The Epic Failure of European Energy Policies – UKIP MEP Roger Helmer

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8 Responses to The Epic Failure of European Energy Policies – UKIP MEP Roger Helmer

  1. ian wragg says:

    I see according to John Redwoods blog that the implimentation of the EU taking over energy from the nations was debated in the HoC yesterday. 90 minutes was dedicated to the whole EU 2015/16 proposals.
    Hideous that our MP’s have so little influence on EU matters.

    • Hugh Davis says:

      “Fast Company points out that, in order to be cost and energy effective, Portland’s new power generators must be installed in pipes where water flows downhill, without having to be pumped”, ie it is a technology that is pretty useless for the vast majority of commercial and domestic water supplies around the world. Also it would be interesting to equate the capital cost of the installation to the value of the electricity generated.

    • Brin Jenkins says:

      Crazy idea, expensive and unless this energy can be called upon when its needed usless. A bit like towing a generator behind a boat, it just brakes the progress of the boat.

  2. Ian Terry says:

    On top of everything else the House of Lords have made it law to spend 0.7% of national wealth on foreign aid. Pratts have they not heard of all the food banks and millions in fuel debt and poverty over here in the UK. All this crap is part of a far bigger plan because as it is it just don’t add up.

    • Jane Davies says:

      No it’s OK Ian…the overseas aid is not coming from national wealth ‘cos there in no money left to spend from there. They are BORROWING the billions to send overseas!

  3. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Real News: BBC might/may/could loose major income – not the criminal one I was hoping for !

    Clarkson suspended…..LOL. Could get more programmes like seeking B-modes from the freezing S. Pole with a radio telescope. At what must be massive expense and for what I don’t quite follow? Must be more important than killing ordinary people through starvation and lack of fuel…no worry, business as usual.

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