Economic Suicide postponed…and UKIP saves the day!


A typical EU Parliament Committee meeting

Just a couple of days ago I wrote about the disaster of European energy policy, which is creating “an Industrial Massacre in Europe” (former Commissioner Antonio Tajani).  It is driving jobs and investment and industry — and emissions — out of Europe altogether.  Often they go to jurisdictions with lower environmental standards, so we may also be increasing global emissions as we undermine EU competitiveness.

In steel, and aluminium, and petroleum refining, and glass, and chemicals, and cement, plants are closing and hundreds of thousands — maybe millions — of jobs are being lost across Europe. And this is the result not of bad luck, or an act of fate, but as a direct consequence of deliberate policy decisions which have forced up the price of energy.

I described how a new proposal for a “Market Stability Reserve” attached to the ETS was deliberately designed to raise the cost of energy still further — the steel industry expects a 40% increase by 2020.  Major industries clinging on by their finger-nails see this as the coup de grace.

Last Thursday, in the Industry & Energy Committee (ITRE), we had the vote on the parliament’s report (drafted by Mr. Tajani — now an MEP again) on the Commission’s MSR proposal.  The Commission wants its disastrous MSR to be implemented by 2021, but the combined forces of the left and the Greens — plus, incredibly and shamefully, the British Conservatives — were pressing for an earlier implementation date of 2017.

Naturally, on the basis that suicide postponed is better than suicide today, we in UKIP are firmly opposed both to the MSR, and to the earlier start-date.  But incredibly, the advice from the British Government to UK MEPs was to support both the MSR and the 2017 date.  I sense the hand of Lib-Dem Energy Minister Ed Davey in this.  If Tory back-benchers knew what was being done in their name, I suspect that most of them would be horrified.

The vote was on a knife-edge, and there was much jockeying for position ahead of it.  I have the only UKIP seat on ITRE, but our Lithuanian colleague Mr. Paksas was absent, so I got my good UKIP colleague David Coburn MEP (Scotland) to take his place.

To my surprise and gratification, the amendment for the earlier 2017 date was rejected — but by a tiny margin.  Even more astonishing — the whole report was rejected in the final vote.  This is one of those cases where we can say that our two UKIP votes made the difference — and I hope that intensive energy users in Britain will take note and be duly grateful.  I was saddened to see British Tory MEPs slavishly following the government line and voting against industrial competitiveness.

This does not mean, of course, that the MSR has gone away — still less the ETS.  The fact that the parliament was unable to agree an opinion merely means that the Commission position remains un-amended, with its MSR in 2021.  But who knows.  In that famous line from the early BBC series Henry the Eighth, the man said: “By then, the King may die.  Or I may die.  Or the Horse may talk”.   And maybe by 2021 the UK will be out of the EU entirely.  And at least we have more time for the Green Taliban to see the error of its ways.

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14 Responses to Economic Suicide postponed…and UKIP saves the day!

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Radio 4 this am was the HoC EAC chair on about , “we have to meet our emissions target”. In other words an end to Fracking. Thats a committee of MPs that are not qualified on the subject and source like this:

    The EAC also cites evidence from Paul Mobbs, a self-described “freelance campaigner, activist, environmental consultant, author, lecturer and engineer” and former “electrohippie”, who runs a “dysorganisation” called the ‘Free Range Activism Website’. (See Daily Teleg..much as I hate to recommend the DT these days)

    They were also on about CCS which is not going to happen fast and I would think will accelerate the demise of coal, except in Germany and anywhere East.

    That target and its attendant sub parts is a nonsense anyway. So, because nobody is sure, better to do the damage now?
    I’m certainly grateful Mr Helmer and I think Carswell/Reckless were useful on outlawing subsidies for windfarms etc (just?):

  2. Brin Jenkins says:

    Brilliant Roger, any tax that does not meet its stated objective is a wicked extortion. Was a Marxist redistribution of wealth was the real intention behind this Carbon Credit Tax, and not saving the Planet?

