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CPS Report vindicates UKIP energy position

                 “The most expensive policy disaster in modern British History” For three years now, as UKIP Energy Spokesman, I have been inveighing against the high costs of renewables, and the vast economic damage … Continue reading

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Telegraph makes mischief for Suzanne

There’s an extraordinary piece in Tuesday’s Telegraph saying “The Policy Chief writing the UKIP manifesto (the redoubtable Suzanne Evans) has said she agrees with David Cameron’s position on Europe”.  This is an extraordinarily mischievous piece of misreporting – she said … Continue reading

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Open Europe goes native

         Or is Open Europe batting for the Status Quo? Open Europe have asked me (quite rightly) to clarify their position: they presented four scenarios, two negative, two positive, for Brexit.  They are quite right to point … Continue reading

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It’s The Sun Wot Dun It!

All of us in politics remember the famous headline “It’s The Sun Wot Won It”, from April 11th 1992, when the Conservatives squeaked a narrow and unexpected victory from the jaws of defeat.  But change just two letters, and you … Continue reading

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The Budget: fiscal triangulation

  Most political parties, including UKIP, agree that the UK needs to cut the budget deficit.  And to the extent that George Osborne’s new budget seeks to do that, he deserves half a cheer.  The main thrust of UKIP’s criticism … Continue reading

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Brave new automotive world

I’ve just attended a debate organised by CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive suppliers, and I’ve seen the brave new world to which we seem to be heading.  The event took place in the Representation of the Free State of … Continue reading

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Asking permission from Brussels

I recently attended a meeting of the newly reconstituted Nuclear Forum in the European parliament, under the Chairmanship of Welsh Labour MEP Derek Vaughan.   The previous chairman Edit Herzog was sadly not re-elected last year, despite the amazing job she … Continue reading

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