Legacy of the ‘Green Deal’


I have written before about the previously lauded (by some) ‘green policies’ of successive governments. In fact, as far back as 2012 I was arguing that green policies and the folly of playground technologies such as wind and solar were driving up prices.

Of course, alongside the expensive renewables plans the then Coalition Government introduced the aptly-named Green Deal. The plan would enable householders to economise and cut their energy consumption – power would cost more but we would use less. Well, that was the plan.

The reality was that in its first six months 38, 259 Green Deal assessments were carried out on households. That led to four, yes four, Green Deals being taken out. Hardly surprising, considering the costs of loans.

Did the Government seriously think householders – many forced into fuel poverty – could afford to pay £10,000 for, say, home insulation, and pay the interest, and the capital, out of the savings they would make? That was on top of a £150 non-refundable Government assessment to determine whether work was suitable.

If they did, it was clearly a huge misjudgement. In fact, the deal cost jobs  as some companies pulled out of the scheme entirely, shedding their workforces.  More generally, there is plenty of evidence that green policies and renewables destroy more jobs than they create.

As the public became less and less interested in the deal (or no deal) a second Green Deal was launched – this time with grants rather than loans. Guess what? With a year (last month) the whole deal was off with Energy Secretary Amber Rudd calling time on it at last.

Sadly, for many people the Green Deal con rumbles on through. My press officer tells me that people who had signed up for the deal before the Government killed it, would not be eligible for the grant – despite having paid the £150 assessment fee. They also, of course, lost their £150.

So tough luck says the Government – I would say what a dog’s breakfast the whole scheme has been from day one.

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13 Responses to Legacy of the ‘Green Deal’

  1. Ex-expat Colin says:

    I looked at this one time and went off it where it was using preferred contractors. Well, it would wouldn’t it? And who exactly preferred them?

    I think cavity filling is less than £400 largely and discounted for old f*rts. The loft filler is cheap enough at B&Q, especially on old f*rts day. Double Glazing…there’s a thing. Plenty of that cr*p around of the variety that installs the window modules the wrong way round and wrecks a buildings weather integrity. Seen those contractor fools scramble up/down roof tiles?

    And if you have to sell I believe its a bit of a job passing on the loan. Well, I never!

    All of it has VAT stuck on it for stuff that I would say was essential…well, I would!

  2. ian wragg says:

    As with most things green, there is usually a massive hidden cost. I supervised a CCGT plant (which burnt landfill gas) dismantled, to be replaced by “efficient” gas reciprocating engines.
    Whereas the CCGT would burn any quality of gas with the load automatically adjusting one way or the other, the gas engines require clean gas.
    We have a situation where maintenance is now a major cost factor with engines needing a complete overhaul every 2000 hours and units frequently running on reduced load.
    All the equipment is from abroad when the CCGT plant used mainly UK sourced equipment.

  3. afwheately says:

    I get the distinct impression that anything technical, such as this, solar panels, BD(UK) and so on, is beyond the ability of Ministers to handle. Of course, they have advisors and quangos, but you have to have enough of a basic knowledge of the subject to be able to judge whether the advice you are given is sound and the work you have contracted out is being implemented properly. Too often government push something that on the surface seems like a good idea but the inside of the tin, far from being the fulfilment of the promise, turns out to be a can of worms.

    Having an energy efficient home is inherently a good thing. But government can’t even deliver new energy efficient homes. The other mantra, “affordability”, dominates, even though it is another of those sounds-good words use to present a favourable image, but image is all it delivers.

  4. Ian Terry says:

    Green deal?

    Worked with it and its a joke.

    You can stick it where the sun ain’t shining.

    It does nothing to address fuel debt and poverty.

    The DECC is not fit for purpose. All these deals and counter deals add up to three fifths of naff all. What Call me Dave (CMD) should have done is put a totally non believer in charge. AKA David TC Davies MP, taken the Energy bit out of the title and formed a sub division Alternative Power generation.

    All the time this greencrap is mixed up with trying to keep the lights on nobody is going anywhere.
    The DECC have done nothing to address the concerns around the health issues that are being bought up all across the globe.

