To stop the deaths, we must stop the boats


Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a plain speaking, clear thinking kind of guy.  He recently commented on the Mediterranean migrant crisis: “If you want to stop the deaths, stop the boats”.  At first sight, this seems like a callous approach.  But there’s nothing callous about saving lives and stopping people-traffickers.

The immediate, instinctive, compassionate approach, “Let ’em all come”, leads to perverse incentives and unintended consequences.  It persuades more and more people to attempt the crossing.  And it acts as a Recruiting Sergeant for the traffickers.  We’re doing their marketing, writing their slogans for them.

“Get on the boat for Europe.  If it sinks, the Italian Coastguard will rescue you.  And either way, you’ll be allowed into the EU, given food and shelter and medical treatment.  And they’ll talk about repatriation, but in effect you’ll be in the EU forever.  Just wait for the next amnesty”.

The Australian approach is different.  “If we find your boat, we’ll tow it back to where you came from.  You will not under any circumstances be allowed to land or settle in Australia”.  This may sound harsh, but it stops the boats, and stops the deaths.

There are many who call for these Mediterranean migrants to be admitted to Europe.  There are even those who call for an open door policy to allow all to come who wish to, with safe passage provided.  But this policy is politically unsustainable.  Instead of hundreds and thousands, we should see millions.

The average UK income is around $38,000, and for the EU around $34,000.  Yet there is a rag-bag of African countries with per capita income below $1000, and Afghanistan is not much better off.  Of course they’ll want to come. The population of Africa at 1.1 billion is more than double that of the EU (and Afghanistan is 30 million plus).

And now we have our friend Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker saying that arriving immigrants must be shared out between EU member states on a proportional basis.  He proposes a mandatory migrant quota system, under which the UK would have to take tens of thousands of illegal immigrants.  The short answer to that is “No, Mr. Juncker.  You shouldn’t have let them in to start with.  Your problem, not our problem”.

Some will protest that these are refugees, not merely migrants, and are entitled to asylum under the Geneva Convention.  But that Convention was designed to deal with limited numbers in clearly defined circumstances.  It was not designed to deal with large-scale migrations where migrants may indeed face threats, but they also have massive economic incentives to travel.  It is simply impossible to establish whether the claimed threats are real in these cases – and certainly not with the huge numbers involved.

So our policy should be simple.  Intercept the boats.  Save the passengers from drowning.  Return them to their point of origin (mostly, it seems, Libya).  And make it abundantly clear and public that none of these people will be allowed to settle in any EU country.  And if we can’t get agreement to this in the EU, we must at least make it clear that none will be admitted to the UK.

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  1. omanuel says:

    I believe immigration is part of the geo-engineering plan adopted by National Academies of Science for Earth and its inhabitants.

    Did the US NAS create the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the S NAS (Swedish National Academy of Science) create the Crafoord Award to promote geo-engineering?

  2. Brin Jenkins says:

    As a little boy in Liverpool with my Mum, I found an abandoned kitten, loving cats I had picked up this little furry cat and wanted to take it home. It was not allowed, I was heartbroken but made to put the kitten back. Mum was correct, WW2 was in full swing, Uboats were sinking our convoys bringing in munitions, tanks, jeeps and also food to feed our nation. With severe food rationing feeding another was not affordable. Mum explained it to me that you can not take in all the stray cats, and it holds true today.

    I feel resentful that what we all suffered and fought for our Nation, it is now squandered and given away to Tom, Hussain and Bibby. I remain at nearly 80 a Flag Waving Nationalist. Most of those who fought are now gone, why the hell did we ever fight this bloody war?

  3. catalanbrian says:

    Strangely enough I find myself in general agreement with you. However I am surprised that you do not suggest that if a boat is used for people trafficking it should be confiscated and destroyed. That, over time will limit the number of boats available to the traffickers. And. the British Government must make a proper contribution to the force that is tasked to undertake this.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Bollox from you again..the boats are cr*p anyway, why do you think such junk is used?

      UK must not borrow money to finance anything that the EU wants..unelected and no longer required! The Calais wire was more than enough.

