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Toxic Waste Gushes Forth!

<> Yesterday I had the pleasure and privilege of appearing for UKIP in the BBC’s special Daily Politics debate on Climate and Energy, chaired by Andrew Neil.  I was delighted to find myself pitched against Ed Davey, Secretary of State … Continue reading

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Help for abused women in Newark

Last week I visited a Women’s Refuge in Newark, at the invitation of the manager and Trustees.  Of course the women who would use such a refuge have been subjected to domestic abuse by husbands or partners, and many are … Continue reading

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Knock-on effects cause knock-out problems

One of the most pernicious and durable errors in politics is the idea that politicians, in their hubris, and hiding in the Westminster bubble, can make any changes that occur to them, cooked up on the back of an envelope … Continue reading

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A Call for Competitiveness

There’s an excellent article in The Daily Telegraph of  April 7th by Chris Cummings, Chief Executive of TheCityUK , a lobby group for services.  Mr. Cummings laments the fact that the competitiveness of British industry doesn’t seem to feature too strongly … Continue reading

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Political Correctness strikes at the National Trust

Don’t get me wrong.  I have a high regard for the National Trust. I’m a Life Member — and have been for years.  I’ve had enormous enjoyment from visiting their properties — and their tea rooms — up and down … Continue reading

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My Right to Reply to Independent attack

The Letters Editor, The Independent, Dear Sir, I recently ventured a light-hearted Tweet criticising “Earth Hour”, and you saw fit to report this in a piece describing me as “an idiot”. Surely the real idiots are those, like Ed Davey, … Continue reading

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