Well done that Lady!


One of the nastier aspects of modern life is the internet trolling that seems to follow anyone with a minor public profile, or a marginally controversial opinion.  All of us in politics get it from time to time, and it’s a sad reflection on the dark under-belly of modern life.  A recent victim is Rachel Carrie, billed as “The face of British Shooting” – and if I may say so, a very agreeable face she has, too.

She has received some pretty vile stuff – if not death threats, then at least death-wishes.   And all this for pursuing a perfectly legal activity which has been a feature of country life for centuries.  One wonders what motivates these people.  Are they jealous of the publicity she’s achieved?  Are they looking around for a fig-leaf in an attempt to justify their hatred and resentment of their fellow-citizens?  It can scarcely be a concern for animal welfare.  Those animal rights hooligans who released farmed mink into the wild had little regard for the British countryside, or for the survival of the English water-vole.

Given that we raise, and kill, and butcher stock on an industrial scale, it’s perhaps surprising that a relatively minor activity like shooting should attract such passionate opposition.  Relatively minor, but still an important industry, which turns over some £2 billion a year and employs, directly or indirectly, 74,000 people.  Many of these jobs are in remote areas where employment is hard to come by.

Shooting brings in a lot of foreign exchange revenue to the UK.  It also contributes to nature conservation and wild-life management across five million acres of our country.

But there is more to shooting than economics.  We should do well to recall that humans are omnivores.  We eat grains and vegetables and fruit and nuts – but also fish and meat.  And we have done so since time immemorial.  We are descended from a million years of hunter-gatherers.  Hunting and shooting, whether for the pot, or to control vermin and protect our chickens and lambs, is a fundamental part of our nature and provenance that we reject at our peril.  It’s part of who we are.

So well done, Rachel, for making a stand.  Millions of sensible folk will applaud what you’re doing.  You can afford to ignore the handful of misfits and misogynists who choose to parade their anonymous inadequacies by abusing you.

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18 Responses to Well done that Lady!

  1. David says:

    We see this today regarding page 3, whether one likes this kind of picture or not, it is a small number of protesters stopping the larger group doing something useful, enjoyable.

  2. catalanbrian says:

    I do not disagree with your views on shooting, but was there any need to make the comment “and if I may say so, a rather agreeable face she has, too”. An unnecessary and sexist statement that detracts from the rest of your piece. Still what more can we expect from a UKIP dinosaur?

  3. ps3person says:

    Well said Roger, and I concur, a very agreeable face!

  4. Peter Palmer says:

    Spot on, Roger, as usual. You, too, always seem to hit the mark.

  5. Jane Davies says:

    I wonder if all of the trolls who have attacked her are all vegetarian, I’m willing to bet not! These vile creatures hide behind anonymity and are total cowards who would never be brave enough to spew their hatred face to face.
    As a female I do not take offence at Roger’s comment on her looks, indeed I have been known to comment about cute men, and did so on my facebook page just last week!

  6. Ian Terry says:

    Have been shooting since a kid and the one thing I always think about is that game pheasants and partridges raised for shooting end up with a better life then a battery hen. Shooting is a great hobby for women as it does not require strength or stamina. As a bye I know a lot of very attractive women who are exceptional shoots and the last thing you think about in competition is who looks like what. In the defence of most game shooters the high majority of them eat what they kill. So it is not really a big deal.

  7. Katie says:

    Well done Roger for appreciating beauty when you see it. Lots of sad people out there. People should think themselves lucky that they are not living during the war if they don’t like shooting and eating animals. My grandfather kept chickens and pigs on his allotment for his own personal use and many others did too. I can understand a veggie not liking it but anyone who eats meat is being hypocritical. Do they not realise what animals go through today for them to eat them?? Pheasants, deer, rabbits etc all live as near natural lives as possible. Pheasants are fed and have pens for shelter from predators and bad weather. They are shot and killed as quickly and humanely as possible. Unlike farm animals who have to endure long journeys to the abattoir where they are often treated roughly before not always being killed instantly. Halal meat does not meet normal standards for being killed. If you eat meat then you have no rights to criticise people who shoot. The people I know that shoot always eat everything they kill. Just because you don’t kill something yourself it doesn’t mean you are any less guilty.

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