Shock Horror

Yanis Varoufakis, Greece's finance minister, arrives on a motorbike for a government meeting at Maximos Mansion in Athens, Greece, on Sunday, June 28, 2015. Greek bank executives and European officials are warning of an imminent cash crunch or bank shutdown after talks on a new aid package collapsed. Photographer: Kostas Tsironis/Bloomberg *** Local Caption *** Yanis Varoufakis

Varoufakis faces treason charges

I have been familiar with the ways of the European Union for many years, and I thought myself impervious to surprise at the extraordinary way in which Brussels imposes its will, with plain defiance of democracy and utter contempt for the opinions (and frequently the well-being) of the people.  Does it not routinely ignore the results of referenda, and tell the poor benighted voters that they must go away and vote again, until they get the right answer?  Did it not gloss over the French and Dutch NO votes on the ill-fated European Constitution, and use the disreputable device of re-naming the Constitution a “Treaty”, so skirting the need for new referenda (except in Ireland)?  Has it not twice contrived the removal of democratically elected Prime Ministers (in Greece and Italy) and replaced them with compliant EU apparatchiks?

But even so I was shocked — genuinely shocked — to read that former Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis — he of the saturnine smile, the leather jackets and the Yamaha motorcycle — is facing the threat of prosecution for treason — yes, you read that right, treason — for daring to contemplate a Greek exit from the accursed €uro.

Now you may object that the proposed prosecution has been initiated by private citizens in Greece, and is reportedly being considered by Greek prosecutors.  But it stretches credulousness to breaking point to assume that there has been no input from Brussels.  The Eurocrats are so obsessively committed to their disastrous currency misadventure that they cannot bear to see any challenge — and the man who dares to challenge must be brought down, and humiliated.

You may also object that Varoufakis had, as reported, “secretly planned to create a parallel payment system”, which may sound ominous and ultra vires.  But while you may plan such a system in secret, you can hardly introduce it in secret.  And since such a plan was likely to lead to Grexit, the Greek Finance Minister would have rightly felt a duty to keep such a plan secret, until it had government approval and could be announced and implemented.

I would paraphrase “secretly planned to create etc etc” as “privately weighed up the implications of developing a New Drachma, which could have become the national Greek currency if Greece had been forced (temporarily or permanently) out of the €urozone”.  And I would argue equally that with Greece in the situation it was facing (and will doubtless face again), the Greek Finance Minister had not merely the right, but also the positive duty, in his country’s vital interests, to evaluate all options, including Grexit, and would have been derelict in his duty had he failed to do so.  Arguably treason against the state would have consisted not in evaluating a new currency, but in failing to do so.

I was pleased to see at least that Prime Minister Tsipras stated publicly that he knew of this plan.  So if Varoufakis is guilty, presumably so is the Prime Minister and by implication the government — and possibly the population that elected it.

Let us hope we hear no more of this nonsense.  Who will serve as a government minister in an EU member-state if they can face treason charges merely for doing their duty in a thorough and diligent way, for anticipating problems and designing solutions?  I would disagree with Varoufakis on a wide range of issues, but he was right in this.  And sooner or later Greece will indeed have to leave the €urozone, and create a new currency, and they sooner they do so, the sooner this Greek Tragedy will be on the way to a solution.




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27 Responses to Shock Horror

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    Truly is nonsense and kicked along by the media and dismal EU. Treason is about bringing down a country, so how does that work when the Troika et al had already done that..quite a few times. And is doing similar to the other southern states. Varoufakis was in the business of preparing the safe recovery of Greece. And they don’t like his attitude to their stupidity either. Keep doing it Yanis!

    But thats one major issue and the other..Calais. The EU is well past a joke along with the weaknesses in the Tory Gov. I wonder how many wish they had voted UKIP now? Probably not a lot having experienced too many election results in UK.

    M20 troubled again today! Seems 1700 tried it last night.

    When you attempt to goto work in Essex…

  2. Wilfred says:

    Might appear YOU will need a good lawyer if you keep being outspoken.

    The creep of the power of the EU is extraordinary but perhaps there is another sinister situation in Greece.

