Back to the Future – (with Sir Edward Garnier)



On January 11th, on the BBC’s East Midlands Sunday Politics show, Conservative MP Sir Edward Garnier faced off against UKIP’s Paul Oakden (the BBC had wanted an MEP, but both Margot and I had prior commitments).  Starts about 48 minutes in.  I believe that Labour MP Vernon Coaker was there as well.

Sir Edward was caught out in what appeared to be a contradiction.  He insisted that “he was not worried about UKIP”.  There was a discussion of the marginal Amber Valley seat, and Sir Edward insisted that incumbent Tory MP Nigel Mills (famed as “the Candy-Crush MP”), with a majority of just over 600, was not at risk.  But in the next breath he was repeating the tired old claim that a vote for UKIP would hand the election to Labour, and give Miliband the keys to Number 10.

Of course these propositions are incompatible — he can’t have it both ways.  The second proposition is also wrong.  UKIP has done well in Tory seats — but we’ve also done outstandingly well in Labour seats.  In Rotherham.  In Heywood & Middleton (where as Paul pointed out, UKIP came a strong second, so a Tory vote was a wasted vote, and let in a Labour MP).  And in Lib-Dem seats like Eastleigh.  In hundreds of seats across the country UKIP is the main challenger, and likely to benefit from tactical voting.

Sir Edward insisted that in May UKIP would win two or three – or at most four – Westminster seats.  I think he may be in for a surprise on May 8th.

One other interesting point emerged.  Sir Edward repeatedly claimed that “UKIP want to take Britain back to the 50’s” (clearly the emerging main plank of the Tories’ anti-UKIP strategy).  He made no attempt to explain or justify that proposition — and nor could he have done so.  We are interested in restoring independence, self determination and democracy to our country.  Does he see those as old-fashioned, 1950’s values?  But I should hardly think he’s the man to denigrate self-determination and democracy.  He’s an honest and decent chap, and I don’t for a moment believe he regards freedom and democracy as old-fashioned.  And no one wants to take Britain back to the sort of poverty and low incomes that we saw in the 50’s (though Labour policies might have that effect).

So yes, UKIP is interested in the 50’s- but the 2050s, not the 1950s.  Will our grandchildren have jobs?  Will they be more prosperous than we are today, or will their future be trammelled with debt, and energy shortages?  Will they have warm homes, and personal transportation?  Will British education be at the forefront in global terms?  Will our country be secure, both in terms of food and energy, but also in defence terms?  Will it be safe to walk the streets?  Above all, will they be living in a free and independent and democratic country?

That’s UKIP’s concern, Sir Edward.  The future.  Not the past.

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6 Responses to Back to the Future – (with Sir Edward Garnier)

  1. David says:

    Excellent rebuttal Roger, your quite good at this, natural talent always wins.

  2. Maureen Gannon says:

    Their propaganda would have done Goebbals proud, only problem is there are lots of gullible people who will be made to feel afraid to leave the EU, I see today that Jaguar are to create 1,300 jobs , how convienient,, this will be the next ploy you can hear tories and libs telling people they can thank europe for this as they import them from us.
    As an aside Roger why is not more made of the fact that if I or anyone from this country needs medical treatment in Europe I have to pay for a translator, why does UKIP not highlight this ? people are shocked when I tell them we are paying 23 million a year for that service to non speaking people in our country,

    • bumper says:

      I would imagine that not many of the vehicles Jaguar produce will be bought by the Eurozone. JLR is a major exporter to the rest of the world because it is Indian owned and owes no allegiance to the EU.
      As for the problem in Amber Valley, I think Ashfield is similar for Liebor. Gloria is having her heels nipped by UKIP and anyone voting for the Limp Dumb candidate should be sectioned.

  3. Jane Davies says:

    The video won’t play for me but at least I’m spared listening to the same old “reasons” for staying on a sinking ship. I have to disagree with Maureen I do believe the thinking, voting people of the UK can at last see the EU for what it is, a complete disaster and will vote accordingly.

  4. Ian Terry says:

    Well said Jane.
    My understanding on the JLR jobs is that maost of the exports are going to China. As reported by the BBC (so it must be true?)
    One can only hope and pray that UKIP get given the time on the box to really get their message across.
    Today the Lib/dicks today squashed the monitoring of skype calls and the like and who will be on the Marr show next Sunday? Nick (the wimp) Clegg. You couldn’t make it up.

  5. stallardmike says:

    I am just reading Mark Steyn on After America.It is not just us that have the problem of a united political class. Sarah Palin went to the wrong university and was utterly trashed by the Press, the government and ended up as a household joke. In France, Germany, Greece and Italy, people who have the real experience of what life outside the bubble are trashed, mocked and treated as loonies and fruitcakes.
    What UKIP stands for is unpopular and indeed it may be wrong, but what Mr Cameron stands for, I think I am now realising is disaster – the debt is not even being mentioned for instance.

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