      However, the RN and RAF are responsible for UK territory and should watch along with the UK Coastguard. Now we have rid of the Lib Dems and supporting dimwits we may get the UK Border Force working properly. Before that the cr*p EU Human Rights needs to be crippled.

      • catalanbrian says:

        Clearly you are a lunatic who wants to beat others into submission, rather than dealing with things in a civilised manner

      • catalanbrian says:

        Oh and by the way, the European parliament was elected.. I am sure that Mr Helmer would object if he was to hear that he was not elected!

      • catweazle666 says:

        catalanbrian: “…rather than dealing with things in a civilised manner…”

        Come off it.

        You wouldn’t recognise a civilised manner if it scuttled under your bridge, jumped up, and bit you on the snout.

  4. Richard111 says:

    When are people going to wake up? This is jihad. Well planed. Minimum technology to create maximum disruption in enemy lines (the EU) allowing maximum insertion of undercover agents.

  5. David says:

    Has anyone heard any one calling Australia racist, inhuman, nasty people.

    I agree with all your solutions Roger, plus the turn em round policy of Australia, will it happen?

    How many is Junkers country taking, luxembourgh, no he will say we are to small a country.

  6. Ian Terry says:

    Very good entry Roger

    I always find it strange that all these people always manage to have enough money to pay for the trip. Australia have got it right as they have over quite a few things especially regarding renewable energy. How much could the country save if departments like the DECC were disbanded?

    In todays Scottish Daily Mail yet again they are highlighting the anmount of subsidies being paid to energy companies in Scotland alone it is reported at £1.4 million a day.

    I am sure that a lot of the population would not object to a proportion being redirected to prevent further loss of life and the destruction of the traffickers and their boats.

    Once they the people trying to make the crossing realise that if they are lucky enough to be found they are going back to the start line it will stop.

  7. Agreed. To which I would add further argument in favour of the policy advocated by Roger.

    The people who are trying to get to Europe have some money, sufficient to pay the smugglers, have initiative, are highly motivated and very brave. These are all the characteristics needed by the countries from which they are fleeing if these countries are to be turned into countries from which their population do not want to leave en-mass. The more we help people to leave the worse the prospect for those remaining in their countries of origin.

    Help should be aimed at the countries of origin. As this is clearly an international matter surely the place where it should be resolved is in the UN. That is where the action should be, and if the UN can’t sort this out you have to wonder what good the UN is for anything challenging.

    • Jane Davies says:

      You have just said more or less what I was going to say Alan. My simplistic way of thinking is looking at the cause, why are all these thousands of people fleeing their lands of birth. We need to tackle the root cause surely, boot out the regimes they are running from then the good people, who would no doubt prefer to stay put, could live peaceful lives. If this isn’t sorted then the refugee issue will just continue.

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        I often wonder what Bill Gates and his wife has to say about it all. I heard the disease and children bit on two continents…but?

        Anyway, they sure ain’t getting the aid money adequately and there are some good people trying to relieve the ordinary peoples daily problems. So what with the extremist surge I guess they need to come here for direct aid. China is well into Africa and I don’t think they are supplying much benefit. Open your mouth to them and it gets a bit frosty…to say the least. And there are more Aid VI Orgs there that will stick a gun in your face if you ask the odd money question.

        Try to imagine the EU with a military sorting Africa out…just like the UN blue hats..not a lot. an example.

      • Brin Jenkins says:

        I would hesitate to boot any one out of office in another’s Country Jane. I was against Tony Blairs incursions into Iraq, regime change is a very slippery slope and we might get out of the EU with UKIP, only to find someone wishes to change our regime from outside, for our own safety and comfort of course. As my Granny used to say we need to mind our own business and let others do likewise.

      • Jane Davies says:

        A very difficult problem I admit so what is the answer? We go on like this having to deal with the poor souls who just want a life?

