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Save our homes in Springfield Park!

Last week I was invited to visit Springfield Park, a static mobile home park close to the centre of Hinckley, where I met local resident and campaigner Janet Deeming, as well as the indefatigable Phil Johnson – who also campaigns … Continue reading

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IoD warns on immigration

On the day when net immigration in the UK hit the extraordinary level of 330,000,  the Institute of Directors warned that the government’s increasingly desperate and ad hoc measures to try to stem the tide were threatening to damage British business. … Continue reading

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The Second Amendment

It would take a heart of stone to remain unmoved by the terrible shooting of a young reporter, Alison Parker, and her cameraman, on live breakfast TV in Virginia, by a deeply disturbed former colleague Vester Haligan, who described himself … Continue reading

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On the immigration crisis again – this time on Three Counties Radio

Following my appearance on Five Live to discuss the crisis at Calais, I was invited onto Three Counties Radio. Here is the link to my interview on the JVS Show.

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The Migrant Crisis: Europe is letting us down

On Sunday evening, I watched an extended interview on BBC 4 TV in which Lucy Worsley interviewed Sir Roy Strong, at eighty years old. Sir Roy, remember, was once the enfant terrible of the art gallery and museum business.  In … Continue reading

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Radio Five Live – on The Stephen Nolan Show

You can hear me on  The Stephen Nolan Show on Radio Five Live discussing immigration and the crisis at Calais. You can hear my views from about 20 minutes in.

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Legacy of the ‘Green Deal’

I have written before about the previously lauded (by some) ‘green policies’ of successive governments. In fact, as far back as 2012 I was arguing that green policies and the folly of playground technologies such as wind and solar were driving … Continue reading

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What price the rule of law?

As we all know, the fundamentals of a free society and a successful economy are the rule of law, property rights, and enforceable contracts.  But above all, the Rule of Law.  That is why many concerned citizens worry about the … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand sees it coming

For many decades, Ayn Rand has been an icon of the libertarian right in the USA.  Novelist, philosopher, economist, commentator, critic, she argued for what became known as “Objectivism”.  In a nutshell (and if I’ve understood it correctly), she argued … Continue reading

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Appearing on Five Live – on climate change, the Calais crisis and the Labour leadership race

Stephen Nolan I was recently interviewed on the Stephen Nolan Show on BBC Radio Five Live. You can hear the piece here (about 39 minutes in).

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The Nanny State – and the keys to the Liquor Cabinet

Yesterday I went to the dentist.  They had me fill in a medical status form.  The dentist asked me about my alcohol consumption (perhaps because I had written “substantial” on the form), and proceeded to harangue me about the dangers … Continue reading

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“Peak Oil” is a false summit

        Obama turns his back on the US economy’s biggest success story The shale gas (and oil) revolution has had a dramatic effect on the American economy.  Suddenly, energy prices are greatly reduced — and competitiveness suddenly … Continue reading

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Shock Horror

Varoufakis faces treason charges I have been familiar with the ways of the European Union for many years, and I thought myself impervious to surprise at the extraordinary way in which Brussels imposes its will, with plain defiance of democracy … Continue reading

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New study destroys that “97% of scientists” claim…….or not, as the case may be

Just about everyone on the alarmist side of the climate debate, from President Obama down, repeats the mantra “97% of scientists agree with the IPCC position”.  Some say “97% of scientists can’t be wrong” (which defies the whole history of … Continue reading

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