    Is it true that quite a lot of the loan funds were spent on military equipment and related activity. Remember the military were once in control of Greece.
    Might be another reason why the Greek government caved in and accepted further EU bailout funds.

    The Commission under Junker has become even more political than before

    NOTE: The IMF are not participating based on strict economic guidelines


  3. omanuel says:

    Could not the accuser be rightfully accused?

    The record shows that CHAOS and FEAR of events during a NEWS blackout in Aug-Sept 1945 transformed science into a propaganda tool of world tyrants:

    Click to access CHAOS_and_FEAR.pdf

    Frightened world leaders secretly agreed to unite nations (UN) and national academies of science (NAS) into a worldwide “Orwellian Ministry of Consensus Science (UN)Truths” to prevent public knowledge of the source of energy in cores of heavy atoms on October 24, 1945.

    But standing in Hiroshima’s ruins in August 1945, Kuroda had already realized that the same source of energy in the core of the Sun made our elements and sustains our lives:

    Click to access Solar_Energy.pdf

    Thanks to Max Planck’s 1944 speech in Florence, Italy on the nature of matter, we now have assurance humanity will survive this seventy-year (1945-2015) effort to take totalitarian control of the world by combining sovereign nations into one United Nation.

    Click to access Assurance.pdf

    This is our assurance Big Brother’s UN, EU etc. are going down !

  4. Jane Davies says:

    Just when one thinks it can’t get any more bizarre or unbelievable we read something like this! Do you think, when you go to work Roger, that you are entering La La Land?

    I’m shaking my head YET again!

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  6. I am just waiting for the next racial riots and the next Muslim atrocity. And nobody seems to realise that we are simply stoking the furnace ready.
    When immigrant boys arrive here, they are expecting something which we cannot supply. We are nice, but no Eid. We give the young warriors bikes, but no family. We are polite and understanding, but in what language? We are lazy, soft and relaxed, but that could be (and sometimes is) taken for weakness.
    There is nothing more calculated – apart from a big dose of racist groupthink or religious homogeneity supplied free in our big cities – to create another atrocity. Forget Al Quaeda – we are letting the EU do it for us.
    I know this is unpopular stuff. But the truth is sacred to me.

  7. Malcolm Edward says:

    Common sense is treason. How upside-down the world is within member states of the EU. Except for Obama, how the rest of the world must be laughing at the comic-strip that passes for the euro-zone.

    Also closer to home I find very worrying the intention of the UK government to use EDOs when they become law against people (of traditional British culture – not thugs or those who wish to undermine the country) who speak out against some things (such as untraditional developments in UK society). You will believe in what the government tells you.

    And I notice that the London Metropolitan Police are advertising they will only recruit those who speak a second defined language. Surely that discriminates against the most British people who only speak English – which surely should be the only language requirement, but the effect is to make the Met Police a non-British force and weakening one of our British Institutions. That to me is treasonable.

    • Jane Davies says:

      British police need to speak only one language as far as I’m concerned, that is ridiculous and as you say discriminatory. I’m not living in the UK at the moment so what is an EDO? As for the treason charge against Mr Varoufakis surely treason can only be committed against ones country, the EU is not a country.

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        European Destruction Order(s) Jane. The EU is closer to a 4th Reich than ever we thought?

        Varoufakis likely does not give a t*ss!

      • Jane Davies says:

        Thanks Colin. EDO’s sound really scary…..I googled it and all I could see was the destruction orders of Jews in the second world war……I’m wondering what one has to do or be to get one of these, is Europe speeding backwards to emulate the darkest days of history? I’m thinking maybe I should stay in Canada and not return to dear old blighty.