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        Jane…this morning on BBC Today, some bloke (another unknown) from the EU was on about the immigrants piling in across the Med. He said the solution ultimately was the EU Development Plan for Africa. Thats another plan of course that requires major finance and a big bunch of people who I suspect fail. The money won’t ever get to the target adequately …I certainly know that.

        On the BBC Parliament channel yesterday there was Timmermans (First Dep President or something), some Greek bloke who explained what we have to accept/do/pay and a female (Federica Mogherini), the EU rep to the UN. Really cock sure are this lot and some EU woman (italian?) had a swipe at Teresa May for saying mainly…Nope!

        When I saw and listened to this lot I thought who the hell are you – more damp rags? Who elected you lot to come up with this stuff and force it on us. Just imagine the amount of loonys sitting behind this lot in streets of offices etc.

        They may experience the real world when they drive down the road and go home? In that EU place its clearly la, la, land!

  8. Richard111 says:

    Have a read at this link. It has some history of the problem we are facing.

    • Jane Davies says:

      This centuries old problem is never going to go away then is it? I can’t believe politicians are unaware of this so even more reason to have very tight border controls and to screen all Muslim’s and not just the men. It’s nothing short of a miracle that the UK with open borders has not had a major Muslim attack on the scale of the Twin Towers up to now. Time to man up and forget being PC and treat every Muslim as a potential threat to protect those of us who just want a peaceful life.

      • Brin Jenkins says:

        Total agreement Jane, Islam is incompatible with the West, how can Cameron be so misguided to say we need to bend their way. Have others read any of the Koran? Its blood curdling in its instruction.

  9. catalanbrian says:

    It’s not just the Qran, Brin. I think that you will also find the Bible has some pretty pretty blood curdling instructions as well, Perhaps Christianity is also incompatible with the West so perhaps we should just ban all religions. Of course that is tosh but no more tosh than other proposals on this page. It is quite unreasonable to treat all Moslems as a threat, just as it is quite unreasonable to treat all Irishmen as a threat, just because of the few lunatic IRA members. Most Moslems, the vast majority wish to lead a quiet and peaceful life, just like most Christians.

    • As I recall, shortly after the Charlie Hebdo killings its was reported that from a survey of UK Muslims a significant percentage thought the killings were justified, and a further percentage were not prepared to condemn them as wrong. So while it may be that the vast majority of Muslims do wish to lead a quiet and peaceful life it does seem that for them it would have to be on their terms.

      • ian wragg says:

        Alan, there is no such thing as moderate Islam. It is a political ideology with a target of world domination. I worked in the Middle East for 20+ years and witnessed it first hand.
        When push becomes shove, all Muslims will follow the Imam.
        Anyone accommodating their way of life is sadly deluded as to their motives.

    • Jane Davies says:

      In my most frustrated moments I do say in the privacy of my own home and to my other half that if all religion was banned maybe we could ALL live in a peaceful world. I’m just glad I saw the light in my teens and became an atheist. But I am a realist and know this would never happen.

      • Brin Jenkins says:

        Ah h Jane, I was with you 30 years ago, but we are spiritual beings unlike lower life forms. I now see God as the energy that created the universe. One may call this energy by other names but it still exists. “In the beginning God said let there be light.” this is before anything else was. There was light, this was the energy that I call God. Others may use other names but I’m content to see God as the creator of the Universe. Energy? Not the old man with a crook and long beard.

    • Brin Jenkins says:

      To understand the Bible, it is a collection of writings, mainly the early history of the Jews and yes there was some things done then that would now bring universal condemnation, but this was history and not an exhortation to do it now. The Koran is however an instruction for now and the future. I do not unconditionally support the Jews. I feel WW2 was hijacked by them. I think you are mislead on Islamic intentions, I know a Sunny that would pass for English, who supports your viewpoint, however he will be one of the first to be culled along with us if the time arrives.

    • catweazle666 says:

      More provocative drivel.

      Grow up.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      More garbage from you again. Its a community of them (whoever/whatever) and they don’t solve the issue the indigenous people face as a result of the Blair led big demographic change. And they have repeatedly been asked to solve the inner city black/brown/islam etc issues. The Cities of UK are shamefully largely red.

