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Risk, Hazard, and Food Security

“Who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath” — Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice Shakespeare might just as well have said “must risk and hazard all he hath”, since (so far as I know) the two words meant … Continue reading

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COOL: Country of Origin Labelling

Sometimes in the European parliament, an issue that seems on the face of it perfectly clear-cut turns out to be rather more complicated.  On Wednesday we voted on “COOL” – country-of-origin labelling for meat in processed foods.  Note that word … Continue reading

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A good couple of days

I was in Brussels on Thursday morning (Feb 5th), and flew back in the afternoon. More or less immediately I was on my way to our East Midlands regional meeting, which this time was taking place at the Woodhouse Arms … Continue reading

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Generalised abuse is no substitute for rational thought

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of mindless abuse from Warmist Trolls on Twitter.  “The fact that we have ignoramuses like Roger Helmer representing us in parliament is a f***ing outrage.  It really is”.  Or “Please resign. I don’t want … Continue reading

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UKIP: the only party with a rational energy policy

“Blowing my own Trumpet” circa 1961 As a teenager, I studied the trumpet, and played it (rather badly) in the School Orchestra.  Since then, I’ve tried to avoid blowing my own trumpet (or at least, not too hard!).  But I … Continue reading

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