And another big lie!

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I heard it again on the Radio today (June 22nd, as I write).  The Today Programme, in fact.  A journalist was interviewing a Spokesman for Business for Britain, and he said: “But businessmen are constantly telling me that if we leave the EU, we’ll still have to obey EU rules”.

This is nonsense, and I suspect that many of those who say it – especially the politicians – know full well that it’s nonsense.  In a piece of very deceitful sleight-of-hand, they’re conflating two quite separate things – on the one hand, country-specific product specs, and on the other, broad-based EU regulations.

I spent thirty years in international businesses, so I know a bit about international trade.  If you want to sell a tractor to India, or a car to Singapore, or an air-conditioner to the USA, then of course you must ensure that your product meets the local country specs.  If we want to sell any product to an EU member state, after Brexit, we’ll have to make sure that it meets EU specs (just as we do now).  That’s just a commonplace of international trade, and it applies to all export destinations.

What will not apply, after Brexit, is the vast mountain of excessive and expensive EU regulation which covers not just EU exports but most aspects of most businesses.  Let’s look at some examples:

Employment law: Much of the EU’s employment laws are well-intended, and designed to protect workers.  But their effect is to damage the economy, suppress growth, and cost jobs.  Yes, we want worker protection, but we don’t need to go over the top as the EU does.  We want our opt-out from the Social Chapter back (and a great deal more).

Product registration: The REACH directive alone has applied vast and unnecessary costs to industry, especially the chemical industry.  We can ensure safety of chemicals without the EU’s over-kill.

Taxation: We shall be free of the threat of the EU’s creeping tax harmonisation.  They’re already asking for a common corporate tax base.  Common corporate tax rates will be next – never mind the damaging proposals for bank regulation and a financial transfer tax.

Immigration: We shall be able to control our borders, and admit (for example) highly qualified Commonwealth immigrants, rather than unskilled Eastern Europeans.

Energy: EU energy policy is forcing up prices and driving plants, jobs and investment out of Britain and out of Europe.  After Brexit, we will still have a battle to persuade our own parliament to be more realistic – but at least we have the opportunity to decide for ourselves.

Agriculture: We shall have a farm support régime designed in Britain for British farmers, not one designed in Brussels for French farmers.  More support, less red tape.

Fisheries: We’ll reclaim our territorial waters under international law, and re-establish our fishing industry.

Suddenly, these vast swathes of policy and regulation will be decided by our elected representatives, not by unelected, unaccountable and unresponsive technocratic institution in Brussels.

Consider: The biggest suppliers of goods to the EU are China, Russia and the USA.  Do they observe EU specs on exports to the EU.  Yes.  Do they apply EU rules to every aspect of their economies?  The hell they do.

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25 Responses to And another big lie!

  1. tonyleatham says:

    Actually, Roger, I’m not 100% certain your analysis is correct. I think the reality post-Brexit will have both good and bad facets as far as regulation is concerned.

    Much regulation, for example that governing transportation, emanates not from the EU (who’s role is simply to hand it down to member states) but from the UN. That’s kind of the bad part – we won’t be able to simply tear up much of the regulations that affect our everyday life. That said, it does provide economic advantage for manufacturers etc. to conform to international standards so it’s not really that bad.

    The good part, which needs emphasising very loudly during the exit referendum, is that instead of being represented by an EU technocrat who has to balance the requirements of 28 member states (and let’s face it, the UK’s usually their last priority) when UN regulations are being negotiated, the UK will be able to take a full and active role in those negotiations on our own behalf and not have to compromise because French farmers have a particular but contradictory need.

    This is actually how Norway has rather more influence than the so-called government-by-fax as Cameron falsely represents their situation. Yes, if they want to do business with the EU, they must accept the EU regulations, but the EU regulations are actually decided at UN level, where Norway has it’s own representation – unlike the UK that handed that competency over to the EU.

    So, by being in the EU, we’re not at the top table – we’re a bit part in an also-ran. Out of the EU, we *ARE* at the top table.

    • MartinW says:

      Yes, indeed. I was about to comment on the same lines. In particular, I disagree with Roger’s comment on the REACH directives (which actually protect us!). These regulations are increasingly being adopted internationally, and will surely become more or less universal in quite a short time, which doubtless the UK welcomes.

  2. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Yep..its all part of the long line of threats to us. The BBC should push a disclaimer up before they let rip with this. All of it really. Like…the following programme contains information that is not necessarily true and you are required to find your own sources and to make any decisions based upon what you discover, saw and heard…la, la, la! And why? Because it is a publicly funded broadcasting authority that is wildly out of control.