      Labour realised they could not win without external aid…ship them in! Only this time they miscalculated both Scotland and England.

      Now the EU wants to ship them in…FFS why? Can we stick them in where you allegedly live?

      The books are written by who exactly…some of them have some good guides to life and thats it!

      You called me a lunatic above…think its you m8!

  10. Richard111 says:

    ian wragg says: May 13, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    I only experienced 3 years in the Persian Gulf back in the late 60s and that was enough for me. I once had a loaded gun pointed at me as I washed in the airport Transit toilet. This was to ensure I didn’t drink any water. It was Ramadan.
    Islam is religion AND government. All muslims WILL obey when the call comes.
    I watch a lot of foreign TV on the sat box and see reports NOT shown on BBC.
    The troubles world wide are escalating

  11. catalanbrian says:

    From the above it seems that it was a jolly good thing that UKIP gained no seats (indeed lost one) in the last election.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Shallow cr*p from you again. The Tories got in thanks to the behaviour in Scotland and of Labour. UKIP should have about 80 parliamentary seats which relate to almost 4 million voters. Thats more than the SNP who get over 50 seats under FPTP. Thats a party that provides a First Minister who failed election to be an MP.

      Farage advised publicly that those in places that UKIP could not possibly win (Red Cities for one) should vote Tory and many of us did just that. That killed Labour and LibDems and we can now consider the Tory Gov to be an Interim majority.

      UKIP gain about 170 Local council seats and control of Thanet

      FPTP will be replaced thanks to UKIP mainly.

      Its “jolly good” alright….that UKIP has risen and shown quite clearly exactly what we need to achieve to blot out the past political curse of Blair, Brown and Milliband

  12. Katie says:

    Great post Roger. Seen that migrants from Africa are using inflatable boats. This is because they know they will be picked up and rescued. God, how many are going to come here? Loads I would think. They will get citizenship or whatever in Europe and then come to the UK for all the freebies. How many houses are we going to build????? they will all be taken up by migrants. No wonder the housing list is getting bigger. My daughter who lives near Southampton can’t get a doctors appointment for over a week. This is not acceptable. How long before we realise that immigration if out of control? I despair. As for the current debacle with Nigel Farage coming back, well, I am gobsmacked. Get rid of anyone making trouble and get him back. We need him urgently with the EU debate and referendum coming up. He is the only one that will speak out against it all and tell the public just what is going on. I am sure many dont’ realise that Cameron will say he has refused to take these boat people but what they don’t understand is that once they get European citizenship they can come here anyway. What a bloody mess. I am so glad I am not young. The UK will be unrecognisable in a few year.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Me too Katie…I’m a baby boomer and I’m glad I wont be around to see the fall of a once great and proud country. The way things are going in another 50 years the world will be ruled by Islamist’s and the flag of which the UK is just a star will not even exist as the idiots who “run” the EU will realise too late that they have had a major hand in their own demise.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Farage said he would explain the situation on BBC QT tonight. Thats if Dimbledum and mates let him, plus the independently acquired audience.

      Sked wailing on Sky News just now…seriously hurting this boy. A Professor at the LSE, a place of doubtful quality I think…to say the very least. Gadaffi boy I seem to remember?

  13. Flyinthesky says:

    The inherent problem with this situation is there is no, and I repeat no, fluffy solution to it, no morally neutral solution, no PC solution. The fundamental is the legislation, was it 1951, is not fit for purpose, it may have been at the time and indeed instigated with the best intentions but in this day and age the smart have figured out how to manipulate it.
    From the situation of landed people knowing what to say to push the right buttons to maritime law stating people cannot be left in a state of distress. They don’t have to be able to make the journey, just to get to international waters and call distress, leaving us legally and morally obliged to have to intervene.
    Nettle grasping is the only way to go but who’s going to be first.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Not the UK that’s for sure. It is going to take politicians with a back bone to do it.

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        None available for at least the next 10 years Jane.

        Sky News just said UKIP is at war with itself…they wish!

