Radio Five Live – on The Stephen Nolan Show


You can hear me on  The Stephen Nolan Show on Radio Five Live discussing immigration and the crisis at Calais.

You can hear my views from about 20 minutes in.

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10 Responses to Radio Five Live – on The Stephen Nolan Show

  1. Jane Davies says:

    Well done Roger…..the voice of reason yet again.

  2. Ex-expat Colin says:

    BBC R4 this am had a piece on the Met Office trying to over charge them on a contract renewal. Did they loose out because of the Met Office (MO) babble about Climate Change and/or because their enormously expensive PC told them to via multiple models? And their weather App ain’t good either. So Bob Ward (who?) kicked off on Twotter with some abuse as seen here:

    Ward is part of the LSE which I remember had boy Gaddafi getting some degrees or similar there. Thats before he got hooked out of the desert.

    So we now are presented with a security issue due to the MO not having enough money perhaps to service the MoD. Thats apart from the hoards, swarms, plagues coming across our borders with Kalashnikovs, pistols and knives…on trains at the moment.

    Merkel and Co are likely still on multiple expensive long lunches somewhere. As they do!

    • Ex-expat Colin says:

      On the subject of free lunches…the EU version:

      Berlaymont dining room… and looks to be this piece of precious:

      But what would I/we know? Well…Mandy may soon be there fixing us on a Yes/No vote

      • Jane Davies says:

        Eye watering amounts of taxpayers dosh used in this building….but then we have in the intervening years austerity measures slapped on the masses/plebs who still have to cough up sqillions a day to keep those on the gravy train On the train so that’s alright then….the money has to come from somewhere and the taxpayers have no rights when it comes to spending their hard earned. Put up and shut up, it is what it is…….theft of biblical proportions.

  3. Ian Terry says:


    When was it ever different?

    Thanks again Roger at least some are trying to square the circle.

    One day they will wake upto the fact that the way they carry on is ultimately unsustainable.

    It will all end in tears.

  4. Flyinthesky says:

    You didn’t get much past the bleeding heart I’m afraid but there again it is the BBC.
    The presenter allowed him to interrupt you at every opportunity.
    The eu,, the UN, the BBC, HMG et al are all looking for the nice and PC solution, there isn’t one.
    It isn’t beyond the powers that be to track the point of departure and return them to it.
    As you rightly say the more that succeed the more will come.
    At some point the general population is going to stop looking at this situation in humanitarian terms a see it as an invasion.
    As usual all and any of the people in a position to address this situation are living in a protected bubble, totally insulated from any of the affects. None are going to housed in downing street are they. Democracy eh, there’s an idea.

  5. Ex-expat Colin says:

    The man Don in the piece:

    Migrants’ Rights Network is a young, dynamic national NGO working and campaigning in support of migrants in the UK.
    Our work is not funded by the Government and completely relies on the generous financial support of private funding bodies and our members.

    Barrow Cadbury Trust
    Trust for London
    Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
    Unbound Philanthropy

    What I note about these charity people and this one (MRN) in particular is their sweeping verbiage about our ability to manage vast immigration attack. “Support of migrants in the UK” in their jingle above.

    In UK it says! Just UK?

    if you care to look through the list of funders accounts you won’t notice any supply of food or housing etc. No..thats a surprise pick up for the taxpayer.

    The money they get (grants) appears to come from…umm, various money investments. And they seem to be quite good at it.

    Its much more than a charity isn’t it. No soup kitchens and nobody gets free chocolate? Tax…well, there’s a thing.

  6. Jane Davies says:

    I make no apology about saying this again, and I have been saying it many times in the last six months or so, ISIS are infiltrating the UK via Calais and they disappear are lying low until they have enough members and they will attack the UK from within. Innocent people will die on the streets of Great Britain and this useless government will ALL be responsible and all we can hope for is they are all charged with culpable homicide and thrown in jail. We can add treason to the charges too.

  7. Brin Jenkins says:

    Cameron has said clearly that he sees, ” House building is leading our economic recovery.”

    What fuels the housing demand? Immigration, because we are not breeding this demand!

    He then stays on holiday whilst a State of Emergency exists over the invasion via Calais. Should we conclude he sees this situation as not being an emergency, but an essential part of our recovery by creating a demand for more and more houses to be built?

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