    An example is RT. Whenever Max Keiser starts spouting on the Keiser Report as jokey as that maybe. Probably no disclaimer at Galloways speech at becoming London Mayor a while back?

    Yesterday, old matey Choudary popped up to goad a policeman on duty. I won’t put the vid up here, just the link to it, because it is very confrontational and plain wrong. Remove all brackets.

    Hope it doesn’t appear here anyway?

    ([ ])

    I am considering contacting my MP about this. The police seem to be scared to do anything. He should have been moved along with his tricky mates behind the cop.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Has there been a backlash about this? Why is this vile creature still living in my homeland, why has he not been shown the door? I never thought I would see the day when the good old British copper was too afraid to do the job they are paid to do and I hope they are all now wearing the wristbands. In the USA there are cops murdering people and because they wear a uniform they get away with it, to some extent it has happened here in Canada, I’m sure you have heard of the murder of a confused passenger who was tasered by police FIVE times at Vancouver Airport, even though he was incapacitated after the first, as it made international news. Yet the police in the UK are afraid of doing their job! Not sure which is worse, either way we, the law abiding citizens, lose.

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        No backlash…the authorities are likely too busy filling in expense claims or talking their way out of having to do something? Could be a climate change issue?

        Had emailed MP yesterday…no response as yet. Not sure why that is because his assistant is usually fast on reply. Choudary is not unique in being able to turn the law on government as with others in the recent past. And claim benefits at the same time.

        I despair really….

        Had to listen to a French MEP on BBC Today program on the topic of Calais. Seems to be an EU, French, Italian or UK,la,la? Personally, I think its the UK’s fault for not dealing with the EU very harshly on each and every occasion. Time we fined the EU I think for severe damage to our people and its businesses. After all fines are their favoured tool.

  3. Anne says:

    Going back to 2006!
    You will all love “Europe” just like ME. 3.12.2006.

    “You will ALL of you learn to love ‘Europe’”,
    Our Prime Minister declared one day,
    “I have ways of making you love it,
    And the truth will not get in my way”.
    “Our Airspace” controlled by ‘Europe’,
    It’s sovereignty I will soon give away
    To my belovéd ‘European Union’,
    And for all time, there it will stay”.

    “Our Oceans and Seas are the next to go,
    For our new masters will rule the waves,
    Never more will Brits sing ‘Rule Britannia’,
    For our Oceans and Seas none can save”.
    “Our fishing grounds were the first to go,
    Totally decimated by ‘Europe’s hand’,
    It had to be that way of course,
    Though not one of you could understand.”

    “For never again to be ‘self sufficient’,
    On our continental friends we must rely,
    Grow ‘wind farms’ in fields and on hill- tops
    At last you’ll know the reason why”
    “When this Country was last ‘self-sufficient’,
    It survived and won the last war,
    But our Country is to be taken over,
    Never able to win wars any more”.
    “For the death of our steel and coal mines,
    Maggie Thatcher took most of the blame,
    While Germany and France are naturally
    Still heavily subsidised, just the same”.
    “John Major made you EU Citizens,
    A task I would proudly have done,
    Your loyalty to “it” will be quite unique,
    For “EU Statesmanship” has just begun”.

    “To this Country I pledged my solemn Oath
    To my Queen, quite loud and clear,
    But my loyalty lies in Europe
    My allegiance to ‘it’ I hold dear”
    “It is money and fame that matters,
    For we have only one life to live,
    Multi-millions of your money I am spending
    For it’s to Europe your love you must give”.
    “Propaganda and spin my speciality,
    I know how to win you round,
    You will learn to love the Euro,
    And you will eagerly ditch the pound”.

    “Your new country will be one “Europe”
    Your new government will claim its seat,
    You really will love to love Europe,
    And my legacy at last, be complete”.

  4. davidbuckingham says:

    So crucially important to drive home this distinction. Thanks again Roger.

    Re immigration, I think it’s worth throwing a spotlight on the privileged status which would no longer be enjoyed by a prospective EU immigrant to the UK over the rest of the world. At present EU membership trumps any other points system that may be applied to non-EU applicants. Freedom of movement should be a default human right. Thanks to UKIP the mainstream parties are now prepared to admit that state benefits are a problem – surely obvious for ages. What also needs to be mentioned is the additional economic demand created in a free market by immigration – it’s only a burden if there’s a free benefit. The problem is created by socialism/welfare statism.

    For me the most important and universal EU economic rule that we would no longer have to obey is the protectionism of the customs union. There would be the not insignificant spin-off for poorer nations who would massively benefit by this means more than by any amount of aid. It would generate viable investment and employment, assuming sufficient rule of law and conditions that exclude the political corruption that aid encourages.

