Five Live – Cameron’s Poverty of ambition


Referendum special – Listen to me up against Vicky Ford MEP – about 35 minutes in the debate starts and I explain why the referendum proposals show the poverty of ambition the Prime Minister has.

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9 Responses to Five Live – Cameron’s Poverty of ambition

  1. Brin Jenkins says:

    I’m not sure its his poverty, our for sure but he is following instructions to the letter.

  2. Ex-expat Colin says:

    BBC 5 silly, stupid, childish Live…do I have to listen? Ok, I’ll try after I have cut down 10 trees.

  3. Bellevue says:

    Roger, why dont you just say that we can be in the single market without being in the EU? like Norway.

  4. Ex-expat Colin says:

    This what we face/have faced – John Redwood explains some of it:

    Dealing with a German led EU (and the French bit)

  5. Malcolm Edward says:

    You are absolutely right to point out the paucity of Cameron’s goals, and that control over many other substantial matters need to be returned to the UK. Cameron is just asking for a few small tweaks – he doesn’t even want limits on EU immigration (just wants to delay paying benefits to foreigners). One would have thought Cameron would at least wish to un-sign the Lisbon treaty. And he should want the return of British fishing waters for reasons of sovereignty – as well as for our fishermen and care of fish stocks.
    All we need is a balanced free trade agreement with the EU (in financial services as well as goods)and if the EU doesn’t want one, we can still operate under WTO rules and focus on the rest of the world and in any case we will have removed the EU’s ability to attack the City by legislative means. We certainly should not want to be hamstrung in an EFTA arrangement – which gives the EU too many intrusive powers, EFTA is not just a trade agreement which some people mistakenly think it is.
    And of course we need our government to repeal the climate change act, EU or no.
    As I see it, UKIP are now “Her Majesties Loyal Opposition”. Loyal excludes Labour and the SNP.

  6. A noble effort, Roger, fighting against BBC bias in favour of the pro-EU argument.

    Why do the BBC invite contributors to their programmes and then speak over their contribution and cut them short? It is as if the programme presenters (or is it the producer’s voice in their ear-piece) can not bear the notion of anyone else speaking for more than a couple of sentences.

  7. One of the questioners on Any Questions last night (Friday) asked that as Cameron had not defined what he sought to achieve with his negotiations how can we possible judge the result when it comes to voting in the Referendum. Amazingly no one on the panel, nor the Chairman, explained that the referendum was not a judgement on the success of Cameron’s negotiations, but on whether to stay in the “renegotiated EU” or to leave. If that is indicative of the level of understanding then the referendum debate is going to be one of confusion and muddle, which probably helps the status quo.

    As to “ambition”, those pushing the case to leave the EU must also not be poverty stricken. The case for out MUST NOT simple be the opposite of being in; out must present a vision of an alternative future that is not described in relation to the EU but one that is defined in its own terms. The World, particularly the Commonwealth, is our oyster as it used to be and should be again.

  8. Brin Jenkins says:

    Unfortunately the Commonwealth is considered by many as our wealth pot to be shared by all, and Iv’e already given thanks!

    When we joined the Common Market this was seen as a kick in the teeth by Australia and New Zealand, they are unlikely to resume trading food to us again from the feed back I get.

  9. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Here’s the BBC again:
    Its an expert(?) they pulled in on about the approaching Ferrybridge Power Station closure. Nobody to offer an alternative view though. Although a complaint to the BBC is shown.

    Ironbridge Power Station in Shropshire to close also.

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