      • Malcolm Edward says:

        EDO is Extremism Disruption Order, part of the Counter-Extremism bill – not yet law I think. The original purpose was to curb extremists who undermine British Values. British Values are defined quite widely and will in practice be whatever the Home Secretary or the courts choose them to be. They include not vocalising against people on grounds of religion, race or sexual orientation etc. So if you make a speech supporting traditional marriage, or arguing against Sharia Law in the UK, or against Halal meat etc, you could place yourself in a position of having an EDO placed on you. The fact that only mixed sex marriage was the norm until recently, that Sharia law and Halal are not traditional in the UK and certainly not part of our Christian cultural heritage (and considered wrong by many people in any case) seems to be irrelevant to the way the mind of our government works (and also the way the left wing activist part of our judiciary operates). So unless amended EDO’s will operate against free speech and particularly against traditional beliefs and concerns raised by the indigenous population.
        Things like this give me serious concern about Cameron’s government.

      • Jane Davies says:

        OK now that is even more worrying…free speech is clearly being eroded and this is an outrage, how come this is allowed? Why are people not taking to the streets to protest this?

      • Ex-expat Colin says:

        Malcolm sums it up well. Farage mentioned some of this on the way up to the last election, but the rest of them barely go near the subject. Its to do with the Liberal, Lazy Left in places like London who perversely believe in multiculturalism and anything barely related. The likes of Choudary in my mind raises enormous red flags but our contemptuous authority allows him and his to continue. The BBC…well, you know!

        Most of us who have experienced life in this part of the world have values/beliefs that are likely now considered extreme. Most of us are getting on a bit so can be considered irrelevant (dinosaurs) or in some instances targets. So we cannot teach our children much at all about life and behaviour that would safeguard them through their lives. Liberalism brings unforeseen and serious problems I believe and some we see now. Protestation at any level by the likes of us fits in the EDO and they’ll nip us off if we act in the streets. Followed by a crippling fine and/or a criminal record (and a slap)…its happening! UKIP guy was nicked in Portsmouth some time ago for reciting pieces from Churchills book at the town hall steps. But the Koran can be stuffed in your face on any High St in London any day…Woolwich for one. My 10 years in the Middle East had none of that.

        Its no longer the threat of an external enemy..its those within. The ones we foolishly voted for. Trump sees it in the US and says it… as nuts as he might be? Canada..I should imagine is well wrecked, or on its way?

        So saying things like this on public websites might be considered by some to be…well, you know?

      • Jane Davies says:

        We do have a similar ‘law’ here in Canada, it’s called Bill C51 and was recently voted in by the present Conservative government with the support of the Liberals, where anyone who protests about the governments policies, for example the oil pipeline they want to put in through the Native reservations in BC, areas that belong to the Native Tribes (they need permission from these people but won’t be getting it (!) can be arrested and accused of terrorism! It seems that Conservatives here and in the UK are using the same set of dictatorship rules which means anyone can be caught up in this charade that is dressed up as security measures against terror organisations such as ISIS.

  8. Chris Barron says:

    I said at the time that there was no way that Greece would be allowed to exit.

    The reality still is yet to dawn on many people – that we happily sit back and casually accept that the world is being run by a few very rich people, but then we stop short of thinking how rich people think – that as log as you have enough money then you can buy whatever (or whomever) you want.

    In a general sense we are all allowed to buy what we want, and long may that continue, but someone has to draw a line somewhere….you surely cannot buy a whole planet and it’s peoples, can you ?

    This takes ‘thinking big’ to a whole new level

    • omanuel says:

      Tony Heller aka Steven Goddard has concluded our society is mentally ill. I agree. Society is on a path toward suicide.

      • Chris Barron says:

        It is a well known fact that every society collapses eventually.

        To want to live within a society of fairness and equality is perhaps a demonstration that you are yourself unhinged for even imagining it is possible, because to do so you have to deny your true self in order to allow others to express theirs.

        At the grass roots level this all seems to work quite well, until the people look to leadership for guidance, and that is when the leadership has to practice it’s own forms of self preservation.

  9. Ex-expat Colin says:

    An EDO example – RT today:

    Interesting really because Brian Sewell preferred to be named a queer and the friends I had in the past of the same ilk were never GAY. Always friendly, generous and very, very funny! And the common term gay has been ruined!

    Jail time?

  10. omanuel says:


    As reported today in comments on the end of WWII in Japan Times,

    For seventy years (1945-2015) truth about the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of atoms in the solar system has been hidden from the public.

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