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Workplace parking levies are wrong

It is said that Nottingham is famous for Robin Hood and lace-making – well, according to reports it is now also famous for a shake-up of its city travel infrastructure. According to Phys.Org the city’s public transport system carried 75 … Continue reading

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The Paris Climate Deal: a threat to the US Constitution?

There’s great excitement amongst the Climate Alarmist Community about the Paris Conference scheduled for November 2015.  Much preparatory work is being done, papers being published, hopes expressed.  They’re looking for a “Son of Kyoto” agreement, described as “A new, universal … Continue reading

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Patriotic Voices from Europe

<> Roger Helmer MEP speaks at one hour and three minutes

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BBC: Mass extinction caused by Climate Change! (or not, as the case may be)

This morning (July 9th) I was watching BBC World just after 6:00 a.m., in the Ibis Hotel in Strasbourg, to be greeted by the cheerful news that the world is facing its sixth mass extinction event (the fifth, 60 million … Continue reading

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The legacy of Magna Carta

We’ve just been celebrating the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta, which many regard as the founding document of the UK’s (largely unwritten) Constitution. And the key achievement of Magna Carta was to put an end to the … Continue reading

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A minute on the Market Stability Reserve


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“Let my people go”

Or rather, let their people go.  There is a lot of excitement in the media about individuals and families setting off to Syria.  .  I was about to Tweet “If there are people and families who’d rather be in Syria … Continue reading

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The ETS again

I have written several times about the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme, which I have described as “A dog’s breakfast“.  They’re now trying yet again to “reform” it, so as to set the prices of CO2 emissions permits at the level … Continue reading

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