    Added to the Carbon Theory being flawed, support by misled consensus opinion is never science. Show us experimental data proving that carbon dioxide can be a cause of heating, after it has been released by heat?

    Computer models rely on the theoretical algorithm. Garbage in, garbage out was the old programmers description.

    No one has yet corrected my simple explanation of solar energy? If they agree why argue to the contrary? If they don’t, then write and explain to me how I’m wrong?

  3. tallbloke says:

    Reblogged this on Tallbloke's Talkshop and commented:
    Excellent job! UKIP crucial in defeating EU economic suicide pact. Well done Roger Halmer and David Coburn!

  4. Info says:

    Well Roger you know only to well that my views on ETS coincide with yours and regarding MSR pleased that the UKIP vote saved the day in the ITRE Committee of the EP. For some time major energy intensive users have been deserting the UK, and the EU to, but governments don’t seem to care. Loss of jobs, yes real jobs, loss of investment because of uncertainty and what might appear a lack of understanding that we need an energy policy that promotes competitiveness.
    We must also remember that policies such as ETS / MSR have a knock on effect on major energy users in the UK like the NHS, Schools and Local Government Authority activity. 
    Also business in the UK that can’t just move away and have to cope with all the economic pressures before them. That includes energy and related emission strategies.

    We need an energy policy that is geared solely for the UK.

    Why don’t you send your blog article to all the Conservative back bench MP’s to let them know what the government are advocating.

    Wilfred Aspinall
    Former Member: European Economic and Social Committee

    EU Strategy Adviser: Aspinall and Associates

  5. Ian Terry says:

    Thank god that someone is applying logic and thinking of this country.

    Then today on the BBC Breakfast programme (so it must be true) putting fracking on hold

    Typical tories, fail to see and recognise the impact on fracking on the USA and use the lame excuse that it will impact on our climate change commitment and the forth coming World Conference and agreement by the end of the year.

    Shades of heads in non shining places!!

    The lunatics have not just taken over they are in full control

  6. Jane Davies says:

    We are hearing about the impact of fracking on a regular basis I’m sure this is a disaster waiting to happen.

    • Brin Jenkins says:

      On the other tack Jane energy costs in the USA have been transformed. Here we are totally dependant on OPEC’s largess for our overburdened economy, and that concerns me rather more than a lapse of control outside of our jurisdiction that was responsible for an alleged waste water spill. The reported quantity a day of 3 million gals should have been easily contained and treated. Apart from salt, the radioactive elements are not quantified and may well be discountable as no discernible risk, much as we have in the Granite area of Cornwall UK. We also have very high levels of natural arsenic that we don’t panic over. Reading further on the link it says the waste water disposal is unregulated in Florida!

      Unrelated to fracking it also promotes solar panels to generate income, this is paid by levies on hapless consumers and has more than doubled the cost to the UK users. In Feb the output is 12% of what may be generated in July. Hardly a sensible basket to place all your eggs in!

      Greenies the World over are similar to melons, green outside and red throughout.

  7. Ian Terry says:

    Link found between infrasound emitted by wind turbines and complaints of “unbearable sensations” by residents

    Further to my previous entry on fracking. This just got to be good news.
    I just hope that the snowball is over the top of the hill and the court cases start.
    Then we will see who is going to be big and honest enough to say ” I got it wrong and that the link does exist and we will be putting a moratorium on all onshore turbines wether passed or still under construction”

    Roger just on the side do not seem to be getting new comments automatically.

  8. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Roger, for your efforts to expose government propaganda.

    Steven Goddard has suggested AGW may be caused by incompetence in the UN’s IPCC.

    Misinformation-by-design to fit UN Agenda 21 better explains the systematic distortions in temperature data than random incompetence

  9. Roger, please keep up the good work. People like me depend on people like you.

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  12. lelu love says:

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