      • Flyinthesky says:

        That’s the problem Jane, everyone is waiting for someone else to formulate the solution, none are mindful of lifeboat syndrome, notwithstanding all the people who are and would be tasked with the problem are insulated by the effects and reality by income and position. It’s us on the bottom who have to suck it up. There isn’t going to be a glut of boat people living next door to them is there.
        The only and complete solution is we’re not playing anymore, that would be democracy but it’s not on offer is it. It would be at least more tolerable if what we imported were not hostile to our way of life, what do we do, facilitate their perspective.
        What gauls me the most is once established they seem to want to recreate, via the doctrine of multiculturalism, another fine concept on paper, the culture and practice of the shithole they have just escaped from.
        It’s our culture and tolerance that puts us in a position to help people out, are they grateful to the hand, no, they bite it.

  14. I know four of these people. I have lost touch with two others. I like them. They are, in two cases, extremely hard working, well mannered and they both sport a sense of humour which is very engaging.

  15. Brin Jenkins says:

    We have all met immigrants like that, the fact remains the numbers involved can not be accommodated and those already here will mean our replacement soon. In stark terms it is English Genocide.

    Had the whole of the UK gone to India 100 years ago we would not have changed India very at all.

    Population of India in 2015, 1,285,144,809 Population of the United Kingdom ended 2014 with a population of 64,511,000 people, which represents an increase of 202739 people compared to 2013.

    Population of Pakistan estimated at 185,132,926 as of July 1 2014.

    Pakistan ranks number 6 in the list of countries by population. The median age in Pakistan is 22.8 years. This means they have, and are breeding at an incredible rate. We controlled our own breeding by family planning very successfully reducing our fertility from 2.4 in 1950 to less than 1.4 today.

    Unless people wake up to the fact that we are seeing an invasion with intent to replace us in our own land, its all over.

  16. Katie says:

    Wise words Brin. There will be blood on the streets of the UK eventually with all this so called multi cultural crap. As you say, they fail to recognise our laws and ways and just endeavour to make the UK part of where they came from. Something as simple as Halal meat I find obnoxious and makes me angry to think I may be eating it without realising this. I am sure there are many other things other people could think of too. We bend over backwards to accommodate these people and yes, many do work hard, but there are also many who cause nothing but bother for their neighbours. I lived in Spain for a long time and I can tell you, they don’t go out of their way to make anything easy in hospitals, government buildings or lawyers offices regarding the language. You have to have your own translator with you or take a chance you might find an English speaking person in assistance. I am fed up with the UK being a dumping ground for all and sundry.

    • catalanbrian says:

      What a nasty person you seem to be. You appear to just hate foreigners and people who have a different culture. I think that you will find that most immigrants can speak English (unlike most British expatriates in Spain, which you quote as an example of just how bad foreign countries are) except perhaps for the non working women, and perhaps this does need to be addressed. As for your comment on Halal meat perhaps you could please explain why you find this “obnoxious”. I find it quite fascinating that people like you will condemn Halal meat but make no comment on Kosher meat, which has been slaughtered in an similar way.

      As for your final comment I think that you will find that the UK has always been a “dumping ground for all and sundry”. Most of the UK population is descended from immigrant stockas a result of the various invasions in history by the Romans, Angles, Norsemen, Vikings, Normans and others, and that is what makes us what we are. Perhaps you are ashamed of that heritage, or is it perhaps that it is only immigrants who have darker skins that you view as being a problem?

      • Flyinthesky says:

        The subtle difference between Halal and Kosher is you have to go to a kosher butcher to buy it and if you object to the process you can avoid it.

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        I’ll leave it to Katie to tell you what you are.

        Britain is being changed from its improved state after the Medieval Age back to the same Age that exists in the Middle East and likely wider. I lived there and know it only too well. ISIS is destroying ancient history and slitting animals throats…along with indigenous peoples that they hate/despise. They say they are muslims? That belief system requires that they protect the brothers everywhere..sisters, not so sure.

