Asking permission from Brussels


I recently attended a meeting of the newly reconstituted Nuclear Forum in the European parliament, under the Chairmanship of Welsh Labour MEP Derek Vaughan.   The previous chairman Edit Herzog was sadly not re-elected last year, despite the amazing job she had done.

At the first meeting I attended, we had a presentation from a charming and senior lady in the ESA, the Euratom Supply Agency .   The lady was called (if I’ve got it right) Ute Blohm-Hieber .

And I was horrified to discover that under the terms of the Euratom Treaty of 1957 , this lady and her agency have the right to block contracts for supply of nuclear materials, and especially Uranium, to member-states, on a whim.  If Ute doesn’t sign the contract, there’s no contract.

This means, in effect, that if the UK wants to buy uranium from a supplier outside the EU, we have to go cap-in-hand and ask permission.  Even after fifteen years in the parliament, I’m still finding new areas where we have lost the right to manage our own affairs.

But you may say – “OK, they have the right – but surely they wouldn’t use it?”.  Sorry guys, but they just did.  Hungary and Russia had worked out a supply contract between them – and the ESA vetoed it! Here’s the EU Observer version.

Now in this case I can see the logic of the ESA position.  We are already far too dependent on energy supplies from Russia, and we don’t want to be more so.  But that’s not the point.  That is a judgement call to be made by the authorities in Hungary, not a Eurocrat in Brussels.  And if they can stop Hungary making a deal – they can stop the UK as well.  Yet another reason we’ll be Better Off Out.

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16 Responses to Asking permission from Brussels

  1. Maureen Gannon says:

    Roger Why is UKIP not exposing Cameron for the fradulent statement he keeps making about his referendum , being the only chance we will have for a referendum under him, when he must be fully aware that after the 31st of March 2017 we will not satand a pig’s chance as there is no way that we will get 65% of member states to let us go , lets face it we are regenerating the poorest countries with our benefits,, do turkeys vote for Christmas ?, another instance of a counytu not being free to choose.

    • Anne says:

      Perhaps the only way left out of the European Union Maureen, is by getting every one to vote for UKIP in the coming General Election. I mean that too because it is the only way there maybe left for ALL in this Country to be free from foreign rule. What is the point in fighting a full scale WAR when the alternative seems to be that we continue to pay foreigners absolute £billions of British pounds each and every year? By filling that House of Commons with UKIP seems the only way out we may have, for I cannot see any of the THREE MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES ALLOWING A REFERENDUM BEFORE THE NEW LEGISLATION TAKES AFFECT. Plus there are a few directives for 2020, 2030 and even a couple on the Environment for 2050, yet how does the EU know what the environment will be like then?

      What is the point in voting for one of the three major Political Parties that want foreigners to Govern us-forever when the people of this Country want out?
      Will the people still pay their taxes etc when THEY realise the full truth of what those three major Political Parties have done? I voted for the Conservatives for a little while after that last World War because of that truly GREAT PRIME MINSTER THAT TOOK US THROUGH IT-which I remember very well indeed. Yet look at the Treaties between them have ratified-without ever asking the people BEFORE any one of them was ratified.

      • Maureen Gannon says:

        I totally agree with what you say Anne , this is why I have questioned why whenever you hear the tory mantra about their referendum the lie is then not exposed?, time and time again you hear it on programmes like Question time, if there is a ukipper there WHY oh why do they not challenge it. ?
        I to remember the war and you wonder why you lived through it to see the mess these airheads in Parliamentt have made of this country..

  2. David says:

    Interfering sob,s from fag packets to fusion!

  3. George Morley says:

    You are so right Maureen Gannon and I have often wondered about this as nothing can be forever surely as circumstances change ?
    What are the consequences if the UK Government said “We are leaving tomorrow” and stopping all payments and receipts.
    What court do they go to that they & UK would recognise as it would have to be outside of their jurisdiction surely ?
    Is this really set in stone Roger ? Perhaps you could throw some light on it for us.

  4. Ex-expat Colin says:

    No mention of safety requirements and on going inspections is there. So the mountains/hills of Wales and anywhere the wind blows may/could/might get frazzled again. Or perhaps much lower?

    I’d change the fixings and configuration so that nothing else fitted. But still don’t get past the above…does it?

  5. Ian Terry says:

    Yet another case of the EU urinating without their flies being open. Exp Colin just about sums it all up absolutely right about the whole lack of forethought and process. Unless things change it will be for the UK another case of of pissing into the wind.

  6. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Smart Meters Irony….letter in D. Teleg today:

    A chap had Ovo fit Smart Meter(s) only to find that day Ovo had cranked their tariff up. So he switched supplier. And the result:
    “I was stunned to discover that my brand new smart meters were only compatible with one other supplier. I had to contact Ovo to find out how to take a reading, as it is a lot more complicated than just reading a permanent display”.

    Simple really? Dunno…Nurse!!

  7. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Where the complex climate models go wrong.

    Christopher Monckton tears the ground up here – thoroughly and skilfully.

    And this is a fairly long slog through the subject that was challenged on the same site (Mar 12) under the title: Reflections on Monckton et al.’s ‘Transience Fraction’ (Lovers of Op Amps/Amplifiers may recognise it, and where you need to be careful when comparing a piece of electronics theory with the planets climate)

    The comments to Moncktons piece are astonishing and as ever he wades in there. Its a full on and rearguard action. This must cause brain damage to the enemy?

  8. Maureen Gannon says:

    ReplyStrange assumption there Colin , didn’t know they had any , 😉

  9. Richard111 says:

    More and more I see the EU and the UN as members of the self appointed global government. It is completely anti-democratic. Discussions and debates are non-events in that organisation.

  10. Ex-expat Colin says:

    O/T sorry. The fight is escalating though:

    Didn’t know this (again) from Bishop Hill today:

    …under US Senate Bill S.329 (2013) the Overseas Private Investment Corporation – a federal agency responsible for backstopping U.S. companies which invest in developing countries – is essentially prohibited from investing in energy projects that involve fossil fuels, a policy that may have profound consequences in places like sub-Saharan Africa that are seeking to develop oil and gas resources to help alleviate widespread energy poverty.

    And S. Africa

    backstopping ??

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