    As many have pointed out, capitalism has raise millions out of poverty globally over the last two centuries. Antagonistic systems have in fact depended on capitalism in various ways to keep going at least since the days of Lenin.

    The morality of capitalism needs to be promoted and its creativity unleashed. The irrelevance of inequality needs to be drilled home. What matters is improvement for all from whatever starting point to whatever outcome, not that everyone ends up with the same. Where’s the virtue in it? Inequality presupposes freedom for the individual to go as far and wide as he can. Equality has to be imposed, enforced, coerced, with a planned, controlled economy. Where’s the joy in that? Witness the 20th century and the EU.

  5. Ex-expat Colin says:

    On the subject if lies….Honey Bee and food/flowers will goto rats if decline not solved. Don’t see much happening with that and we will all die…..! Did notice this year and still do that honey bees seem to be AWOL…big time.

    Since no solution has been found and the honey bees are largely gone in UK (to rape seed?), I suppose we have to suffer the business of growers having to buy the swarms in from wherever. Watch out because thats another disease heading our way or is with us?

    Well, my flowers and strawberries are seriously luxurious thanks to other bees and (wickedly) approx 400ppm of CO2. Might have been better than that if Prescott hadn’t forced us into buying new and very complicated kettles, I mean boilers.

    So I found a leaf cutter bee checking into my insect hotel last week and moving on to a new room in the same hotel today. Nice new shiny green door fitted.

    Looking around on the subject I found this rather nice UK made video:

    So its kind of half or less truth I think?

  6. Jane Davies says:

    UKIP has a long haul ahead to scotch the lies and rumours about what will happen after leaving the EU. Unfortunately too many with power and vast sums of money will do anything and everything to keep their snouts in the EU trough and lying is something they all learned by rote at their public schools.

  7. Thomas Fox says:

    Our TV national media is already discussing the need for medical staff from the EU which may be put at risk if UK leaves? The propaganda to remain in is fully up and running from the lying toads
    A points system as UKIP say is all that is needed .

  8. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Roger, for helping society reach a turning point to chose one of two paths:

    Path # 1. Western National Academies of Sciences betrayed and led society down a totalitarian path after WWII, “to save the world from nuclear annihilation” and to avoid this reality: Humans live 1 AU (one astronomical unit) from a pulsar, powered by NEUTRON REPULSION, that made our chemical elements, birthed the solar system five billion years (5 Ga) ago, sustained the origin and evolution of life on Earth after ~3.8 Ga ago, and still maintains dominant control over every atom, life and planet in the solar system today [“Solar Energy,” Adv. Astron. (submitted 1 Sept 2104; published privately 17 Mar 2015)]:

    Society is now on Path #1, headed back to the Dark Ages.

    Path # 2. Society could merge scientific and spiritual insights into a Higher Level of Evolution, as Nobel Laureate Max Planck explained for all of the matter that orbits the Sun’s pulsar core (planets, moons, asteroids, comets, rubble) in his 1944 speech in Florence, Italy:

    “As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear-headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about the atoms this much: There is no matter as such ! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together . . .”

    “We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

    For Western society to move safely from Path# 1 to Path # 2 will first require totally independent evaluations of Galen Winson’s damning report on the post-WWII “Nuclear Scare Scam.”

    • omanuel says:

      We do not know, and we do not need to know if Joseph Stalin, the Rockerfellers, the Bilderbergs, etc. generated fear of nuclear radiation, but we do need to know if it is valid.

      I suspect not, but any competent and trustworthy radiation physicist or radiation oncologist would be able evaluate Galen Winsor’s story.

  9. barrymx5 says:

    Spot on Roger. And well explained.

  10. Richard111 says:

    And what is going to happen when these “immigrants” find that England has a lot of old retired people living alone or as carers to other elderly? Certainly no police walking the ‘beat’ where I live.

  11. Ian Terry says:

    Bang on the button as usual Roger

  12. Anne says:

    If the people said to those presently in our Houses of Parliament, you can either Govern this Country by and through its very own Longstanding Common Law Constitution and the people will continue to pay you plus your vast expenses, BUT, if you want to remain in the EU- now that Mr Cameron has introduced the REGIONS of the EU-(the very first thing he did when he FIRST came into POWER), and he want us to remain in the EU, then there is absolutely no point in having ANYONE AT ALL IN EITHER HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT-IT MIGHT MAKE A GOOD HOSPITAL THOUGH ETC-for the people are beginning to realise that not only does our Constitution FORBIDS US OBEYING FOREIGNERS-PROOF-WE WENT TO WAR TWICE IN LIVING MEMORY TO PREVENT FOREIGNERS GOVERNING US. Bt remaining in the EU we betray ALL those that gave THEIR lives for our FREEDOM. We are not “FREE” today-for foreigners Govern us through those we elect.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Did I read somewhere that the houses of Parliament are in such a bad state of repair that if renos are not carried out soon the building could sink into the Thames? Well if the UK stays in the EU then the present occupants will no longer be relevant or indeed needed, so let it all sink away and disappear then in hundreds of years time archaeologists will have fun discovering the relics of a lost civilization and teach the young in the future how the politicians of a once great country allowed themselves to become extinct, and there will be much mirth all around about the pasts stupid political folly!!