        Thats apart from a strong group of darker skin males in UK that despise fellow human beings..under age girls and women in particular. Let alone those that wish to destroy our transport systems and behead us. Choudary in our High St and claiming benefits while he does it.

        The intolerable insistence on the old ways of particular immigrants is sickening and the bend over backwards attitude to many of them is incredibly naive…and wrong!

        Is it any wonder we are deeply suspicious of them and our Authority (so called). We could clean this place up easily and not cause a problem…. I wish.

      • Katie says:

        Your comments are not worthy of a reply of length. I have better things to do with my time. As others have said, go away and leave your vile comments to yourself.

  17. Brin Jenkins says:

    I disagree with every word Brian, should I also resort to insults?

    Who ever gave you or anyone else permission to engage us in Social experiment by deception with the intention of destroying us?

    • Jane Davies says:

      The real adults on here can disagree without being insulting, we don’t always agree with each other about everything, that’s one of the tenets of free speech. Once the couple on here resort to that level, catweazle is the other one, then they have lost the respect of everyone who offers a polite opinion. As for the meat issue, flyinthesky, nails it. It’s called making choices, once that is removed then resentment festers like and old wound and will be added to the list if injustices forced upon a population who are sick and tired of being sidelined by politicians who seem to think that this multi-cultural issue is in the best interests of the country, but then these same politicians are removed from the problems and issues at ground level as they inhabit la la land and it doesn’t impact their way of life.
      Yes there will be blood on the streets, indeed has been, but the wrong blood, RIP Lee Rigby. Soon the blood will be of immigrants who don’t really want to live under the same rules as the indigenous people of a once great country, and before someone says it, I know many do, but it’s the violent radicals like the vile Chouwdary who will need to be put down for good and it will be down to the good people of the UK to do this because the present government are just a bunch of weak placaters with no back bone.

      • Richard111 says:

        Something I’ve noticed Jane, immigrants who come here try and turn this country back into the country they just left. Why don’t they fix their own countries?

  18. Frank Moore says:

    One more thought. There are no experts on beating people smuggling in Europe. They don’t exist. No one in the UK or EU have ever “stopped the boats”. No suite of policies was ever invented, worked on, refined and executed until it successful shut down a major people smuggling era. The US and Canada don’t have expert-ise either. The only western country that has achieved this is Australia. What is NEVER reported in your country is that Australia have not only done it Once – they have done it TWICE! The first occurred under PM Howard and Immigration minister Ruddock. Look it up: The Pacific Solution. Then a Euro/uk minded labor outfit got in after a mass misinformation campaign by the press. The boats will never restart and we can be more Humane – they claimed. Enough people bought the Lie – And THOUSANDS drowned!
    The debate about PUSH factors vs PULL factors was over. We know that PULL factors rule! People smuggling customers make a rational choice to pull up stumps and move to a better paddock! Opening you doors to them creates greater custom for evil, criminal People Smuggler Gangs.
    After [seach for this too] “The Christmas Island tragedy” even Labor recognised this. But the opprobrium from their responsibilities for so many deaths at sea was all too real. A conservative government was re elected with a simple slogan/promise: “We will stop the boats!”.
    The media said [again] that this was impossible! Academics were lined up 10 deep at leftist radio stations promising [again] that such a claim was impossible to achieve.
    With more handicaps than Howard faced. Abbott and Morrison delivered.
    In a few months! No big deal!
    Howard – Ruddock – Abbott and Morrison ARE people smuggling experts. They are The Only Western Leaders who have Stopped the Boats!
    Australia did it not Once – but Twice!
    Go to them for advice. Toss out all other advice. And for the sake of drowning children – toughen up!

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      Was on BBC World Service (WS) about a week ago. Something like 300 boats down to 1 in a particular recent period. Commendable to say the least. Oz has somewhere intermediate (?) to take them to. All we have is war torn/islamified N. Africa and this thing called the EU.

      Trouble is the BBC WS is not really for the UK, so hardly anyone in UK would have listened to that amongst the acres of world garbage they pump out. Should have been put on BBC R4 at the same time – ish, but thats something else heavily populated with lefty garbage.

