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Five Live – Cameron’s Poverty of ambition

Referendum special – Listen to me up against Vicky Ford MEP – about 35 minutes in the debate starts and I explain why the referendum proposals show the poverty of ambition the Prime Minister has.

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Ask the right questions

As I write, I’m still not quite sure what the EU referendum question will be.  But “Do you agree that Britain should stay in the EU?” seems a likely option – with all the advantage of “positivity bias” accruing to … Continue reading

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The big Green Lie – “Fossil fuels are massively subsidised”

Climate realists rightly draw attention to the vast subsidies paid to support renewable energy – wind and solar.  These subsidies are ramping up the price of energy in Britain and Europe.  They are forcing households and pensioners into fuel poverty.  … Continue reading

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Curtailing the EU’s Invisible Hand – Roger Helmer MEP


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Cameron’s poverty of ambition

                                 At least the tie is the right colour, Dave One of the great weaknesses of Cameron’s position on his much-vaunted EU referendum has been … Continue reading

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The Human Rights Act

OK. I’m going to get into trouble for admitting it. But just once in a while, Prime Minister David Cameron gets it right. And he’s right to try to repeal the Human Rights Act. And let’s be clear. That’s not … Continue reading

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To stop the deaths, we must stop the boats

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a plain speaking, clear thinking kind of guy.  He recently commented on the Mediterranean migrant crisis: “If you want to stop the deaths, stop the boats”.  At first sight, this seems like a callous … Continue reading

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