
    When trust in our Government held fast.
    When true to their Oath and to their King,
    Just a memory, from that long distant past.
    Weak now are those in that place of trust,
    Eagerly treacherous Treaties do sign,
    For those that forbid the people a say,
    Shout by hook or crook, ALL is mine.

    But trust is such a gentle word,
    It is fragile, needs loving tender care,
    For once it is lost, it is forever out of reach,
    To place again in their hands, no one dare
    The belief in reliability, truth or strength
    Is now misplaced for a while,
    No confidence left for those in power.
    For those deeds that are done are most vile.

    Each five years in a ‘position of trust’,
    An honour bestowed to cherish,
    These most precious Islands of ours
    That so many in the saving, did perish.
    Never again will the people believe
    Any word by an MP, friend or foe,
    The people will only trust in themselves,
    For it is they that hold the future you know.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Nice one Anne, and very true. All of the trust and respect has gone for the politicians who inhabit the main parties, if indeed there was any to start with after decades of mismanagement. It is fast becoming a case of that these dishonest self serving hypocrites ‘doth protest too much’.

  10. Anne Palmer says:

    So this Governments is to accept the EU’s Arrest Warrant along with 35 European Union Justice and Home Affairs measures whilst at the same time trying to get the people of this Country to vote for them again in the General Election of 2015 when ALL in that house know that in accepting to EU Arrest Warrant will destroy (over ride) at least two very important parts of our very own Common Law Constitution that such as I went through a World War for, as did my husband in the RAF in an effort never to be governed by foreigners. As you all know in both Houses of Parliament that in the accepting the above, over-rides (Thus destroying) two very important parts of our very own Long standing Common Law Constitution. I hope these words may change their minds!
    Habeas Corpus is perhaps one of the greatest protections against over powerful states, and tyranny and is, and has been part of our Common Law Constitutional Documents dating back as far back-some believe- to1640. There are of course certain “Acts of Treason” protecting many of our Great Constitutional Documents and many people as I understand it, would put this matter before the United Kingdom Courts should there be any attempt to destroy any part of our Common Law Constitutional Documents. It is indeed TREASON to destroy any part of our Constitution. (Sadly I am also aware that the Judges may also come under the Treaties Ratified which shows perhaps the full extent of what those WE have elected in good faith yet have eagerly ratified those Treaties and also pay Billions of British pounds so to do. So many gave their lives for those we have foolishly elected- for your freedom from foreign rule, and had those brave men and women along with that truly GREAT Prime Minister-Winston Churchill, many of those in that once highly respected House of Commons might never have been born. It was also part of why we went to WAR to prevent being Governed in any way by foreigners. The people have never once been allowed a “say” before ONE EEC/EC/ EU Treaty has been ratified. ALL the EU Treaties have been ratified without the people’s consent before signing yet those Treaties have over-ruled ALL in this Country even all in both of our Houses of Parliament and ALL have perhaps, all our Judges in our Courts? The EU’s Arrest Warrant tramples over parts of our own Common Law Constitution Habeas Corpus and Magna Carta and they know-without doubt- that, “To destroy our Constitution is indeed Treason”.
    Before would be MP’s may take their seats in that House of Commons, even though the people may have freely elected them, they so swear a solemn Oath “I (name of Member) swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God”. “ACCORDING TO LAW”, very important Words indeed for our Law is our ancient Common law Constitutional Documents which has survived through two World WARS and yes many gave THEIR lives in the saving of it. “To destroy our Constitution is indeed and Act of Treason”. Various Act of Treason are there ‘for all time coming’ to protect our Constitutional Documents that two World Wars have been fought and won to indeed protect them.

  11. Arthur King says:

    “We are “anti-politics, anti-foreigner, anti-immigrant, anti-aid (he means foreign aid)”.”===================== YES!!! That’s why people vote UKIP!! This is splendid confirmation of how much the Lib/Con/Labs are out of touch. We want our country back.
    This man is foul he is a major shareholder in Halburton Group and you don’t get much worse than that.
    By the way John, how is the murky Edwina..

  12. Anne Palmer says:

    Just one little Cross FOR UKIP.

    Just one little cross, that is all that it takes,
    To change this great country of ours.
    Just one little cross that I will make one day,
    For a history to read down the years.
    Just one little cross for those that say,
    They will earn the money we pay,
    For they will govern this Country of ours
    And take back, what others gave away.

    One little cross we have over the years,
    Placed by names of those parties known well,
    But long gone is the hope, the faith, the trust,
    For they took us down the path to Hell.
    Just one little cross for those that dare
    The truth to speak loud and clear,
    We know what we see, is what we will get,
    So there is nothing now left to fear.

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