  13. Anne says:

    I Like it Jane, Like it. So here for you,

    The Houses of Parliament are crumpling,
    Dying slowly, for sadly ‘tis known,
    For all in that House obey foreigners,
    For our MP’s do not “Govern” their own.
    I remind ALL those in that “House”,
    Where that GREAT Man worked night and day,
    When Hitler set out to Govern us,
    Though Winston Churchill stood in his way.

    That truly GREAT MAN worked night and day,
    Yet not just to save the building where he worked,
    But for each and everyone in his charge,
    Not once did that great Man hesitate or shirk.
    Bombed many times to maim and kill,
    When those siren’s warned all, “enemy planes”.
    Down to the “shelters” for safety,
    Yet so many were killed just the same.

    Some-times in ‘day-time’ came those ‘planes,
    Seeking out factories, their aim was clear,
    To drop their bombs, aiming yet again,
    So many lives lost, and all living in fear.
    So proud stood that building through-out that war,
    Shamed now, for “today” within those walls
    Talk of EU Treaties as national Governance fades,
    For “they” pay foreigners to govern us all.

    How could they indeed pay FOREIGNERS?
    Though “STILL” take the Queen’s shiny shilling,
    Has Honour and Pride gone forever?
    Isn’t there ONE left to fight-or are none willing?
    That Great Parliament that once stood proud,
    Sadly, may never be the same.
    T’is now crumbling, “honour” now gone,
    For our Parliament is dying with shame.

    • Jane Davies says:

      Spot on Anne… you know who penned it?

      • Anne says:

        The only attempts such as both of the above-are mine. I think perhaps I read too many Rupert Books when I was a wee gal!

    • Jane Davies says:

      One can never read too many Rupert books…I just wish I had kept my annuals they would be worth a few quid now!
      I wondered if you were the writer, you should collect all of your poems and publish them!
      If I may I would like to quote one or two verses in the many posts I contribute too, with of course a mention of the writer called Anne.

  14. Anne says:

    There a far too many of them and the above are what I call my Political Poems. I have even more what I call “Ordinary Poem’s” about many, many things-like I said-I think I read too many Rupert Books.

    I listen, silently, picking up sounds,
    For verbal contact with others around,
    Carefully weighing each word as it’s spoken,
    Conversation increasing as it flows unbroken.
    The tender words, by lovers exchanged,
    As into each other’s eyes they gaze,
    Oblivious to all, so in love are they,
    As silent words, to each other convey.

    A comforting hug, that dispels all fears,
    With gentle words, wipes away the tears,
    A kiss that cures all ills and lumps,
    That mothers give for the hurt in the bump.
    The weddings and parties to which you’re invited,
    To see old friends and relations united,
    Excited words tumbling one o’er the other,
    The warm embrace, as brother greets brother.

    Harsh words are spoken, when feelings run high,
    Words of forgiveness, to be said, by and by,
    Words of betrayal, must not be missed,
    Uttered like Judas, ‘ere that cheek he kissed.
    Silence is damning, for the unspoken word,
    Cuts as deep as if by the sharpest of sword,
    The much need words which should have been said,
    Lies dormant, hidden, just as if long since dead.

    When approaching a room, words awash from within,
    The silence quite pregnant when you walk in
    The empty words, how hollow they ring,
    When no feeling or meaning the spoken words bring.
    Gossiping words, so casually spoken,
    Often hurt the one who is easily broken,
    Put not your words in a spiteful way,
    But loyally so, to make your day.

    Words said in confidence, told to another,
    Causes to some, a great deal of bother,
    How oft’ repeated when “Mum” was the word?
    Friendships broken, for the teller was heard.
    Words of wisdom, very seldom are heeded,
    Never are offered when they are most needed,
    Casually some words are just thrown away,
    Others never find the right words to say.

    I collect all the words I consider the best,
    And with a breath of kindness, blow away all the rest,
    Many’s the word said in haste, I regret,
    How I wish that other’s would kindly forget.
    Tongue tied, shy, the words won’t come out?
    Never to know what “conversing’s” about,
    Better by far, to be tongue-tied and shy
    To have said all the words, and not known why.

    Anne Palmer.

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