  19. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Lest you have disagreed..and only that:

    Christopher Monckton is going to take a UK Uni to court it appears and thats about threats over having a different opinion. Not only that he is seriously going after the UK (BBC) TV licence as well – is on the same WUWT site titled “The unspeakable BBC parks its tanks on my lawn”

    Have asked him if he will want financial support…my few bobs worth?

    Monckton of Brenchley May 20, 2015 at 1:12 pm
    I’m not really worried about the “artist”. The erection was ugly to look at, lacking any artistic merit, and people should – within reason – be allowed to perpetrate bad art, though I’d rather they didn’t do it on the “university’s” dime.

    But the press release, with its five deployments of the word “denier” and its derivatives on a single page, its expressing the hope that climate change “denial” would be made a crime – a crime that the tombstone and its motto implies should be a death sentence – was unacceptable. The “university” itself realized this, removing the offending press release from the web quite quickly after I had written to it.

    I also received a disingenuous letter, dripping with malice, from the “university’s” Scottish shysters. In that letter, they pretended there was no connection between holocaust denial and climate change “denial”. You have only to look at Willis Eschenbach’s telling graph downthread to realize how solid and deliberate that connection is, and was intended to be.

    And all this in the context of dozens of public threats that climate “deniers” should be put on trial for their lives and executed – a trend that is rapidly growing. It’s very easy for those not in the front line to say we should damn the torpedoes and go full speed ahead, but United Kingdom law gives me an increasing armory of defenses against the kind of malicious communication that the Left specializes in, and – this time – I’m going to take advantage of it.

    The magistrates, who may well be unaware of the extent of the hate mail and hate speech and the frequency of death threats we receive, may share your view. But I shall be putting evidence before them to show how very serious these threats are now becoming, and how baseless they are when one looks at the science and economics. In the end, I think they will be likely to accept that a summons should be issued against the university – which will of course be able to plead in mitigation that it removed the offending press release as soon as it could.

    I am under increasing pressure from my family not to put them at risk by continuing to publish scientific and economic research in this field. As you may know, Roger Pielke Jr., the mildest and most mild-mannered of skeptical scientists, has also recently come under pressure from his family, and has decided to accede to it.

    Like it or not, this unforgivable bullying is a major reversal for the freedom of academic researchers to study subjects and reach conclusions that are not “politically correct” but may nevertheless be right. The “university” should never have issued its poisonous press release, and – if the magistrates accept, as they must, that there is a prima facie case against the “university”, they will hear the case.

    I agree with you, though, that the hapless student should not be the focus. He is plainly too intellectually immature for mens rea to apply, in any event. The focus is, therefore, the “university” itself, which plainly hasn’t the slightest notion of what a true University should be – a place of light, of liberty, and of learning.

    Hey Ho…off we go – I hope?

    • Jane Davies says:

      Good for him (Monckton) I support his action on this albeit not financially!

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      As regards the BBC spat I mentioned:

      Mentioned it my MP (Tory) and:

      “Thanks for your email – given the topic, I have asked our HoC Office to respond directly to you”.

      I’ll drop the HoC response in later

      • Jane Davies says:

        Don’t hold your breath. I could paper the walls of our en suite with the boiler plate replies from the DWP regarding the frozen pension scandal, not one of them actually answers any questions regarding the subject!!

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        This is the Tory MP and his assistant that pushed the DWP on my mothers estate. That caused the dumb solicitor to refund me £650 of fees. Simply because the MP was on the case..the threat was Parliamentary Ombudsman…la, la, la!

        You don’t have that luxury?

        I know they will reply, but if its like any other complaint I have made (BBC and about a court procedure) whatever resides at the HoC will be rather…limp. As regards the court proceedings I was told the female judge did not want to cause a fuss. If the subject of the fuss had been me (white indigenous) I would have been in the slammer for contempt PDQ. Need Judge Judy!


  20. omanuel says:

    E. M. Smith has a good post on the historical impact of climate change on civilizations.

    That also explains the possible serious consequences of deceiving the public about solar energy.

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