    How much CO2 has this saved? How many in fuel debt and poverty? How many jobs lost through high energy costs? All these things are ignored by the faceless civil servants at the DECC.

    Only a complete D***H**d like Milliband could have thought this thing up.

    Repeal the Climate Change Act and Guillotine all projects that are not fully commissioned and intergrated with the grid on October the 21st 2015 (Trafalger Day) that just might upset Empress Nick of La La Land. For too long the RE industry has been wagging the Government and have made £billions.

  5. Brin Jenkins says:

    I installed a solar powered bore hole pump, and had a Solar Expert fit our water heating panel system.

    The Water heating panel failed in a frost after 4 years, the Solar Expert’s repair was £500 and the system pump was wrecked by weed growing in the fluid. I fitted a new £110 pump and cleansed the system with bleach. Then the digital controller failed with no spares or help from the expert installer. I found an analogue controller on ebay, and rearranged sensors to get it working. Its not as good as the original but after 14 years it is still producing our Summer hot water for free???

    The 24v Bore hole pump by Shureflo jammed in the bore hole and I was advised not to refit it, we reverted to mains as the only pumps that will reliably go up and down the 90ft borehole.

    More development of equipment, and a 10 guarentee of quality are needed before I will invest more cash. Saving the planet has cost me dearly so far with very little gain.

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      My problem with it and anything related is that I don’t have a technical store nearby where I can draw spares for no cost. Which was once the case. Technology in the domestic domain can severely hurt. And as is said here the government numpties that push it all know nothing.

  6. Richard111 says:

    Given all the stupidity undermining western economies where is the proof the problem is real?
    You think it would be available and incontrovertible after all these years. Still nothing!

  7. Ex-expat Colin says:

    I sort of find this funny and its from a newspaper – a spin thing perhaps?


    And EU accounts remain hanging for years?

    Meanwhile more newspaper spin (Breitbart UK):

    The European Union (EU) is advertising for “partners” that will go into schools in the United States to “engage young Americans in order to deepen their understanding and knowledge of the EU as a major player in the global economic system” Euro 600K

  8. Brin Jenkins says:

    This arrived by email and needs authenticating. Its the last bit where the next 331 days are to be considered that rings my bell.

    If the UK did not have to send our daily contribution of £55,000,000 to the European Union, this is just a few of the ways the money could otherwise be spent.

    For what we pay in just one day we could:-

    Pay the wages of around 1800 qualified nurses for a year
    Pay the salaries of 850 junior doctors and consultants for a year
    The wages of 2,200 private soldiers for a year
    The salaries of 2100 Police constables for a year
    4000 subsidised apprentice schemes for a year
    Build 4.5 miles of dual carriageway

    We could have all of the above for what we send to the European Union in just SEVEN days.

    For what we send to the European Union in 15 days we could build a hospital as large as the biggest and newest specialist hospital in this country, and pay the salaries of the 6000 staff for one year.

    We could have all of the above for what we pay to the EU in just TWENTY TWO days.

    For what we pay in thirty days we could build 75 miles of motorway and dual carriageway.

    We could have all of the above for what we pay to the EU in FIFTY TWO days.

    This leaves another 313 days @ £55,000,000 a day which could be used for the benefit of UK residents.

    And remember that all this is paid to an organisation which has failed to produce approved audited accounts since the beginning, and to which the people of this country did not vote to join.

  9. omanuel says:

    Thanks in large part to candid blogs like this, the BBC and the Meteorological Office may be awakening to reality:


  10. Reblogged this on Paul J Chapman and commented:
    More from UKIP’s energy spokesman on the folly of ill-conceived green initiatives. . .

  11. davidbuckingham says:

    The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels
    Roger – re your recent discovery of Ayn Rand – here’s a rave review by Spiked Online of a book published by Penguin by a young Objectivist philosopher/activist who has set up a ‘Centre for Industrial Progress’ in the US [but will travel anywhere people will listen]. He could massively reinforce your moral muscle on the anti-green agenda. Spiked used to be called Marxism Today but don’t let that put you off – they’re extremely anti-miserabilist libertarian in the sense of championing enlightenment values, reason, free speech, technological progress, individual rights and freedom, among other things and to name but a few. Wonderful when things come together.

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