Eye-watering energy prices a direct result of climate alarmism

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9 Responses to Eye-watering energy prices a direct result of climate alarmism

  1. tapestry says:

    or just pure greed….regulate the industry or nationalise

    • Roger Helmer MEP says:

      With respect, Tapestry, the problem is that we have already regulated the industry so intensively that it is practically nationalised. What we need is a free market, where (subject to basic safety regulation) industry is free to compete, and to deliver competitive energy. Right now, we have renewables obligations and subsidies and an Emissions Trading Scheme and a carbon price floor and capacity payments and subsidies to diesel generator owners …. that’s what’s causing the problem. Free markets work better than State Planning.

  2. Ian Terry says:

    The only thing that will stop this madness is governments start taxing the unearned income of all the land owners and financial institutions that are making eye watering profits out of the poorest in society. Every farm or land that has more than one turbine should be redesignated as a power station and taxed accordingly. Every home with solar panels selling their electricity to the grid should be charged a business rate for their property. You produce some thing and sell it. That is business. How can the EU let alone the UK sit back and be proud about the millions that are floundering in the mire of, High Fuel Prices = Fuel debt and poverty = family poverty = poor diet cheap junk food = obesity = drain on health resources. Cause and Effect is such a simple tool but it seems to simple for the three stooges that are running this country. From Rogers speech it sounds as if he used the same process regarding industry. But will they listen? No chance the majority of politicians have their heads so strategically placed that they are covering their ears and are totally unaware of what they are party to. The eventual wholesale destruction of industry and manufacturing in Europe let alone the UK

    • DICK R says:

      What is ‘unearned ‘ income, all income except for useless government subsidy, is earned

      • Ian Terry says:

        Dick R

        Living in surrounded by turbines trust me all the land owners do is sit in doors and watch them turn and recieve the cheque at the end of each month for the rent. It runs into £1000s and in some cases tens of thousands. Just google up Dave Camerons father in law. In my book that is unearned income. They don’t have to even get their a********** of off the bed. Even those on social have to go and sign on!! Like a lot of people in this country if I do not work I don’t get paid. It ain’t rocket science.

  3. Mike Stallard says:

    Nobody there to listen to this. Shame. But the Green Blob is not about listening: it is about KNOWING THE TRUTH and MAKING SURE EVERYONE ELSE TOES THE LINE. Champers anyone? Canape?

  4. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Timmermans: “be careful what you wish for blah, blah, blah”

    I don’t recall wishing for any of the EU, clearly the VI’s did and still do.

    Graham Stringer in response to a Caroline Lucas (HoC recently) Frack/No Frack debate and on and on:

    The hon. Lady uses as a basis for opposing fracking the fact that we will not meet our emissions targets. So what? We are hitting our emissions targets—[Interruption.] Well, I will explain it to the hon. Lady, because she is in a fantasy world. In hitting our emissions targets, we are responsible for more carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere than we were before, because of embedded carbon coming in through industrial manufactured goods from China and elsewhere. The hon. Lady’s policy does not help the climate or reduce carbon dioxide. Her policy is about de-industrialisation, which is responsible for increasing the costs of industrial goods in this country by 9%, putting people out of work, and for increasing the cost of domestic energy, depending on how it is counted—by and large, it is not counted properly—by between £50 and £120 a year. The hon. Lady is concerned about carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere, but that is increasing because we are effectively subsidising imports from China and India.

    Water…the next threat. Did we develop and build desalination plants when advised (60s/70s)…thats when it would have been cheaper….Nope! No shortage of rising sea water is there?

  5. Paul says:

    Blah, blah, blah and as soon as he’s interviewed on the BBC he always bottles it by telling them that Mankind has some effect on the world’s climate due to carbon dioxide. Might just as well employ Caroline Lucas as UKIP’s energy spokesperson.
    A lukewarmer if ever there was one.

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